Into the Dark and Forward unto Dawn Ch 13

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Chapter 13: Lone wolf

Percy/ Shadow/ Noble 6 POV

Time… A funny concept, invented by mankind as a form of measurement. Years have been spent; lives have been wasted, all in the name of time. Many believe that you can fight time, beat the clock. But one by one, they too fall as age and disease lead them to their inevitable deaths. Even immortals fall victim to it, living in the past and believing that even in the modern age, that it is they who rule. Those who fall to curse of immortality succumb to the will of the fates, either happiness with those they cherish or they're death.

Physically, death is impossible; an immortal will live forever, trapped in an endless thread of repetition, fighting the same threats as they struggle to rise again. And yet, the being can easily fall to outside sources, alcohol, addiction, terrible things as they attempt to find purpose. The curse of immortality is the lack of purpose.

The idea of a good and evil, a black and white, is false. History is written by the victor, if your enemy lives, and you die, his truth will become written, while yours is lost. This saying was my downfall. I didn't die; I simply lost what I lived for. The love of my life, my soul, betrayed me for another. And as I left, my story was lost, and his fabrication became legend.

My death was different from other immortals, we share but one thing in common, we can never die physically. If they say otherwise, they deceive themselves. While Aphrodite may fall to changing times as love is replaced by lust while Hephaestus falls as the forge is replaced by the factory, I met my downfall in a different way. My, for a lack of a better word, everything was taken away. Everything else became meaningless as the one I loved, slipped away. I became a shadow… in everything. I was named after the dark as my life faded from memory.

I died inside… I cracked. I can feel my sanity slipping away, just like her. I no longer know what is right and wrong. All I know is that everything I loved is gone. I'm now familiar in the realm of insanity. My newfound powers are not helping. My father saved my body, but no one, not even the creator of the universe, could save my mind, nothing short of my love. I now know that many of my primordial brothers and sisters have entered the blissful realm of the faded, where one can truly feel at peace. I was so close to feeling that peace, but it's blown away on the wind. Nyx is gone, along with her husband Erebus. I wish I could have met her. The Primordials of time and destiny, Chronus and Anake, have also faded. And left my father to pick up the pieces.

I watched as my powers grew, as their domains became my own. I had all their powers, and I was miserable, I had lost my way.

Explosions and cries of anger sounded in the distance as I stood from my meditative position. So they want their "Gods?" Then they will fear they're wrath. The loss of my short term family, Noble team, fueled me into my new situation. I would make a stand against this army, and I would not stop until every last covenant worm had breathed their last. I growled as the knowledge of the powers of my newest domains fueled me, as my body struggled to maintain it's "balance." I have resided into a mortal body, knowing that I would have to die to leave it. This struggle has fueled my feeble attempt at survival. I was broken, nothing mattered anymore, nothing except the wishes of my father. I am now a servant, obeying his will.

A sound like thunder followed by an explosion in the distance, the covenant had arrived. I watched as an explosion of blue tore the nearby mountainside in two. It was almost two miles away, but I could see the sweaty faces of the covenant, their ugly faces showing relief. Heat rose off the ground as the blue sky filled with dust, the clouds black as the air turned red. While a mirage blurred their features, I knew they smelt blood. A harsh, guttural war call filled the air as the covenant formed sloppy ranks. A covenant army of about one thousand led the way, with wraiths and ghosts flanking and bringing up the rear. I shook my head as two scarabs climbed over the rubble of the mountainside.

I sighed; this situation was in many ways, hopeless. I had no more ammunition; the energy swords I had scavenged off the zealots seemed to have lost charge and the MAC cannon shut off shortly after I made sure The Pillar of Autumn made orbit. But hopelessness is just an illusion, I've been through so many hopeless situations that I'm used to them now.

I don't know why, but something snapped. The gravity of the situation, not mine, but the fate of humanity as a whole, finally hit me. This was my species destruction, a group of overzealous aliens who thought we were simply rats in their cupboard. That they've been attacking us for no reason and prompted the destruction of billions of planets and countless humans, the destruction of our society. No matter how terrible our society was, the ones you loved kept you sane. While this wasn't the case for me, this war had disrupted countless families, including the one that I had called Noble team.

Anger filled my body as I felt myself change. Pure anger coursed through me as irrational thought filled me. I couldn't tell what was right or wrong anymore. I struggled to keep this monster contained… until I saw the covenant general leading his army. Around the elites waist were the helmets of Spartans. Spartans… humans taken from their lives unwillingly at a young age, conscripted into the military, trained maliciously into being the perfect killing machines, than thrown against the covenant like cannon fodder, only to be cut down in moments against massive armies.

With a feral scream to the wind, I let go. Red light filled every corner of my vision as I suddenly saw things from a different point of view. I watched my body fall to my knees as everything there simply disappeared, until only a Shadow remained. Red eyes glared back at me before turning to the army. The general, vain but experienced, ordered a complete stop. Time slowed down before the beast, now blown out of proportion with grotesquely large forearms, howled as it charged the army. The covenant, not realizing what they had unleashed, shot plasma, but it seemed to dissipate long before any of it made contact with the creature. Fuel rod guns were fired, but many were swept aside. The few that made contact seemed to ripple against him, but they made no affect. The creature slammed into the enemy as it ripped apart the covenant.

