*AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to alyssanm for requesting and suggesting this storyline :) Would never have been able to come up with this story on my own.

The golden brown turkey slowly vanished from the serving plate on the dining table where it had been sitting for two hours. All ten pounds of the turkey were now reduced to a leg and a wing. A three layer cake of Max's specialty red velvet cupcakes still awaited them.

"Max, you really outdid yourself this time. This turkey is just delish!" Caroline licked the gravy dripping down from her pinky. "Maybe you can audition for Hell's Kitchen. If you win, we'll have enough money to start our cupcake business."

Max topped up their wine glasses with chardonnay until it overflowed. "Oops…I guess that was too much."

The girls raised their glasses to the air and Max proposed a toast. "To you, me, our cupcake business and everything else we should be thankful for!"

"Cheers, cheers! One, two, three." They gulped the wine down their throats like shots of tequila served to teens on a spring break cruise to Mexico.

Caroline felt her head getting heavy. Her eyes played tricks on her, conjuring a blurry twin for everything that came to sight. "We should slow down. I'm getting –" Burp! "…drunk." Something on the turkey platter caught her eye. "A wishbone! We should play that game….you know…the wishing game." She grabbed the wishbone off the platter. Then, she held one end of the bone with her right hand and pointed the other to Max. "Here, hold on to the other end. Pull on the count of three!"

Max grabbed the other end of the wishbone. I can't believe I'm still doing this. The last time I played this was… It's far too long to remember. Max had a weak spot for Caroline's silliness. She actually found it cute and affectionate. It was as if Caroline lived in her own fairy tale bubble. Max didn't dare break her fragile innocence but rather, tried to protect it from being jaded by the tough realities of the Brooklyn neighborhood. So Max always played along. She tugged hard on her end of the wishbone and she felt Caroline pull the bone even harder from the other end. My, she really takes this game seriously. Poor turkey!

"Three!" Caroline grinned. "I can't wait when I'm drunk."

The wishbone broke apart and Caroline compared her piece to what Max got. "You won! You got the longer piece. Make a wish. You better make it a good one!"

Hearing the noticeable excitement from Caroline's voice brought a smile on Max's face. I wish… She reflected back on her life for the past year. There was nothing else she could really wish for. I've never been happier than my life now. Hmmm…Actually, I wish Martha Stewart would give us a phone call and tell us she wants to invest in our cupcake business. No, scrap that. This is my chance. I should really make my wish count. Darn it! Caroline's optimism is rubbing off on me.

She glanced at Caroline. She really didn't need to think. Her heart knew it. She had to deal with it every single day – dismiss it, hide it, pretend that her feeling was platonic. But how can I wish this upon you? I have nothing to offer you. She put the wishbone down on her plate.

"So what did you wish for?" Caroline chirped. Her sapphire blue eyes focused on Max intently.

Max's cheeks turned carnation pink. "It's a secret."

"That's no fun. You should tell me." Caroline pouted like a two-year old denied of ice cream during a hot sunny day. "I thought I was your bestest friend!" She grabbed the bottle of chardonnay by its neck and chugged down what was left.

"Easy there, Lindsay Lohan."

"No fair!" Caroline persisted. "I would have told you if I got to make my wish."

Max snapped back: "Well I'm not you, so deal with it." Immediately, she regretted dropping those words. Me and my insensitive mouth.

A red velvet cupcake came flying towards Max. It happened too fast so she was unable to dodge. The cupcake landed inside her tank top, right between her breasts. The bottom of the cupcake protruded from her cleavage. The white cream icing felt cool and silky on her skin.

Max did not appreciate the joke. "Oh no, you didn't!" You are dead!

Caroline giggled when she saw the expression on Max's face. "I'm sorry, Max. That was really funny though." Caroline got up from her chair and headed towards Max. "Here, let me help clean up the mess." She reached inside Max's top for the cupcake and pulled it out. Crumbs and icing from the cupcake were still scattered over Max's bosom. Caroline wiped the icing from Max's breasts in one gentle sweeping motion.

Max felt a slight tingle as the soft fingers of Caroline touched her breasts. Her heart beat faster. Her forehead began to sweat. This is embarrassing. I can't hold it any longer. She let out a big laugh and started giggling uncontrollably. "Heeheehee. Hahaha." Her cheeks were rosy from the rush of blood to her head. Her tummy ached. "Oh my god, please stop. Heehee." She put her arms over her breasts and protected them from Caroline. "I can't help it. My boobs are really ticklish."

"Awww…I didn't know you were ticklish." Caroline could not hide her enthusiasm; a sly grin crept up her face. This was too easy for her and she couldn't pass up on the opportunity.

Uh-oh. "I don't like seeing that expression on your face." Max knew what was coming. She jumped up from her seat away from Caroline. Crap, I better run!

Caroline reached for the top cupcake and scooped the whipped icing with her palm. "Food and tickle fight!"

The girls circled around the dining table a few times. The cupcakes were catapulted one by one across the dining table. Max had the better aim. By the time they reached to the last layer of cupcakes, Caroline was whiter than she had ever been. Her face and her blouse top were covered with icing. The last cupcake soared and headed straight towards Caroline's face but the previous flying cupcakes had taught her to dodge faster. She escaped narrowly so the cupcake landed on the kitchen counter instead. "You are going to pay for this, Max!" She charged as fast as she could and caught Max before she could escape. Max was now her prisoner.

The barrage of tickles began. A loud boom of giggles and laughter erupted throughout the apartment and carried on with the tickle fight. It was not really a fight since Max was the clear underdog. Max couldn't think while she tried her best to fight and dodge the tickles coming, much less command her muscles to tickle Caroline.

"Hahahahahahaha…please stop now." Max begged. "Hihihihihi…hahahaha…it really hurts."

Caroline laughed. "Stop being a baby, Max!" The tickles continued mercilessly and Caroline enjoyed every second of it.

Max had created a tickle monster by admitting her weakness. It was now too late and she would never be able to live this night down. Finally, just when Max was about to surrender completely, the tickling stopped. Whoo, thank God for his mercy.

Caroline put her arms around Max and hugged her tightly. She guided Max towards her bed. The brand new red duvet that clothed the bed was fluffy and velvety. Max rolled over the bed and lay on her back. Caroline positioned herself on top of Max. Her hands pushed down on Max's, keeping them completely still. "I win!"

Max tried to free her arms but to no avail. "Yowza, you little tigress!" Max teased. "I totally did not see you as a dominatrix in bed." I actually like being under, for once. Who knew you could be wild and aggressive? Your angelic sweet face could have fooled anyone.

Max felt Caroline's soft palms caressing her face and smudging icing all over. Then, she felt a cold shiver gush through her body as Caroline's fingers took a leisurely stroll over her earlobes. Oooooooh. This feels so good. It tickled her, but in a satisfying way. She liked it. She didn't want the feeling to go away.

"Come on, Max. Tell me your wish. Pretty pretty please." Caroline put on a playful grin. "Or I will tickle you into submission."

You really won't back down, won't you? Do you really want to know? What if you don't like what you hear? I would never dream of hurting you. She gazed deeply into Caroline's blue eyes hoping that they would whisper the answers to her somehow.