A/N: In addition to being a little on the long side, this prologue depicts the fictionalized events of a school shooting. If you don't want to read, feel free to skip ahead but the events of his prologue will be important to the rest of the story as follows. There will be a lot of angst and definitely some violence in the beginning.

And nobody's gonna go to school today,

She's going to make them stay at home.

And daddy doesn't understand it,

He always said she was as good as gold.

And he can see no reason

'Cause there are no reasons

What reason do you need to be shown?

Tell me why?

I don't like Mondays.

"I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats

Monday, April 14, 2008

6:30 a.m. – Salmon River Trailer Park outside Forks, WA

The shrill alarm went off, waking him from his slept. He groaned, rolled out of bed and wiped his eyes. Looking out of his window, he sighed. Today was the day. Sitting up on his bed, he found his phone on the table beside him. Flipping it opened, he dialed the familiar number, held the phone up to his ear and listened. It rang four times.

"This is Vicky! I'm not able to get to the phone or I just want to talk right now. So, leave a message!"

He cursed under his breath and then reached under his bed, pulling out the two Glocks his father had left in the unlocked gun safe. Making sure they were both ready to go, he placed them on the table and then quickly got ready. His mom was still asleep. She wouldn't have to wake up and get his sister Morgan to school for another fifteen minutes. His dad was sleeping off another hangover in the living room recliner with the TV on. Fully dressed, he slipped on the silencer. It was now 6:45 a.m.

Cautiously, he slipped from his room, careful not to make any noise or wake anyone up. He crept into his sister's room but found she wasn't there. She had probably crept into his parents' room to sleep with his mother after another long night of his father throwing things around the house. He stalked down the hallway to his parents' bedroom where he found his mother and sister curled together in his parents' bed. Cocking the gun, he placed the cold muzzle centimeters above his mother's head and shot. His sister stirred and, brushing back her soft, golden curls from her face, he shot again. It was quick and painless for both of them.

Turning, he crept back into the living room. His father was still asleep, beer bottles piling up around the recliner, the TV on some infomercial for balding me. Cold and calculating, he stuck the muzzle of the gun right up against his father's forehead. The man's eyes opened just in time for him to shoot three quick shots. He wiped his hand off on the recliner to get rid of the remaining blood. He set the guns on the coffee table and then walked into the kitchen, got out a bowl and starting making himself a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

7:15 a.m.

Breakfast complete, he stuck his bowl of cereal in the sink and then began packing the car. He reloaded the two Glocks he had used that morning as well as his father's Beretta and Magnum before placing them in his black backpack. He made sure there would be plenty of bullets in the bag as well. He had done his math homework the night before, but decided against packing it as well.

He sat down on the couch, right across from where his father's lifeless body still sat on the recliner. Flipping open his phone, he called Vicky's number again. This time, the phone stopped ringing after three rings. She was up. She was ignoring him. He cursed under his breath.

Things had changed so much since that asshole Larry Belancourt had moved to town. Suddenly, he was possessive and gross. Suddenly, Vicky no longer wanted to creep back into the trailer park at night after smoking a bag or make love in the backseat of his old Chevy Nova. Suddenly, Vicky was too good for him. She was Larry's girl now and all the popularity that came with it. He was no one. He was lower than dirt. He was the target. No. He wasn't the target. Today, they were the targets. He smirked to himself.

7:30 a.m.

He sat in the driveway, the radio blasting "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats. He gripped the steering wheel and the looked at the backpack in the seat beside him. He sighed and then pulled out his phone again. One more time. He was going to give her one more time to call everything off. He dialed her number slowly and listened. It only rang two times before it stopped. She had ignored him again. He thought about texting her and then decided against her. He wondered if she was with him. Angrily, he threw his phone down into the floor of the passenger's side. Forks High School wouldn't know what hit it.

7:40 a.m. – Forks High School

With ten minutes left until the first bell, the students of Forks High School milled throughout the campus. It was an unusually warm and sunny morning in the tiny town. Prom would be the next week and girls gossiped out their dresses and their dates. There was only about a month of classes left before graduation. Seniors would be picking up their graduation gowns. Yearbooks would be in a matter of days. The year was winding down, but there was still so much energy in the air.

