Chapter 1: The Awakening

T/A's p.o.v

Pain shot true my body...

Body? I was dead.

I knewed that.

Harry Potter had killed me...

Then why did i felt?

Why did felt pain? Why was i breathing?

Was my death wrong? Had someody saved me? Have i been reïncarnated?

I painfully opened my eyes. I tried to stand. But i didn't succeed.

Option 3 felt off. I saw myself wearing clothes and i had a older body. But ...

I had normal boy's clothes on. And i mean BOY.

Was i sent back to make up everything have done or something?

That sure sounded as somethin' Dumbledore easily would do.

That bastard. Couldn't even leave me alone in the after life.

Because i coudn't walk i crawled like a baby in my suroundment.

I knewed three things.

1, I was in a unfimiliar house.

2, The house was abandoned.

3, This was the future.

The house didn't look like anything in his time.

There was a tv. But one like nothing he had never seen before. It was thin and huge!There where a few buttons on the side I decided to try if it still worked. Maybe the news could tell me where and which time it was.

The tv jumped on.

I shakily jumped with it.

What a noise did that thing make!

On off the buttons made the channels switch.

The news... Then there where three things that i noticed a lot.

1, There was a litle bit reflection.

2,I was my teenage self again.

3, It was the eleventh of june...

Of 2012...

A little short i know. But i hope you enjoyed it.