Harem 12

Damn, how long's it been? Well, this chapter will just be another random one, so whatever happened in the last one...bleh. Well, enjoy!

Chapter 12: Blaziken the Original Waifu

My back. It hurts. Bad. Like, real bad. Why? Well...I was sitting in a chair in a very uncomfortable postion and now it feels like Hell. "It HUUUUUUURTS!" I groan and complain for like the 20th thousand time to Blaziken. I honestly can't believe she listens to the constant bitching I do. Well, then again, that's why she's so cool! My first Pokemon AND the prettiest! Err...don't tell the others. I crawl over to her and grip her leg. "Blazi-chan~! My back, my back! It feels like I've been backraped!" So yes, kids, whenever you have severe back pains, tell your peoples and the doctors you've been backraped. They won't look at you weird ar aaaaaall. ;)

"(giggle) Blaziken..." She gave me a nice rub on the head. Haaah, she's a lot like Mom. Pretty, motherly, big sisterly to the other girls, and just...you know, she's the best! She did a little twirl with her finger, gesturing me to lay on my back. Ohhh, is she going to give me a back massage? I was thinking of just heading to the spa, but FUCK THAT, I'm going to get a free one from a hot girl! :D Well, a hot Pokegirl, to be more specific. If it were Mariza...

"Hold on, sweetie. I need to..." I threw off my jacket and shirt. You can't have a nice massage with all that shit on, so I have to! Mmm, I'm pretty pecky. Like any dude would, I try flexing my (the same size as a baby's dick) muscles to impress her. She then flexed hers. If you would have saw, you would have felt you didn't deserve a penis. "Nnnnh~!" I whine like a little baby and lay on my stomach. As soon as the claw parts of her hands poked me, I jerked so hard and my back tingled. "Hoo!" Man, don't you just hate it when your back gets all tingly? "Uhh...maybe you should put some lotion?" I pointed over to my dresser where I have all kinds of nice-smelling things and junk. She grabbed the Fairy Rose scent. Nice!


Whoooo~! That lotion on me feels GOOD~! I hum happily while kicking my feet up in the air. Any guy would kill to be in my position right now. Right? "Ohhh!" She got to the painful parts...and is rubbing those so well. The little cracks my back would make was like being splashed with ice cold water on a very hot day. She even did the privilege of rubbing my sides, too. God, this feels so nice! "Yeah, right there. Ohhh..." I sound like a girl in heat, but I don't care. Speaking of horny girls, I wonder if she would like a good massage to make some suggestive noises to make feel excited. Then again, I don't want her to stop doing this. This feels simply too good, but I'll feel even better when I make HER feel good!

"Bla...Blaziken! You...can stop now." She gave me a face as if she didn't want to. Who can blame her? I mean, I AM the ladies man! ;D She agreed and laid on her back. "Nuh uh uh!"


"Lay ON your back! I want to give you a front massage, if you don't mind!" She gave me a nod and flipped herself over, sprawling her hair all over the place. I got a handful of the lovely lotion (god, I know I'll regret it when I have to pay a shitload to get more, but oh well, fuck!), rubbed it in between my palms and gave her shoulders and arms a good rubbin'. "This feels good?" She gave me a happy cry. Hoo hoo, I'm not too bad! After rubbing those nice arms of hers, I went for her chest.

Sadly, (I'm just kidding) she's not like a human female when it comes to having tits, so I can't be doing that unless I hook up with Mariza. Then she started giving me what I wanted: some moans. "Feels good, huh?" She nodded and even grabbed my wrists to keep massaging her in that area. Hm hm hm, if she's feeling all nice and lovely there, she'll feel especially lovely right...down...



I was wondering why she's was clenching her legs so tightly together. She was holding a nice, wet surprise down there. She looks so embarrassed too! "Because you gave me such a wondrous feeling before, I shall repay- no, rather, reward you with a very good massage in a very good spot." Getting a little more lotion, I rub the pink stuff on the even pinker outer surface. Damn, I should have gave it a good licking first...oh well. :p

"You're gonna smell so nice down here...!" She makes my fingers go into her. My, my, she's impatient. In a good way, that is. "Ahh...such lovely and soft walls." It was so cute how she was trying to suppress her voice from moaning too loud. Not only that, but she's doing the finger-in-mouth (or claw in her case) and dazey eyes action, just throw her in glasses, a cute outfit, and a ponytail...she's the perfect waifu! Well, not I'm saying she wasn't, already. If I told her that, she would blush so hard, she might turn a darker red that she already is and it stays permanently.

Crap, her moaning's giving me a boner already. I guess there's a part of me that was still throbbing, but not in pain: before I make her cum, I should show her! "Blaziken...do you mind?" It was kind of embarrassing having my member out while asking such a thing, but it doesn't hurt to be a little kinky sometimes. She's hesitant, but she takes some lotion and rubs it on me. "Y-Y-Yeah. Nice and smooth..." Goodness, she's only just putting it on me and I'm talking like this. I'd be total candy for more dominant gay boys.

She laid back down, opening her legs. My fingers did good, but this will REALLY take the cake! "Ooh! Still a tight one..." This "muscle" of hers was by far, already, the best. I held her down and worked those hips of mine. I wonder if putting that lotion on us down there was a good idea, but then again, it's not that $2 cheap crap, so I'm sure it won't. I hope. It better not. Worrying aside, the lotion actually makes it easier to slide into and bang her. Also, it feels I'm doing here a lot more faster and smoother, too. Maybe we should do this more often. ...Nah. If we do, we'll end up living in a broke down flat or something. Even worse...a motel. Geeeek...

"Blaza...ken..." She grabbed my cheeks and brought me into a tight hug. It's like I'm making love with my wife. Or...maybe that's what I'm doing~? Who knows. It's not like I'll ever get a real girl, anyway. I mean, the chance with Mariza is probably blown off, but maybe I should try again. It's been far too long since we saw or even talked with each other. Hoo, I can vividly remember the last time. Kissing her, touching her, playing with those huge breasts...gyah! No, no! She's not the person you're having sex with right now! It's Ken Ken! She's the one you should be thinking dirty of about, stupid damn Chase!

"Ohh!" I cum inside of her. I hope that it doesn't wipe away the scent of that beautiful smelling lotion that's EMPTY, but it's okay, that's fine! I mean, it's not like it wasn't $3,000 dollars or anything! Yep!...Fuck my life.

Yeah, it was short and it sucked, but I'm so tired right now and I just wanted to put at least something out, so yeah...goodnight~.