Bella Swan stood in front of her locker with her best friend Alice Brandon, pulling books out for her first few classes of the morning. Alice's little sister Cynthia was nearby giggling with a couple of her freshmen friends. Alice was again going on and on about her crush on Jasper Whitlock. Bella didn't really get it. Alice was pretty arty, but Jasper Whitlock was full-on goth. He always wore black, never seemed to wash his string blonde hair and painted his nails black. Occasionally, he even wore eye liner.

"Bella, are you even listening to me?" Alice huffed.

"Huh?" Bella asked.

"What up losers?" Victoria Katz sneered from behind them.

Bella looked up quietly, not sure what to say. It was rare the Queen Bee of Forks High School addressed any of the peons. Of course, Victoria hadn't been popular until last year when she started going out with Larry, the school's quarterback. Behind her were Tanya Dezhnev, a pretty blonde junior who had moved from Alaska in the middle of the first semester of sophomore year. Tanya had been quiet and shy the first semester, but she came back that January with huge boobs. There were also rumors she had gone to her mother's native Russia to model over the break. Suddenly she was popular and mean to Bella and Alice. Jane Stanwick was there to, a pretty brunette whose father bought her a BMW for her sweet sixteen. She had promptly crashed it. Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory rounded out the Bitch Crew, as Alice usually referred to them.

"Shouldn't you be in the nurse's station getting tested?" Alice shot back.

"Oh look, it's Marilyn Manson," Victoria said, turning her focus. Jasper didn't hear her from where he was down the hallway, rocking out on his headphones. "The two of you sacrifice any bats lately?"

"Come on, Alice, we should get to class," Bella said, wanting to avoid further confrontation. Seeing she had made her mark, Victoria turned and walked off to go terrorize someone else. With her gone, the crew of senior guys tromped into the hallway.

Royce King and Larry Belancourt were cackling about something. Mike Newton didn't seem to get the joke, but was laughing anyway. Bella felt the world go in slow motion as they walked past Edward Cullen, the chess club nerd who had dated Tanya for about three weeks until she got tits and decided she was too good for a mathlete. Without flinching, Royce placed her hand the back of Edward's hand and promptly pushed him into his locker. Edward started to protest before Royce shoved the locker door shut. The three guys cackled and then Larry stalked over to Vicky with almost a predatory gleam. Sticking one hand under her short shirt and on her ass and the other on her waist, the two of them started Frenching. It was disgusting.

"I can't believe them," Alice sighed. She turned and glanced at Jasper, who had watched the whole scene and was now silently putting his headphones in the top of his locker.

Bella looked down the hall where Emmett McCarty was cracking up with Eric Yorkie and Tyler Crowley. Emmett was a big beefy linebacker, but never hung out with the other team guys like Larry, Royce in Mike. Instead, he hung out with Eric and Tyler, his same friends since elementary school. Eric was the student body representative for the junior class and Tyler was sort of a class clown. It was a strange combination. On the other side of the hall, the stunning Amazon figure of Rosalie Hale stalked down the hallway. Victoria and the rest of her friends coughed "slut" as she passed, but Rosalie ignored them. Bella didn't think it was fair that Rose had gotten labeled as the school slut. Her reputation had been cemented after she broke up with Royce, disappeared for three months, and then came back a little skinner than before and apparently dating some guy in college.

"I've got to go the bathroom," Alice said. "See you in second period?"

"Sure," Bella nodded as her friend slipped off. The sharp banging on the locker in front of her caught Bella's intention. Stepping forward, she opened up the locker and found a very flustered Edward Cullen inside, his glasses sideways and his hair a mess.

"Thanks," Edward said.

"Sure," Bella whispered. "Sorry about that."

"I'm used to it," Edward shrugged, stepping out of the locker.

"See you around," Bella whispered before going off to her first period. The bell rang and students began filing into their respective home rooms for the morning announcements.

8:06 a.m.

He entered the building. Announcements had just started. He was late for class, but it didn't matter. It would be five minutes before the bell for first period rang. He had that long to set up, to get in position for his final plan. Of course, there was one major obstacle: the front office. The principal was hardly ever in his office, preferring to roam the school rather than take phone calls from parents with a question about their kid's chemistry grade or why their child was getting detention for being late. However, Shelley Cope was always there at the front office and seemed to know all the kids. He knew she would probably wave him in and ask for his late pass, full well knowing he didn't have one. Unzipping his backpack, he slipped the two Glocks into his pocket and pulled out the Magnum, fixing it with the silencer. He didn't want to set the alarm before he had a chance to exact his revenge.

