"I can't believe the pizza guy gave us an extra pizza" Naruto said taking a slice of pizza. It oozed cheese which was the way he liked it; after all it reminded him of something. *wink*

Sasuke watch from afar as he saw how the blonde push the pizza into his mouth. 'I wonder if he would like more than just a pizza going in his mouth' Sasuke thought, smirking at the thought.

"When are you leaving Itachi?" Pein asked as he scraped the cheese and peperoni off of the pizza.

"What are you doing? You are so weird" Itachi said calmly.

"I thought I asked you a question" Pein said eating the naked pizza.

"But I'm asking you a question. So answer me" Itachi said giving him a small smile.

"Well I don't have to answer you" Pein replied.

"So I don't have to answer you" Itachi said.

Pein glared at the boy. Itachi returned the glare. Sasuke and Naruto watched as the two went at it. You could have sworn that these two were married couple.


"Bye Itachi and Sasuke" Pein said dryly, waving at the two boys who had enter their Honda civic car.

He walked back inside and met his little brother standing at the door. "What is it?" he asked him.

Naruto huffed. "You stupid motherfucker" he said walking back into the house.

Pein switched. "What the hell did you just say?" he said grabbing Naruto by his collar.

He gulped. "I'm sorry" he said whimpering. "I'm just angry!" he said pouting.

Pein dropped Naruto to the floor. "Angry or not, don't you ever call me that" he said glaring at the small boy.

Naruto nodded his head. Pein walked around, but Naruto held his hand.

"Aren't you going to ask me what's wrong?"

Pein rolled his eyes. "What's the matter?" he said unconcern.

"It's nothing" Naruto replied releasing his hand.

"Then why the hell did you tell me to…" Pein said, but smacked his forehead. "You are so difficult to understand" he grumbled.

"When is mom going to be home?" Naruto asked.

'I think my little brother had a bi-polar disorder' Pein thought. "Uh… maybe in the next hour or so" he said shrugging.


The room remained quiet, until Pein decided to break it.

"Well I'm going to sleep" he said yawning.

"Can I come?" Naruto asked grinning.

Pein sighed and hunched his back. "Sure…. Sure"

Naruto giggled. "Yay" he said running up the stairs, while Pein dragged his feet behind him.

"This is going to be a long night of kicking" Pein said grimly.

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