The Final Peace

Andromeda left the room to get Hermione as she asked Harry to stay and rest. Hermione came rushing in the Healer's room. "Harry, are you alright? How do you feel?"

"I feel fine, physically, although, my mind took quite the beating." Harry answered.

"Do you want to stay here or do you want me to take you back to your hotel room?" Hermione asked.

"Draco, I need to see Draco." Harry answered, not much to anyone's surprise.

"Hold on" replied Hermione and disapparated them.

Harry and Hermione apparated to Hermione and Ron's room first, Hermione didn't want to bother Draco in case he was sleeping. Harry thanked his friends and simply stated he just needed to sleep and he would see them in the morning and walked to his and Draco's room. He hadn't even finished the second knock when Draco opened the door and Harry collapsed on Draco. Draco feared the worst and realised that Harry was simply hugging him.

"How do you feel?"

"Tired." Harry ran his fingers through Draco's hair and smiled, "But I couldn't sleep without you tonight." Draco smiled in return, it's something Harry used to say when they were non-boyfriends, when Harry would show up late drunk at his flat and say the exact same thing. Draco took this as a sign that the memories were returning if not all there.

"Well come in then Potter, don't want to make a scene in the hallway." Another statement from the past that usually was retorted after the first one was spoken.

"I saw Snape tonight." Harry said while walking into his room and climbing in bed. He began to undress himself after he lay in bed.

"Yeah? Was that weird?" Draco asked.

"A bit, not sure why I thought of him and not my father to help me with the journey."

"Who else was there?"

"My mother and Sirius were there first, then they left soon before Sirius died, again. Then Snape showed up and he walked me through the rest. I watched him die again, with him next to me, that was…odd to say the least."

Draco didn't say anything just listened.

"What are you thinking?" Harry asked.

"Well, your mother was there because well she's your mother. I am sure if I was lost as a child, I'd want my mother too. Sirius was there because he's your mentor and Snape was mine. So, it makes sense. If my mother was on the other side, I am sure she'd shown up for you too." Draco answered.

"So you think I'd wanted Snape there because he was my portal to you?" Harry spoke yawning. "At least it's all falling together I suppose" Harry smiled and yawned again.

"Alright, off to bed. No more chatter." Draco commanded. He lay next to Harry and Harry pulled him in for an embrace then turning him to his side, Harry held Draco from behind and fell asleep. It was the first time Harry had spooned Draco in over a year.

"Take off your shirt Draco." Harry mumbled and Draco obeyed feeling Harry's skin on his back, Harry's hot breath on his neck as the two men fell asleep. Draco missed being comforted and his Harry had almost returned home.


Harry was tied against a chair and Alexander was holding him hostage as Draco lay on the floor bleeding. The lightning in the background didn't help; Harry felt lost and helpless, was Draco really dead? Harry woke up panting, sweating, screaming.

"Harry what's wrong?" Draco, alive and well next to Harry was comforting him.

"Oh, it was a nightmare! Oh thank Merlin; I thought I'd lost you again." Harry replied.

"What happened, tell me." Draco pulled Harry into an embrace as he sat up to comfort him.

"Alexander had escaped the Muggle prison, and he had his powers back and had killed you I think...and was torturing me." Harry buried his head in Draco's shoulder scared and crying.

"Shh... here it's okay. I am here and we are fine." Draco kissed the top of Harry's head while his hold on Harry became tighter. "I am not going anywhere, I've got you back, and you're safe with me."

Harry looked up searching for Draco's eyes in the dark "I've missed you. I was trapped and I couldn't do anything. I remember almost everything from the year I was lost without my memories, without you...I feel like I was there witnessing the whole thing just trapped unable to do anything, take action. That was my curse, my curse for the way I treated you before we were together, of how much pain I caused you. And you still chose to stay with me."

"There is no alternative." Draco whispered back.

"But, why?" Harry asked.

Draco smirked and quoted "…without knowing how, or when, or from where…because I do not know any other way of loving but this."

"You're really quoting Neruda?" Harry asked.

"Wow, you really did read a lot the year you were lost. Mythology and Poetry, I am impressed Potter."

Draco was glad they were changing the subject; he wanted to distract Harry from his nightmare and comfort him. He reached down to kiss Harry deeply on the lips, the kiss he hadn't expressed to Harry in a long, long time. Harry returned the sentiment just as deeply and passionately. Draco began to slide his tongue into Harry's mouth and Harry welcomed it. He realised that this was a different kiss, the kisses he'd felt over the past few months were different that the one he was getting from his Draco, the real Draco kissing the real Harry. Harry could feel how much Draco craved this kiss and he was happy to feed his hungry Dragon.