He stalked into the office and found Shelly Cope just hanging up the phone. Her auburn hair had touches of gray to it and she was wearing the same horned-rimmed glasses she had probably worn since she was in high school herself. Every knew her husband – a successful used car dealer – had left her for his secretary fifteen years before and Shelley Cope now lived on her own with two cats in a Victorian house with a small garden downtown. She smiled up at him, knowing his reputation for being late.

"Do you need a late pass Mr. Hunter?" she asked cheerfully.

Quickly, he lifted the magnum up straight, even with her head. Her mouth gaping wide, Shelley Cope had no time to react as the student shot her twice. One bullet scraped above her ear, lodging in her head and the other lodging between her shoulder and neck. Turning swiftly, he went to get in position for when Vicky came out of her first period. Her locker was right by the boy's bathroom and he knew she always went to it right after first period to touch up her makeup.

8:07 a.m.

Turning the corner, he found the Spanish teacher, Ms. Goff heading back from the teacher's longue with a cup of coffee in her hands. She looked over at him, not seeing the gun at his side.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you be in…" she began. She didn't have time to finish. He shot her three times in succession in the head. Cursing, he dragged the body back into the teachers' longue and left it there. He hoped no one would notice the blood stain or dropped cup of coffee on the ground. With her hidden, he headed toward the men's room.

It took a second after Shelley Cope's eyes fluttered open for her to remember why she was on the office floor. She could feel the blood trickling down the side of her face. The pain was excruciating. Her heartbeat was pounding in her ears. She had to protect the students. With an unknown rush of energy, she managed to pull the phone down off her desk. Pulling it over, she dialed.

"Clallam County 911. What is your emergency?"

"This is Shelley Cope," she sputtered out. "I'm a secretary at Forks High School. There's a gunman on campus."

"A gunman, ma'am?"

"I've been shot," Shelley managed to sputter out. "Please, hurry." She didn't hear the response. She was enveloped in black.

8:08 a.m.

It had been a calm morning at the Forks Police Department. No calls had come in so far. With a sigh, Chief Charlie Swan poured himself a cup of coffee and nodded at the front desk secretary. He and Renee had an appointment that week with their marriage counselor. Renee had begun an affair with Phil Dwyer, the baseball coach at the high school, which had lasted six months. Renee had confessed after thinking she was pregnant. Their 16-year-old daughter Bella didn't know.

"Calling all officers in the area. Paging all officers. We have reports of shots fired at Forks High School. Shots fired at Forks High School. At least one subject down."

As he ran toward his cruiser, all Charlie Swan could do was pray his daughter was safe.

8:09 a.m.

Walking into the boy's room, he was surprised to find the subjects of his torture all there. Larry was smoking a joint and Royce appeared to be pretty blazed out of his mind. Mike was next in line, his beady eyes moving around. His parents would freak out if they knew what he was doing. Their sweet, upstanding young son could never fall in with a bad crowd. He reached for the joint from Larry at the same time they all heard footfalls in the boy's room.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Little Jimmy," Royce smirked.

"Shut up Royce," he grimaced, holding the gun tightly from behind his back.

"Coming in to flog your log?" Larry smirked. "We should probably scat, boys. Don't want him thinking about one of us when he goes in there."

"Hey, Larry, what was that you were telling me earlier? About Vick and her tongue?" Royce smirked.

"So, Vicky is sucking my dick," Larry said, throwing a glance at Jimmy, "because, you know, mine's big enough for her to find unlike some people…" Mike couldn't help but notice that Jimmy seemed to be physically shaking.

"What's up man?" Mike asked. Quickly, he pulled the gun out from behind his back. Two shots to Mike's head.

"Dude…" Larry began, glancing at Mike's now bloodied body on the bathroom floor.

"What the…" Royce began. He didn't finish. Three bullets to the head. Larry walked backward, his hands up in surrender.

"Come on, man, chill out… we're cool, right?" Larry begged. He smirked, two shots to the head, one to the neck. With Larry on the floor, he stood over him and placed one shot straight to the forehead. Walking over to Royce, he did another execution style shot. They wouldn't be bothering him anymore. He threw the magnum down on the ground.

8:10 a.m.

