Chapter 5 :The sorting

T/A's p.o.v

Now will fnaly my sixth year begin! For the second time...I can't wait until i am the famous Slytherin leader again. No one is going to take my spot. I will rule over this pathetic world again...

Damned i hate it to come with the first years.I hate those midgets with all my body and soul! All happy and peppy. It disgusts me. A bunch of them are now discussing and drooling over me. Gross. One of the jealous little girls, probably a Slytherin, asked me why i had the stench of woman parfume on me. I said that it was from a very beautiful girl that i love to talk to. To make her even more angry. Worked. And it wasn't a total lie.

Little Haven was pretty and she indeed was nice. So not a lie...

I could see the upcoming lights, the big building and the other students entering. I was there. I was back and most of all, i was home.

They told us to wait. Just like always we did.

They explained the houses and much other crap we 'need' to know about it. Blah blah blah. Heard it already now get over it!

Finally. Finally.

I didn´t listen. ´Till i heard "Volo. Alexander." My cue.

I put it on my head.

"Well well well. Tom Marvolo Ridde. Didn't expect to see you here. The identity of Alexander Volo can't stand forever..."

"Quit the talking stupid hat."

"Impatient aren't we?"

"Just sort me back in Slytherin okay. Chop chop. I have better things to do."

"What if i don't want to put you back there young boy?"

"Don't defy me. Don't you dare to challenge me or otherwise i AM going to kill you this second. Whatever te people will say i WILL do it."

"But i can see that you don't belong. You still are the psychotic boy that you one where but something has ..."

"What has changed?"

"Somebody changed the rules..."


"You will find out young boy."

Then the hat yelled "RAVENCLAW"

Ravenclaw...I was f***ing sorted in f***ing Ravenclaw!

You got to be...

Then i noticed HER.

Haven was clapping like a maniac and jumping up and down. She looked like one energetic puppy. Her curls where like ocean waves following their master. Her big brown eyes where bronze golden in the candle light. Her hair was Bordeaux-red on some places and the other locks where like fire. What dye all can do. She had some brown. I was right. Her original hair was indeed dark brown with a little bit redish. Cute.

Damned. I have to stop thinking her as cute!

Damned those bambi eyes!

I Alexander Volo/ Tom Marvolo Riddle swear that i do not fancy this girl.

I walked over to the Ravenclaw table.

"Hey Alec." She cheerfully said

"No Slytherin?"

"For a Ravenclaw that is quite a stupid question."

"Sorry morry mister grumpy."

"Sorry morry?"I raised an eyebrow.

"Shut it Volz." She flipped her hair in my face. Her shampoo was really nice and her hair was so soft...

To shut mysef up i grabbed it.

"Watch it. Or WILL pull your hair out."She ooood. She is probably going to tell the headmaster.

Then with suprise she jumped(!) On the table! Right between the food. I swear i heard someone mumble "There she goes. What is wrong this time?"

Does she always hop on the table?!

"Siiiiiirrr. He treatened me with death!"She pointed at me.

Huh? I had done nothing wrong! This time...

"That is so not true!"I yelled.

"The hell you did!"

"I just said that i was going to pull your hair out..."

"That IS a death threat!"

"Obsessed about your hair? Your hair isn't holy or someting!"

Amost everybody looked at me now.

"You stupid! If you pull out enough hair it all will get damaged to much and you will bleed to death!"

''How could he know that Smith? Not everybody knows so much as you do bitch!"A girl from the Slytherin table yelled.

"Shut your f***ing mouth! If anybody in this room is a bitch then that is you!" Haven hissed.

Then the war began. People duck under the tables while the girls where firing a hex after the other hex.

"Ladies lades ladies!"A old woman yelled. A professor. Don't remember her name.

"Stop it now!"

"But she called me a bitch and he treatened me!"

"Miss Smith..."

"No miss Smith on me! I am not a bad kid. They are!"

"You listen..."

"NO! You will all hear from my lawyers!"Then she stormed out. Chased by the professors and the headmaster.

I was slowly regaining from my shock and students where crawling out of there safe places again.

"Is she always like this?"I muttered to no one peticular.

A boy with dirty blond hair nodded.

I sat down. The Ravenclaw girl...

So feisty.

Her duelling and tantrum trowing where things you HAD to admire about her. Those skills...

I knewed a few things in this upcoming year.

1, I was a Ravencalw.

2, I sadly know that even while i try to fight it, i might start to fancy Haven.

3, That girl can battle!

4, She does it ,according to everyone to every house, way TO much.

5, There might be a chance that she is going to hex me...(Chance?)

6, This year is going to be very amusing.

I maybe will come scarred out of this, but will wear them with proud. That girl battles much and is powerfull. A good alley. She was a warprincess,no. She was MY warprincess.

I hope you will like feisty Haven. It is indeed a fact. So no more pulling hair! Thank you. Please review, otherwise you will become the next victim in the hogwarts wars.