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Chapter 1: Guess what

Jade's P.O.V

I walked into Hollywood arts for our last day here, but I have good news, I walk over to a table to find Cat, Robbie, Beck, Tori and André.

Cat was crying, obviously upset that it was her last day at Hollywood arts, Robbie was comforting her and telling her to calm down. Just so you know Cat and Robbie have been dating and so have Tori and André, I always knew they would all get together eventually.

"hey" I say as I walk over and sit in between cat and beck.

Every one sounded so down but I was so happy to tell the good news.

"guys, I have some good news" I smiled and reached into my bag everyone looked confused and just waited and I finally found what I was looking for and smiled into my bag and looked up at everyone while still smiling

"okay, everyone close your eyes, no peeking"

Everyone done what I said and I pulled out 6 cruise tickets and I held them out like a fan and told everyone to open their eyes

They all gasped when the saw what I had in my hands

After a second or 2 Tori speaks "is that.."

And André says something after "it is!"

"yup, I got 6 cruise tickets for next Saturday, so, you guys coming or what?"

I got several replies like "yes" and "obviously" and "of course"

Until I got 1 reply that I didn't want to hear and it was from Robbie "no"

We all looked over at him "what?" I ask

"I said no, im not going"

Every one was trying to persuade him "aww, come on Robbie, it'll be fun"

"no, im not going and that's it!"

Cat pretended to be upset so Robbie will come "aww but please" she sniffled "I'll be lonely and everyone else will be together and if your there we can spend one last time together, all 6 of us please Robbie, pleeeeeaaaasssseeeee!" she begged until Robbie finally cracked

"all right fine! I'll go!"

Cat hugged him "yay!"

Robbie laughed a little and we all cheered "yeah, yeah, whatever"

I laughed a little at what Robbie said and I passed out the tickets except from tori's

She was confused "umm, where's my ticket?"

"its right here" I held it up and she went to reach for it

"but.." I moved it away

She groaned "what?!"

"you have to say that im the most beautiful, talented person on the planet and that im way better than you" I smiled evilly at her but then stopped her when she was about to talk "but don't be a smart ass and say it exactly the same way I did, ay it the way I want you to say it"

She sighed "jade…"

I waited "yes?, come on Tori, im waiting"

"you are the most beautiful and talented person on the planet and your way better than me" she finally got out

I smiled "good little Tori" and I handed her the ticket.

Everyone just laughed and started to talk about the cruise

"okay, guys, we are going to have the bet time ever" I smiled everyone agreed and everyone was so happy and was starting to forget about their last day of Hollywood arts.

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