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Harry's Story

It was half past seven and Harry was running late. He needed to get on the tube and go five stops to meet up with his friends. He remembered the bloke's name was Ron but he always had trouble pronouncing his fiancé's name.

Her...Mine..EEE. Hermione.

He had been friends with them for a year, but according to them, Harry thought, it had been over 14 years. Harry didn't know, rather he didn't remember that they had been friends since they were 11 years old.

Harry recollected his past year while sitting on the tube.


A year ago, he had woken up in a hospital, rather it was a strange hospital where he didn't know anyone and everyone had remembered his name. The pictures on the walls were moving and everyone had a look of pity in their eyes. They were all kind eyes, but Harry couldn't handle the pity. He needed to get out of there.

The red headed bloke, his fiancé and his sister seemed the kindest with the least look of sympathy in their eyes. They seemed to know him really well. When the redhead female made him coffee for the first time, Ginny her name is, it was perfect. She had told him that they dated and she knew everything about him.

"How did it end?" He had asked Ginny.

"It was complicated, it didn't end well." She had replied.

He didn't know the reason until her brother, Ron, had told Harry that they broke up because Harry fancied blokes.

"I am gay?" Harry asked.

Ron and his fiancé nodded.

"Do I have a boyfriend?"

"We don't know." Hermione replied. "You said you were dating someone but you wouldn't tell us who, and you said that on your one year anniversary you were going to introduce us. But..."

"But what?"

"The day of the accident, the day you woke up at St. Mungo's, was your anniversary and no one knows what happened to you or him." The Brown haired woman replied.

"So he could be out there?!" Harry said.

"Or, he could be dead." Ron answered.

Hermione elbowed Ron into his stomach "Ronald!" Harry always found her to be rather bossy. He wondered if he ever told his best friend that.

"Sorry mate." Ron said.


Today it was a year of the day he woke up at the strange 'magic' hospital, it would have been his two year anniversary with his missing, possibly dead, boyfriend.

All Harry remembered of his life was being a young child and living in a cupboard under the stairs the last thing he remembered was he was going to the zoo for Dudley's birthday. Then he woke up at this hospital, 25 years old, no recollection of his past 14 years and the Dursley's far gone.

Fourteen years of his life vanished, his friends had tried to tell him about his life, about Hogwarts, and it all sounded something out of a fantasy novel. He didn't believe them; he had come in and out of psychiatrists offices, the wizarding kind and the Muggle kind but nothing was helping.

His friends had finally decided to set him up in Muggle London with a flat and a regular job, they told him that he had inherited a lot of money from his parents' "trust fund" so he didn't need to worry about that.

It had been a year and still none of it got easier. Given Hermione had Muggle parents, she knew a lot about Muggle lifestyles and she was able to help Harry adjust and explain things to the Weasleys when they didn't understand.


Harry got off at his stop and exited the station, he found his friends waiting for him.

They went to a Thai Restaurant called Bamboo Garden. Hermione loved that place and told Harry that they used to eat there all the time. Harry of course, didn't remember but he enjoyed the food regardless.

The conversation wasn't much. Ron and Hermione mostly talked about their life, and asked Harry questions, he gave one word answers.

"Harry" Hermione finally said "I know it's been a tough year, but things will get better. I am still working on ways to get your memory back. I know that you think that it's been a year since you knew who you were and you lost someone you possibly loved, but it's also been a year where you were given another opportunity at life! You still have your friends, we have been here for a year for you and we'll be here for you no matter what, whether you remember us or not!"

Ron gave Harry a comforting smile "She's right you know. You can't be that bad if you dated my sister and then broke her heart and I am still happy to see you alive."

Harry laughed and Hermione glared at Ron for making another inappropriate comment.

"It's alright Hermione, I don't mind the joke. I see how you two work." Harry said.

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked.

"Well, since it's been a year and all, I guess I should be honest. When I first met you two, I mean you know, my new 'self' met you two, I thought you were rather bossy and wondered how Ron put up with you, but I see it, I've gotten to know you two, you balance each other out, you need each other. I wonder if that's what I had... I wonder if I'll find 'it' again."
The mood at the table got glum again.

"Of course you will!" Ron said.

"Yes, he's out there, and I bet he's looking for you too!" Hermione added.


The evening was coming to an end. The three friends left the Thai Restaurant and began to walk towards the station to see Harry off.

"Are you going to come by this weekend?" Ron asked, "It's Ginny's engagement party."

"I don't think I can, I've got a shift early Sunday morning." That was partially the truth. Harry was nervous being around wizards and witches. They would tell him stories about his own past and he could never handle it very well.

Harry had started working at a local Muggle coffee shop about 9 months ago when Hermione was helping him settle. He didn't want to live in the wizarding world, magic freaked him out. He was okay with watching his friends use it a little bit to show him something, to ease him into it. But otherwise it was becoming too much for him. He still wasn't comfortable being around over fifty wizards and witches in one gathering.

The coffee shop Harry worked at was owned by Hermione's Muggle cousin and he promised Hermione he'd keep an eye out for Harry. Harry really enjoyed the job, much to everyone's surprise; he loved getting up in the morning and serving coffee. He had made quite a few Muggle friends as well. Harry thought it was nice being around people who didn't know who he was, just as much as he didn't. They didn't have any pity in their eyes, just friendship awe. Hermione knew it had more to do with his new friends than serving coffee that made him happy.

"Are you sure? She'll be rather disappointed." Hermione asked.

"I know, tell her I am very sorry, but I promise, I'll be at the wedding. It's still six months away! Hopefully your remarkable talents would have produced a cure by then! At least for my anxiety if not my memory." Harry smiled.

The trio said their goodbyes and Ron and Hermione walked away. Harry could still hear them conversing, "At least he's trying," he heard Ron say before Harry entered the train station.


As soon as Harry entered the station, he heard the train coming. He made a run for it. He got to the doors a few seconds too late, the doors closed right in front of him, he saw his reflection on the glass window, it had been a year and he still didn't recognize this man, this older version of himself, he still wore similar glasses, and he still had the scar on his forehead.

Harry was staring at his reflection when the train began to move, he saw another man come and stand behind him. In the reflection, Harry saw a pale skin man with white blonde hair, their eyes met and the blonde smiled at Harry. Harry turned around immediately.

"Oh, sorry, I thought you were someone I know." Harry said to the blonde man.

"That's funny because I thought the same thing." The man replied.

The train had left the station and all the noise it was making had emptied out. There weren't many people left on the platform and to Harry it seemed there was no one else left in the world, it was just him and this mystery man. Harry was instantly attracted to him, if there was any doubt about him being gay, Harry thought, it had just left with this train.

"Hi, I am Harry." Harry couldn't help himself. He hoped he wasn't making a fool of himself.

The taller man smiled and met Harry's handshake with a firm grip, "I am Devon, Devon Morgan."


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