Emily winced slightly as her corset was tightned around her petite frame. Her maid smiled apologically as she weaved the complicated strings into they're respectfull places. Emily glanced at herself in her full-length mirror. Her normally serene expression was pulled into a tight frown. Her arched eyebrows were scrunched together in distaste, and her usually porcelain skin was a slight pink. Today was supposed to be a day of rejoicing and bliss, for one of Avalon's very own princesses were getting married. It was supposed to be a special day for the entire royal family, and it seemed that everyone was excited for the wedding. So it made sense that no one suspected that someone disapproved of the perfect match. But someone did. And that someone was none other but Emily herself.

Oh, she tried. She really did. She had smiled and nodded when told of the news. She had congratulated the happy couple, even helped them with they're wedding plans. But not a soul knew of the betrayal she felt, the way her heart twisted when she merely saw Kara and Lorren together. It was all she could but to not scream and yell at her sister for taking her only chance at love away from her. She supposed that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't hurt so much if Kara had simply tried. Maybe if it had been even a little hard for her to get Lorren's attention, it would have eased the pain she felt. But she hadn't. Kara had enchanted him with no problem at all...just like she charmed everyone she met. It wan't like everyone ignored Emily...quite the opposite actually. But she had studied and struggled for years to become the perfect princess her family wanted, which was no easy task. But Kara had glided through every lesson, every challenge with ease. It seemed as if Lady Luck herself smiled upon her, and turned up her nose at Emily. Her engagement with Lorren was just another victory she could add to her never-ending list of acclomplishments. And all Emily could do was stand to the aside and watch the events around her unfold like a deadly flower.

She was pulled from her dark thoughts by the voice of her maid asking if 'Milady was ready to be out-fitted into her gown'. She smiled politely and nodded, and stood in her dressing room as her servant scurried from the room to fetch her dress. Again, she looked at herself in her mirror, trying to figure out what made her so...undesirable to Lorren. Her head of cascading red curls was set into an elaborate, flaming copper french-braid, emeralds dotted into the shining strands. Her pale eyebrows were perfectly arched, her pale-pink lips full. Her complexion was flawless, her eyes grass green and acristocaticlly narrowed. It wasn't like Emily didn't think personalities weren't important, but it was a known fact that people judged by looks, not by who the person was. That, and money. And that was exactly what had made her fall for Lorren in the first place. She could tell at the moment she had met him that he was different. He had seemed so earnest and sincere, not like any other royalty Emily had met. But, the fact remained that he hadn't fallen for her. He had chosen her sister Kara. It was without question that Kara was a natural beauty. Effortlessly beautiful, she wore her looks like a cape, and she knew how to use it to her advantage, too.

Emily dragged her attention away from her reflection and to her dress, which the maid had retrieved and brought to her. It was made of delicate emerald green silk, with an under-tone of lavendar. It exposed her shoulders, and was laced in the front. Emily had picked the style and the colors herself. She allowed her maid to dress her up like a doll and put the pale powder on her face. This was who she was. A woman with a dirty secret that was hidden behind curtains of lace and jewels, so that no one knew the true nature of they're princess. And there was nothing she could do about it.