How a Harem Saved My Life

Pretty deep title, huh? So yeah, me boy Ride's wanted me to this harem fic. Yeah, this will be a pretty long one, each girl getting her own chapter. It stars a rich boy named Chase Williams. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Blaziken

My life, I've lived a pretty good one. I live in this gigantic mansion with my mom and a lot of my female Pokemon. I mean, I ain't got a problem with male ones, it's just that... I love females better, that's all. Besides, wouldn't you rather have sex with a female one than getting fucked by a male one? Ew. But, umm, getting back to what I was saying, the first of my ton of female mons were a Blaziken. She's tall, pretty, and pretty damn strong, the perfect kind of woman for me if I were to date a human. We do many things together, adult or not, and it just made my rich life at home even better. ...Until that day happened, the day that completely turned my life around.


I didn't raise Blaziken as a Torchic or anything like that; she was originally my mom's, who used to be a Pokemon trainer herself. Like most moms of my status, she's constantly away on business trips, being gone for very rarely under a month. She would always leave her Blaziken here with me. Honestly at first, she was kind of intimidating to me because of her freakish height and massive strength; I'm probably a toothpick to her! However, when I was Blaziken, she's actually a very nice and caring Pokemon, keeping me company when I was lonely, listening to me when I talk, and even being by my side when I was pissed off or distressed. Eventually, we grew a close bond with each other and I'm not sure how it exactly started, but she and I were starting to do... THOSE things.

Still, one time, when my mom went on a business trip, she was gone...much longer than usual. I know she said she would be finally on this day, but it was getting me worried. I was going to call her on my phone, but while I was passing the TV, I was hearing on the news about a fatal plane crash that happened that night. Sweat poured down my face as I started to think the worse, but no, there's no way that could have been her, right? But then when I saw what kind of plane it was, my whole body froze and everything just went white; the plane that crashed was the exact same plane my mom said she was taking home tonight. No, no, no. I just kept shaking and shaking my head, not believing even once my mom could have been on that plane.

I ran to the phone quick as lightening. Blaziken must have heard because in a slight second of sight, I passed her coming down the stairs. I pressed my fingers hard against the buttons, hoping to god that she would answer. I didn't get a dial tone, not a ring, nothing. It was completely silent, as if the phone I was trying to call didn't even exist. "...M-Maybe sh-she's just too busy right now. S-s-she's in the office now, wor...wor..." Tears began falling down my eyes and my lips started quivering. I was only delaying the inevitable; I know she was on that plane. "M-Mo, Mom..." I slid down to the floor and cried. How could this happen? Why did this happen? "Mom...Mom!" I sat down there and cried, not showing a moment of stopping. My Mom, she was the closest thing to me. The time I would wait for her to come back, and even though Even though I was an 18 year old, I would always run up and hug her tightly when she came home like a little boy. She would always call me that, while rubbing my head and telling me all what happened. Now, I will never be able to hear such things again. Never will be able to anxiously wait for her and run like a kid to the ice cream truck when I would hear keys from the door outside. "(Sniff)... (Sniff) Mom... "Only when I slightly calm down did I realize a pair of red arms wrapped around me. It was Blaziken.

She was right there the whole time, and I didn't even notice. She looked down at me with sad-filled eyes. "Blaziken..." How does she feel right now? Mom was her original trainer. She's not crying or anything. Is she trying not to, infront of me? If so, she's a really tough person. Here I am, crying uncontrollably like a baby, while she silently comforted me. I'm pathetic, a truly pathetic person. Mom, she would have told me the opposite, though. I want to see her; I want to be with her right now! I'll...I'll do anything to make that happen! "...I, I want to see her again. I'm sorry, but... I just can't live without her!" "Bl-Blaziken?!" I got off of her and ran to the kitchen. I searched frantically for any sharp object I could find. "Where, where?! ...Ah!" I came across a large, sharp steak knife. "Mom...MOM!" "Blaziken!" "?!" The sudden grab of both my arms from the back make me drop the knife. "Ah, ah! L-Let me go! Let me see my mom again!" "Blaziken!" No matter how hard I struggled and grunted, she was much stronger than me, stronger than I could ever be. "Let me go...please! I want; I don't want to live without my Mom! I just can't!" "Bla-Blaziken! Blaziken!" Tired of mindless struggling, I slow down and eventually stop, the tears coming back to me. "I...miss her so much. I don't ever not want to see my Mom again. I just can't live anymore f she's gone. Life without Mom is not worth it. It's not..." I love my Mom with all my heart. All I want to do is see her again. However... if I were to kill myself, wouldn't my Pokemon be completely downhearted? As much as I love my Mom, I just can't...end myself like this. She wouldn't want me to be in heaven with her so soon. She would want to continue staying in school, taking care of the Pokemon, and I... I have to live to continue making her proud.

