Author's note: So, here I picked up another challenge(Still working on the 100 themes xP) I'll publish as I have the drabble done. I wrote this at ten a.m. break at university, and just have the time to type it.

Disclaimers: I don't own Hetalia

Warnings: Shounen ai

It was February when Netherlands decided to go and visit Denmark at his home. There was a huge amount of snow covering streets and roofs.

It was cold, extremely cold. Netherland was sure his lips were blue.

He got off the train to meet Denmark all happy, he jumped on him as soon as he crossed the road

"Lars! You don't know how I've been waiting!"

Lars slipped and they both fell on the cold floor "Hey, watch your actions!"

"Did you hurt yourself?" Denmark stretched a hand on Netherlands' knee. He was gloveless. They were bright red for the freezing temperatures; Lars took his hands in his

"Where are your gloves?"

"I forgot them at home, I was so excited I also forgot my wallet on the bed!"

What a kid he was!

Lars grabbed his hand "H..hey…we are in public…" stuttered Denmark, cheeks growing red


"Are you really okay with this?"

"No problems at all. Besides, your fingers' gonna fall if you keep them exposed under these freezing temperatures"