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Warning: One cuss word in the "Dirk Strider" poem.


After John was done the kids looked at each other.

"They're doomed timelines," Rose simply stated.

"And they're poems," Jade added in a small voice.

Dirk and John both nodded softly in in understanding. The exchange was silent but the four teens knew exactly what they were all going to do.

Jade looked at the stack and picked up another one. The poem she happened to pick up was an acrostic about her. She stared at the title for a couple second before she began to read aloud...

"Jade Harley

Jade, for being the sister of the biggest dork in the SBURB game, you're actually pretty cool.

After all, I thought since you're technically him as a girl, his stupidity would have also infected you.

Definitely against the odds, you're not and I'm glad.

Everybody knows we don't need another Egbert.


Harley, I'm glad you're one of my co-players.

Anyone else would have been gone faster than you could have said "space".

Really, I'm serious. There is no space player greater than you.

Life is worth something when you tease me about kissing frogs.

Earlier I wouldn't have said any of this but…

You can't die. Promise? I don't care if saving me was considered heroic. I'm the knight and I protect. Why can't fairytales let the witches be saved for once? I can't live without you!"

A small tear ran down Jade's cheek as she finished reading the last line. She wondered what had happened in that time line. She wondered how she had died. What in the world was replaying it's self in their dear friend's head?

Rose looked at Jade, concerned about the small tears running down her cheeks. She gave an encouraging smile to her friend before she picked up her own page. The Light player then slowly began to read…

"Rose Lalonde

Rose, you're a great seer but you're annoying.

Of all the blondes I could have had as a sister, I got you.

Sorry for being blunt about it but your "tentacle therapy" gets on my nerves.

Everybody aggress that you sometimes stick your nose too far into things that are meant to be private.


Life is full of problems. I get that. That doesn't mean you need to know about all of them though.

After this game is over I hope to never hear one of your "suggestions" again.

Lucky for you that probably won't happen.

Oddly, I know you'll somehow find me again.

No one can read me like a book but you.

Desperate, I tend to hide emotions behind my shades.

Every time I do this though, you silently come to my side and help me through my troubles."

Once she was done Rose softly smiled.

"So he appreciates me after all," the seer said as she looked up at her friends. She was trying to lighten the mood in her sarcastic way but it didn't have the effect that she had hoped for. Rose turned to Dirk and gave him an encouraging smile.

"Your turn," was her soft input. He looked at the stack and let out a sigh. He then reached into the pile and pulled out a page that happened to have his name on it. Dirk hesitated.

He had heard about the bro Dave had before him. He had heard that this "bro" supposedly acted, looked, and thought just like him. He didn't want to read what Dave had written. He didn't want to read this poem that happened to have his name as the title.

He didn't want to but his friends were waiting. They had all read one so he was going to do it too. After all, Striders were no chickens. With another sigh the prince began to read his page…

"Dirk Strider

Dirk, I think you're strange.

I normally would apologize but I'm sorry for being blunt about it. Though, who in the universe watches My Little Pony while riding one of those metal horses that take pennies to ride?

Really, I can't think of anyone.

Keeping to my poem, I would like to say I want to beat you up sometimes.


Sadly I can't because everyone says you're vital to the game.

Truth is you're actually a great bro despite what I say.

Really, I'm glad I could finally get my bro back even though you don't remember me.

I'm glad I have you and Rose. This game can get pretty bad sometimes with all the paradoxes and doomed timelines.

Death is never something anyone wants to see so listen to me and stay conscious.

Every time I get something back this damn game, it always gets taken away again.

Really bro, it isn't cool. I just got you back so don't die now!"

Dirk slowly placed the poem on the ground. His emotionless mask had broken for the time being as you tried not to cry. Striders don't cry but as of right now you were almost breaking that rule. Dave, your bro, has been through a lot and you haven't been there to help him as much as you should be.

I mean sure, you have been helping him now but that didn't start till you began noticing his depression. He kept it so well hidden for a while. You have no idea when it even started but you guessed it got to the point that hiding it wouldn't work.

You remember when you had finally gotten on that meteor.

You remember meeting Rose and her calling down the hall for someone named Dave.

You remember thinking that person's name sounded very familiar but you couldn't quite place where you had heard it.

You remember him walking into the room and his cool facade falling.

You remember him running up and holding you in a tight hug.

You remember him whispering in your ear, "I know you don't remember me and I know you aren't him. But let me hug you and pretend you're him for just one second."

You remember feeling awkward at first but then getting used to it but most of all, you remember being bros with the best person you could ever have as family.

John coughed and you were pulled out of your thoughts. Quickly you put back up your cool facade and nodded at him to pick up another poem.

The heir looked at the ominous stack before he picked up another page and began reading…

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