"It's seems annoyed, doesn't it?" A figure in a black hooded cloak watched the creature with a smirk. I sighed, "Father." The figure removed his hood only to reveal a blackface with that shined with the cosmos. One filled with mirth… and concern. I turned back to the thing; it was finished with the covenant and moved onto wraiths. I watched as it smashed the hood of one before pulling out the screaming gunner, tossing the unlucky covenant like a javelin. A volley of mortars hit the creature but it was completely unharmed. It roared in anger before picking up the damaged wraith and tossing it at the other ones, charging towards the remaining covenant. All the while the scarabs raining down plasma bombs.

I had my suspicions, but I wanted to be sure, "Father, what is that thing?" I asked. He watched the creature with sorrow in his eyes, "Perseus, that creature, it is you." I sighed, I was correct, "How?" Chaos shook his head, "Perseus, everyone has darkness inside them, but only one thing can bring it out. Overwhelming grief, son, if I could take back everything you've been through and make it right, I would, but you've lost everything… there's nothing I can do."

I shook my head, "I don't blame you, but what can I do? I have nothing left, nowhere to go, I-I-I have no one." I collapsed, reluctantly letting a few tears to be shed. Chaos enveloped me in a hug, but I didn't notice, I was absorbed in grief. A voice appeared in my head, "You've lost," it whispered, "You lose." It cackled. Another voice appeared, "Grief is an illusion," it stated "Nothing matters." Right then in there, everything came full circle, I stopped crying, knowing it to be true. "Father. I'm insane. I've lost it." Chaos only gripped me tighter. "I know. I'm sorry." A single tear fell down his face as a supernova appeared with a bang on his face. The creator, my father, was crying.

"Perseus. You've struggled and pulled through, with terrifying losses, but your journey is far from over. I'm sorry, but the world needs your help once again." I pulled away and whipped my tears away, "Father, I have no purpose but to serve you. Tell me what to do."

My father looked strained, but he forced a smile, "Tartarus is rising. The Olympians need your assistance." I nodded, not caring what that meant. "Your wish is my command." Chaos shook his head, "Perseus, while you may believe all is lost, your love still believes in you, she has been mislead." I didn't hear him, choosing to focus on "myself." I watched as it dove through the core of a scarab, killing it with a gleeful, childish scream and an explosion. "In time, you may regain her, but you must first save her and earth. But you won't be doing it alone."

The other me, now clutching the ruined body of the general like a doll, howled, as it seemed to disappear. I buckled once again but immediately straightened, the anger I had previously felt now empty.

The world shimmered around us as we were transported to the void, into my father's room. Faces that have haunted me for as long as I can remember greeted me. Luke, Bianca, Zoe, Beckendorf, Silena, Nico. All of which smiled and looked at me, "Welcome back Shadow." I nodded once and removed my helmet, drawing stunned gasps. With a look of determination, my eyes twinkled as multiple voices began to speak at once, "Good to be back." I stated simply.

Chaos made himself known, "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, my son, the primordial of Darkness, Time, Fate and Loyalty… Perseus Jackson. Let us prepare for the war to come and usher in an era of peace."



The Pillar of Autumn slowly exited orbit, as a marine walked along the decks. As he neared another soldier, he immediately lifted his hands, holding the transportation capsule of an AI. The new soldier, one who stood eight feet tall in olive green Spartan armor, barely glanced down, accepting the parcel and nodding in thanks. As the marine scrambled away, the Spartan pulled out the AI, which was stored in a memory chip, before placing it in his helmet. "Do you think he made it?" The Spartan asked in a gravelly voice, "… Cortana?" An answer sounded off, "I think we all know the answer to that, John." The Pillar quickly entered slipspace as John-117 took one last glance at the place he called "home."


Somewhere in Voidiona

Two figures, one in a cloak, the other in a very professional suit used in the government of Voidiona, looked at the tragic reunion of Noble team. They watched as the son of Chaos stood still like a statue as their new "generals" tearfully embraced him.

The senator turned, "It begins." The other nodded, "We will not sit by as a couple new human recruits replace us. We will extract our revenge." The both looked at each other for a couple moments as they contemplated what they should do next, before they silently shuffled out of the room.

The senator looked around before growling, revealing his face to be that of a deformed animal, "The world once trembled at the name "Didact." They shall tremble once more." He disappeared in a flash, reappearing in a dark courtroom, to appear in front of a giant. "Tartarus." It muttered. The primordial turned, lowering a bunch of grapes it was about to stomach, it turned and nodded with curiosity. The Didact smiled, "I have some invaluable news for you." Tartarus turned his head, "Is that so?" The Didact nodded, "But that news comes with a price." It bared its teeth in a cruel smile. "It seems that your brother has fallen into the depths of insanity, into your realm." Tartarus grinned, baring fangs the size of cars, "Is that so? How intriguing." The Didact's smile grew as he revealed the details of the esteemed son of Chaos.

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