The bell rang. Students filtered into the hallways. No one knew about the body stashed in the teacher's longue or the main boy's restroom. No one knew Shelley Cope was bleeding out on the floor below her desk. His shirt now with splatters of blood across it, he emerged from the boy's bathroom. Vicky wasn't at her locker yet, but a couple of guys were heading into the bathroom. He couldn't let them see.

"Dude… is that..?" One of them asked. He didn't know who Austin Marks was but he shot him point blank in the head anyway.

"Oh my…" Tyler Crowley hung around Emmett McCarty enough. He didn't want the alarm raised, but he had left he silencer behind. He shot Tyler twice in the leg. A small sophomore girl screamed and the hallway froze, seeing the two boys on the floor. Without flinching, he put the gun to the girl's head. June Richardson slumped to the floor, a bullet in her frontal lobe.

"He's got a gun!" Crowley screamed. He kicked Crowley in the stomach as the school descended into chaos, students running toward classrooms, the library and the cafeteria. He cursed. This would make finding Vicky that much harder.

8:11 a.m.

James Hunter has a gun. James Hunter has a gun.

The phrase repeated in Bella Swan's mind over and over again. She had to find somewhere to hide. Somewhere he couldn't find her. She found herself racing down a corner of a hallway. All of the classroom doors were being locked. She panicked. Next thing she knew, she was being pulled into a small alcove and up onto a stairwell to the second floor. She looked up only to find Edward Cullen standing with her, his finger pushed to his lips asking for silence. Standing beside Edward was Riley Biers, a small sophomore who was picked on after he came out of the closet freshman year. He was shivering and crying. Edward shrugged his shoulders at Bella.

Alice Brandon didn't know her best friend was a matter of feet down the hallway, hiding on the stairwell. She found herself slumped behind a vending machine, hoping he wouldn't find her. Her thoughts were racing. Where was her little sister? Was Cynthia safe? Had he killed anyone? Did the police know? How where they going to get out of this. Tears slipping down her face she looked across the hall to find Jasper Whitlock crouched behind the soda machine directly across the hall. He caught her eye. His eyes were grim, but he offered a comforting smile.

Benjamin Cheney wouldn't have believed anyone who told him he would be spending the better part of his morning cuddled up with his longtime crush Angela Webber. Of course, the situation was hardly anything but romantic. The two of them were student workers in the library first period. With the librarian out at a staff meeting somewhere, it was he and Angela who had corralled students in the library copy room, locking the door and cutting off the lights.

As he looked around, Ben couldn't help but notice the diversity of the student body all shaking, crying and cowering together. He was under a table, a comforting arm around Angela. Rose Hale, who had the reputation for being a slut was calming sitting with her back to the copy machine. Alec Stanwick, the nerdy brother Jane would never admit was her twin was scratching his arms nervously. A group of freshmen who were in the library to work on history research paper were gathered together. One he recognized as his classmate Alice's sisters were crowded together.

Glen Berty had locked the door to his classroom and turned off the lights. He surveyed the small group of students he had herded into his room for protection during the class change. It was a mix of seniors who were early to class and random students he had never seen. Things like this weren't supposed to happen in small towns like Forks.

8:11 a.m.

He found her, cowering like the bitch she was outside the girl's bathroom. She was crying, makeup streaming down her face. Looking up at him, begging him.

"Please, Jimmy, don't do this…" Vicky pleaded. "Please! We can make it work! Please, I'll do anything?"

"Suck my dick, Vicky," he snarled before deliver a succession of shots to her body. Sprawled on the ground, he delivered one final shot to her head, right between her pretty eyes. Hearing sniffles, he turned around. Some small sophomore he didn't recognize was standing there, crying. He didn't know why she was hanging around with Victoria.

"Please don't hurt me," Samantha Wells begged. She still earned two shots to the head. She was of no consequence.

8:13 a.m.

Within minutes, Charlie Swan found himself in the parking lot of Forks High School. He didn't even remember the drive. His entire force was on scene as where the Sheriff's, the local state police, some officers from the Quiluete Tribal Police, even a few of the National Park Rangers were in back.

"You're in charge her, Charlie," Sergeant Jenkins with the state police told him, "But I do have confirmation the FBI, ATF and their Swat Teams are on their way. They should be here any minute."

"I don't want to go in yet," Charlie admitted. "We aren't equipped for this sort of thing. We don't know who this person is or what they want. I just can't… my daughter's in there… I don't know what we should do."

