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Day 4: On a Date

Seeking for advices from Laura. Lars should have kept in his mind that he shouldn't have done it never again.

Their first year as a couple celebration was close, and he hadn't planned anything, just because he wasn't good at it.

"Maybe my little sister could tell me something…"

And so he made the worst decision of his life.

Obviously, Laura was all cheery and happy when he asked it "Don't worry brother! Leave it to me! I'll make sure everything will go right!"

As soon as Mathias arrived, Laura greeted him grinning ear to ear "So you're going to the skate rink? Lars told me, and it was such a brilliant idea of his!" Lars didn't have time to protest that Mathias had literally jumped on him.

And that's how he found himself dragged to the skate rink. His sister knew how much he hated skating, she chose the rink above all the places, without even warning!

It was useless to complain now, though. The damage had already been done. Besides, Mathias looked so happy that turning down the propose would have made him sad. Lars didn't want that.

While Lars was still lacing his skates, Mathias was already on the rink jumping and pirouetting (and sometimes, making poor and innocent people fall).

The Dutch, reluctantly (and not without problems) got closer to the rink. His boyfriend was waving his arms in the air "Laaars! Hurry up! The ice will melt!"

Actually, that was all he was wishing for.

As one foot was on the ice, Lars already felt his balance to vanish, and as if it wasn't enough, his partner wasn't exactly the calmest boy around. The Dane came over him, skating dangerously quick, and tried to catch him; Lars flinched a bit, but luckily the other kept him in place "…you psycho killer…"

"Come on, let's skate around until we can't feel our legs anymore!"

"Wait! I do—"

Pretending that Lars wasn't saying anything (or maybe without even listening), Mathias grabbed his hand and dragged his poor boyfriend along with him.

Netherlands was getting furious, everyone there was staring and giggling at his clumsiness. This just gave him nerves.

Things got even worse when Mathias, taken by his enthusiasm, let go of Netherlands' hand, and the poor boy fell with his ass on the ice.

Enraged like a lion, he tried to stand up but the ice was just too damn slippery, and he could achieve nothing, on top of that all, Mathias was doing nothing to help, he just laughed his ass off at the other's (vain) struggles.

"I swear I'll kill you…as soon as I get back on my feet…"

When he was finished laughing, Mathias offered his hand to his boyfriend and helped him up again.

The scene repeated almost every ten minutes, until Lars' ass was protesting so loud that they had to quit for the day.

Lars was sure he had lost a good part of his vertebras and that even his hips were badly injured.

He has never been happier that the night came before that day.

He found a cup of hot something in front of him and Mathias was grinning happily.

They sat on the couch in comfortable silence, just enjoying their drinks. When they were finished, Mathias put the empty cups back on the coffee table and turned towards his boyfriend, giving him a kiss on the cheek "This was the best anniversary, ever! Thank you!"

Lars shifted closer, brushing their lips together. Feeling a warm tongue caressing his bottom lip, Lars opened his mouth, letting his partner in gladly.

When the tongue was halfway in, Lars shut his teeth, making the poor Mathias jump back in tears

"W…what…what have you just done…? " he complained, holding his mouth protectively.

Netherlands sat back and lit a cigarette "That's for have making fun of me at the rink. You can call it a payback"