Chapter 11 now guys!

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Chapter 11: don't leave us!

Beck's P.O.V

I run up to jade under all the rummage of the 'house' on top of her and I lift all the stuff off her and lift her up bridal style and move her away from it all I kneel down and lie her down on the ground

I pick her up like she's sitting and I hold her up "jade?" I say tears coming to my eyes "jade, wake up please" I say as a tear falls down my cheek

"is she breathing?" cat says

I check to see if she's breathing, which she is I nod to upset to say anything "jade, please" I say eventually sounding all choked up

Sicowitz starts to walk off

"where are you going!?" I ask

"oh no where I'm just-" he doesn't finish his sentence and runs off, I don't worry about him and just go back to jade

"jade, please, you cant do this to me, I need you please jade, please" I cant hold it in anymore and all the tears come out and I hold her close to me crying into her

The others try to calm me down but I don't listen and I keep crying

André starts to walk away "I'll, go see where sicowitz went"

I nod and cat kneels down next to me "beck?" she says quietly and I turn to look at her

"yeah?" I ask

"I-is she going to be okay?" she asks

"I don't know cat, I hope so"

Cat starts crying just like me but I'm not crying as much anymore

"cat, hey, it's going to be okay, jade will be okay"

She hugs me and I hug back and then andre walks back "uh, guys?" cat lets go and I stand up

"well where is he, where's sicowitz?"

"he's uh- he's gone, he left…"

"what!?" I shout

"yeah, I searched this whole place but I cant find him and then as I walked to the front of the island where we were we were a minute ago and a boat was sailing away.." he says

"a- a boat, h-he got on a boat, and left us!?" I ask

"yeahh, I guess"

"oh my god I'm going to kill him!" I say

Just then jade starts to wake up and I look at her and kneel down to her "jade!?"

She opens her eyes a little "b-beck?" she says quietly

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