"I understand," Jenkins nodded.

Feet away, James heard hushed whispers in the girl's room. Stalking in, he found Victoria's new so-called friends, the ones who had made her leave him. The ones who teased him in the hall. The ones who had started the rumors about him and the Biers kid.

"Jimmy…" Tanya mouthed. Slut, he thought.

"Down on the ground," he ordered grittily. "On your knees like the whores you are…"

"Jimmy…" Jane began.

"I said DOWN!" he screamed. They both did as he asked, sniffling, walking behind them, he shot both of them both in the back of the head and upper back until he ran out of bullets. With a gasp, he found a tiny wisp of a girl hiding in the bathroom with them. He shot her once and then left. Bree Tanner sank into darkness beside two girls she had never exchanged two words with.

In the hallway, he searched around. Most of the rooms were locked and shut. Looking around, he saw Eric Yorkie and some kid he didn't recognize attempting to hide behind the lockers. He walked over to them a grin on his face. Yorkie held up his hands defensively.

"It's okay, Jimmy… we're cool, right?" Eric asked worriedly. He shot him twice, but Eric raised his hands up to defend himself. Sinking back against his locker, Eric clutched his arm as Lee Stephens bolted, attempting to make a run for the front door. Jimmy shot him and then discarded then pulled back to reload.

8:14 a.m.

Though the classrooms were locked, he knew the biology room never stayed that way. He also knew that asshole Banner had called his parents when he stopped showing up to class and bombed his last test. His dad had beaten him raw that night. Stalking forward, he jiggled the door until it opened. Bob Banner knew this might happen.

"Run," He ordered his students then rushed to hold the door shut.

"Dr. Banner…" one of the students began.

"I said run damn it!" He screamed, attempting to hold the door shut as Hunter did his best to force it open. When the last of his students managed to scramble out the door, his strength gave out. The door was forced open followed by a blaze of gunfire. As he bled to death on his classroom floor, he could only think how incredibly bright things were.

8:15 a.m.

A group of twenty students came rushing forward. Officers ordered their hands up in the air and the crying, scared students were more than willing to comply. Charlie Swan wiped his brow. Maybe the kids would know more about this. The SWAT team still wasn't there and they didn't have the equipment to enter the school. The first few parents would be arriving now. There was no doubt in Charlie Swan's mind kids were texting and emailing their parents away. The first news van pulled on to campus.

"Sir, they're saying it's a student. Senior. His name is James Hunter," one of his officers informed Charlie. "He shot a teacher… and at least three or four students. He apparently has several weapons and a backpack…"

"Go check his house," Charlie ordered. "I want a team to go check his house. Talk with his parents. See if they know what is going on."

8:16 a.m.

He jiggled the doors, but Berty and Mason's rooms wouldn't open. There didn't seem to be anyone inside. He cursed himself. There was only one way out now. In a hail of bullets. He walked forward. He didn't know where the rest of Vicky's friends were hiding or the other target on his list. Charlie Swan had always overlooked his cries for help, had never put his father in jail. He said it was the system. Maybe it was time Charlie Swan learned a little about what happened when the system failed you.

8:17 a.m.

"Are you at the house?" Charlie Swan asked over the radio.

"Yeah but you aren't gonna want to hear this chief…"

"What is it? What did they say?"

"They aren't going to say anything, Chief. They're dead. The whole family. Shot his mom and sister in the bed and his dad in the recliner. Gun safe has been opened. Completely empty. There's at least room for six weapons in here and tons of ammo."

"Shit," Charlie Swan sighed.

8:18 a.m.

It was pure luck that Jessica and Lauren thought it was safe to come out of their hiding spots in the women's restroom. How cold and calculating they were, keeping silent and hidden in the stalls as they listened to their two supposed best friends getting shot down outside. They stopped with deer in the headlights looks as they found Jimmy, grinning up at them. Lauren, like Lee, started to run. He shot her down with three bullets to her spin. Seeing Vicky's body, Jessica lost it and started sobbing, backing up against the lockers beside him. He shot her in the torso and again in the head as she began to slip downward.

8:19 a.m.

Walking down the hallway, he wasn't prepared for Jasper Whitlock to emerge from behind the soda machine, pushing him down to the ground and attempting to wrestle the gun away from him.

"Stop! Stop!" Alice Brandon screamed.