If Blaziken wasn't there to stop me, those thoughts wouldn't have crossed my mind. "I'm sorry, Blaziken. To look and act so pathetic infront of you, I deserve to die. If you weren't here right now, I'd be on the floor, red like you. Thank you..." I turned around and hugged her, and she hugged me back. I don't want to leave Blaziken or the others alone like that. What is wrong with me? Why didn't that cross my mind before? I should, and want to, stay with my girls and try to fill in as Mom, taking care of them and making sure they're happy.

(End of Flashback)

"Guys..." I was in my king's bed, thinking about them. Yes, not only was it my Mom, but it was Dad, too. They both were on the same plane that day, 2 years ago. I'm 20 now and since then, I haven't been exactly a happy person. "...Blaziken?" Blaziken sat up from the pillow and looked down to me. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I wake you? My bad, I was just...thinking about things. Nothing, umm... important, though." "Blaz..." I don't like to be unhonest with her like this, but I don't want to worry her about what's really on my mind. "Ah, ah?" Under the sheets, I could feel my pajama pants being slid down. I looked up at Blaziken; she was blushing with a bit of lust in her eyes; oh my, it looks like she wants to do it again with me tonight. I don't object, as having sex with her is perfectly okay in my book, and it could my mind off things. "Alright, alright." I make it easier for her and throw off the covers and my boxers. "Blaziken..." she slightly smiled upon seeing my member, which was honestly kind of hot when she did that. I could see her dripping from down under; she must have been waiting to do this, and trust me, I won't object her. She positions herself, sitting on her knees while setting her spot right on top my member.

I grab her by the sides and put her down on me. "Blaaazz~!" She lets out a long moan while sliding her hand down her ponytail. She starts moving herself automatically, moving at a normal pace. "Hooh..." I grab her sides and slam her down harder. This feeling, it makes me forget of all thoughts and makes me feel the heaven of fucking with her. I bring my hand to her butt and grope it, making her moans even more in continuation and volume. She's excellent at this, and everytime we do it, I enjoy it everytime. Blaziken presses her hands down on my chest and forces herself down even more; if anything, Blaziken likes it any way BUT gentle, and I~ like it! :D "Oooaahh, I'm cumming, Blaziken!" I grip her extra hard and cum inside of her, making her yelp out in sheer satisfaction. "Blaaazikenn…" She lightly smiled at me and brought her head closer to me and pecked my cheek, making me giggle in return. I loved when she did that, it reminds of how my Mom used to do it all the time. Dad would do it, but only when Mom wasn't right there, which would make me laugh. I wonder how they're doing, now. Gee, I hope they didn't see this right now, or I'll be in trouble, hah hah hah! "Thank you for that, Blaziken. I'm tired now, so I'll be turning in for now. Well, good night!" "Blaziken!"

My family, they weren't only my Mom and Dad, but Blaziken and the others, too. I wish I had realized that 2 years ago and didn't try to do something as foolish as trying to kill myself. For now, I should just stay here and try to continue on with my life with all my girls. Who knows, maybe they'll show how much it's worth to still live, now.

End of chapter 1. Yes, I know the adult scene was really short, but this is just the beginning and it was more about his parents then about that. The next chapters should be better but until then, see ya!