I have a thing for my brother's friend brother!

No need for a summary, because the title says all. This is a Sasuke and Naruto fanfiction. Yaoi! Drama/Romance Pein and Itachi


Naruto POV


"Naruto open the door, it's Itachi" Pein said from the bathroom.

I didn't hesitate; I quickly jumped from his bed and ran down stairs like a wild man. You're probably wondering why I was in my brother's room, and why I was quick to answer the door. Let's rewind to 15 minutes ago.

15 minutes ago

"Pein" I said as I barged into his room.

He looked at me with narrow eyes as he slid on his boxers.

"You could've told me you were changing!" I said a blush noticeable on my face.

"First of all, this is my room! Second of all, you didn't even knock! And thirdly, get the fuck out!" he said irritated.

I ignored him and jump on his bed.

"Hey!" he said scolding me.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm sorry, but is Itachi coming over?" I asked.

Pein raised his eyebrow, which was pierce. My brother had a lot of piercings; strangely enough he was one hot boy. He was lean, tan, tall and muscular. He had spikey orange his, which was blonde before he decided to dye it. He had a nose pierce, his left and right eye brows pierce, he even had one of his dimples pierce, and he also had 3 piercings on each of his ears. It wouldn't surprise me if he had a piercing on his dick. That would be so creepy! He has a tattoos too; his left arm, his wrist, his back, his stomach. My mom was not happy when she saw them. But he was good-looking; I was and forever will be jealous of him.

Curse him; I had to get my mom genes, short, curves, a cute adorable ass, hey… even if I wasn't the muscular type, who says I couldn't be conceited? My hair was unkempt and short, I have the biggest blue eyes and a pouty lip. Like my brother I am also tan. I have no tattoos, nor piercings. Not even one! My mother forbids me; she says she wants me to be her little innocent baby.

"Yes he is. He should be here any minute now" he said walking to the bathroom.

"Oh" I said.

"So… is he brining anyone with him" I said pulling his sheets over me.

He looked at me from the bathroom door and smile, which was rarely. "Nope" he said, before putting his toothbrush in his mouth.

I frowned. "Oh" I simply said, disappointed.

But at least Itachi was coming. He was a cool guy; so compose and calm. Oh and sexy.


I opened the door, like I always did, to give Itachi a big hug. Just because my mom wanted me to be her innocent baby, who said I had to act innocent when she wasn't around. I closed my eyes and quickly gave HIM a hug. I was expecting a hug back, like Itachi always did, but didn't even receive one. All I heard was "Hn?"

I let go of the person, and opened my eyes. I looked up and saw that it was… I slammed the door shut.

"PEIN! PEIN! PEIN!"I said angry.

He lied to me. "NOOOOO! I HATE YOU! YOU DAMN MOTHER-FUCKER!" I said running up the stairs. "You lied to me" I said watching him as he came out his room laughing.

"I'm sorry" he said grinning.

I followed him down the stairs and kept hitting him in his back, not like it was causing him any pain. I continued to hit him, as he opened the door.

"Hey Sasuke" he said coolly.

"Hi…" he said.

"Itachi!" he said.

"Why did you do that to Naruto?" he asked.

"I didn't do anything" he said, a little chuckle escaping from his lips.

"Come in-come in" he said stepping away from the door.

I got tired and walked away from him.

"Naruto… where's my hug?" Itachi asked.

I turned around to face him and frown.

"So you can give my brother a hug, but you can't give me a hug? I feel hurt" he said smirking.

'OMG! I wanted to kill him and PEIN!' I thought. I know I was blushing.

I walked up to him slowly and gave him a quick hug. He hugged me back. I let go of him and stared at the two hunks in my… our living room.

Uchiha Itachi, 18 years old, had long black silky hair, red eyes, which was contacts of course and pale skin; he was lean like my brother, tall...Pein being 2 inches taller than him, muscular, not like my brother though, and sexy. He had an ear and nose pierce. Everything about him was mesmerizing. I always wondered what he look like naked. Hmmm… who says I couldn't find out? After all he and my brother always go in the hot-tub at night… chatting. I am not a pervert! I just like to watch them, but strangely enough they never did anything. I wondered if he had a thing for Pein.

Then there was Uchiha Sasuke, his younger brother. He was 16, tall, lean and muscular. Black mesmerizing eyes, pale skin, and short spiky black hair that was in a shape of a chicken butt. He had snake bites, an ear pierce. His eyes were so deep. He was a hot-boy. I had a thing for him, despite him being a cold bitch. Oh there goes my language; if my mother ever heard me talk with such mouth, I would be sucking on soap for the rest of my life, and never get to taste that long wood he… Woah!

I got out of my dirty thoughts and looked at them.

"So how are you today Itachi?" I asked innocently.

He smiled at me. "I am fine, thanks for asking" He then stared at my brother. "Why can't you be like him? More innocent and cute" he said smoothly at Pein.

Pein glared at me, than grumbled. "Suck me" he said walking away.

Itachi twitched. "Baka" he mumbled as he followed my brother.

They left me and him alone.

"Um… how are you?" I asked, smiling.

"Eh" he said walking to the family room. "Mind if I sit?" he asked.

I twitched. "Sure, go ahead" I said.

He sat down and took out his phone, texting away.

This was my sixth time seeing him, and he was a total prick, but 'Oh father, why was I into him?' I thought as I chewed my bottom lip.

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