"Why are you doing this Jimmy? Why are you doing this?" Jasper asked Jimmy repeatedly. Jasper looked at him weakly.

The two had been friends briefly before Victoria broke up with him, but Jimmy had distanced himself. Jimmy didn't want to address his old friend. He had to get Jasper off him. He fired several times blindly as the two wrestled before throwing away the gun. Jasper slumped down on the ground in shock. As he stood up and walked away, Alice screamed and rushed over to where Jasper was sitting on the floor, clutching his arm.

"The SWAT Team is here, Chief," one of the officers informed him. They were all waiting for Charlie Swan's signal.

"Send them in."

8:20 a.m.

Turning, he found here standing there on the stairwell with Cullen and the Biers kid, the same one Larry and Royce used to say he was gay for. He grimaced and slipped the Beretta out of his backpack, pointing it right at Bella Swan's trembling lips.

"Why are you doing this, Jimmy?" Bella begged.

"You know your dad never charged him?" he informed her. "Called out to our house night after night after night. Beer cans everywhere. My mom broken and bleeding on the floor. But he never charged with abuse. Just took him in, let him sleep it off in the drunk tank and then send him back home."

"I'm sorry, Jimmy," Bella whispered. "I can talk to him for you? Fix things?"

"It's too late," he hissed.

"No… no, it's not too late…" Bella insisted.

"It's too late," Jimmy growled, "because I already shot my old man myself." He pulled the trigger just as Bella screamed and Edward Cullen pushed her out of the way. Riley Biers took the opportunity pushing past James Hunter and running. He only made it a few steps before he was cut down by bullets.

He turned back to Swan and Cullen where they were sitting on the floor of the stairwell landing. Swan was crying like a little bitch and Cullen was cursing, clutching his bleeding arm. He cocked the gun again, ready to hit her, but was forced down. He hadn't seen Emmett McCarty hiding behind the trophy case behind them all. In fact, Bella and Edward weren't momentarily in shock as to how large Emmett McCarty could hide so well. Emmett and James wrestled for the gun, bullets being shot. With a rush of energy, Edward jumped up and joined the fray, afraid that James might somehow overpower the huge Emmett. More shots were fired.

Alerted to the sound, the SWAT team rushed forward and around corners of the school's halls, determined to find where the gunman was.

8:21 a.m.

McCarty and Cullen were both on the floor and bleeding. Bella Swan was backed up against a wall, crying. It was his chance. Except there were a large amount of footsteps behind him. He turned around to find the SWAT guys in full riot gear.

"Put down the weapon, son," one of the masked men ordered.

He smirked at them.

"Put down the gun, son," he ordered again. Smirking, Jimmy rushed up the stairs and out of site.

The larger amount of the group rushed up after him, while others stayed back. One was checking over Riley Biers. Two others had grabbed Edward and Emmett, helping to stop their bleeding. Bella found one standing above her.

"Are you okay, sweetheart? Are you hurt?" he asked. Bella shook her head.

"My Dad? My dad's Chief Charlie Swan…" she choked.

"He's outside."

8:22 a.m.

A hail of bullets echoed from the second floor. Bella sucked in a sharp breath and then focused as the radio on one of the SWAT guys crackled to life.

"The gunman is down. Repeat. The gunman is down."

"We've got a lot of wounded kids in here."

"Please," Bella said, looking around as the SWAT guys started helping Emmett and Edward to their feet. "Please, take me to my Daddy…."

End Notes:

The first American school shooting occurred on July 26, 1764 when four Lenape American Indians entered a schoolhouse in Greencastle, Pa. and shot and killed the school master and several children. On Nov. 2, 1853, student Matthew Ward showed up to his school in Louisville, Ky. And shot and killed the schoolmaster for bullying students.

The song Jimmy is listening to is "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats which was inspired by Brenda Ann Spencer who injured nine and killed two when she shot at an elementary school across from her home in San Diego. When asked why she did it, Spencer replied "I don't like Mondays. It was just a way to liven up the day." Spencer later admitted she was under the influence of LSD, alcohol and had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father.

The character of Dr. Banner is an amalgamation of Dave Sanders, a teacher at Columbine who did his best to evacuate students before being shot himself during the Columbine school shooting, and Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor and a professor at Virginia Tech who forcibly held back the door of his classroom to allow his students to escape the gunman on campus.