Draco lay back down on the bed and Harry climbed on top of him. Harry was holding himself up against Draco with his hands placed on the bed as Draco caressed every part of Harry's back he could reach. The kiss was slow and passionate as it lasted longer and longer since neither one wanted their lips to part from the others. Draco's hands stopped moving around Harry's back and grabbed onto his sides when Harry began to ride Draco's erection, pushing down his own elated state into Draco. Still the kiss held on strong.

Harry finally pulled apart and broke the kiss gasping for air and Draco whimpered. Harry moved his hands from pressing against the bed to removing Draco's trousers as he dove back in again on Draco's enchanting mouth. Draco mimicked Harry's moves removing the little clothing Harry had on. Harry parted from Draco's lips again and bit his jaw, eventually leaving a trail of kisses down his chest, stomach onto his erection. Draco moaned. Harry licked his lips and began to move his tongue around Draco's head and kept moving. His tongue reached under Draco to his entrance and Harry pushed his tongue in making Draco moan louder than before. Harry's head shot up and he whispered a "Shh!" accompanied with a laughter.

"Sorry, it's been a while, as you may be aware." Draco rose to look down on Harry and lay back in bed. His right hand traveling down running his fingers through Harry's hair, his left touching his face in complete awe of what was happening. It had been so long, he never thought he'd feel the pleasure of Harry's tongue ever again.

After a few more thrusts with his tongue, Harry trailed his tongue back onto Draco's erection and licked it again. He began to move his fingers in a circular motion around Draco's entrance and asked "Are you ready?"

Draco simply moaned unable to construct a coherent sentence. Harry's hands gently ran down Draco's sides and lifted him up for more exposure. Harry mumbled something and with the help of wandless magic conjured something cold against Draco's entrance that made him gasp. Harry began to push himself slowly in as Draco inhaled sharply at the penetration. Harry watched Draco for instruction as he nodded indicating he was ready for more. Harry slowly slid himself in and out eliciting small gasps from Draco until Harry finally pushed himself in all the way.

Harry didn't know how long they moved together but he felt himself close to the edge. He grabbed Draco's cock and began to thrust it matching his rhythm. It had been a while but he wanted to do his routine, making them come around the same time. Draco eventually tensed underneath him and came and Harry wasn't far off. Draco held onto Harry's head with his hands and pulled himself in for a kiss as Harry was still inside him. Harry began to move faster and faster failing to keep his groans at a low voice level, Harry finally came undone and moaned the answer to the question Draco had asked him not too long ago. "My sweet Draco." Harry collapsed on Draco, still inside him, his head sagging lifelessly on Draco's shoulder.

Harry pulled out, releasing Draco's legs and holding him tight through the stickiness and the residue of their passionate moments they had just spent together. "Does that answer your question?"

"My question?" Draco grinned.

"The thing I said the first time I came inside you." Harry answered.

"Yeah, the reason I kept coming back for more." Draco replied searching for his wand with his right hand on the side of the bed. Once he found it he cleaned up between the two so they could hold each other with ease again.

"When I said it the first time, all those years ago I didn't know why, it was a suppressed memory that recently surfaced." Harry spoke.

"I don't understand, Harry, what do you mean?" Draco asked confused towards Harry's statement.

"It's what Pansy used to say to you when she'd make know back at Hogwarts. 'My sweet Draco.' Wasn't it? I never told anyone about that, until I was reminded of that again." Harry said.

"What? How do you know about that?" Draco was more embarrassed than shocked.

Harry began to explain to Draco his particular memory that he encountered thanks to Andromeda. "I never told anyone that when we were younger, I used to watch you and Pansy or well, hear you and Pansy until you had stopped. I was jealous and I was curious. I never told you either. I started to see you as a sexual object long before I even came out as gay. That's why it took me forever to admit my feelings because I knew that deep down, I've only wanted you. I had said all of this to Alexander, when we were friends, told him my desire for you. Of course not the part with Pansy because well, that's really no one's business."

"I am sorry Harry, I am sorry that you trusted someone so much as a friend and he betrayed you in the worst possible way." Draco hugged Harry a bit tighter.

The two men fell asleep again holding each other. This time there were no nightmares. Harry dreamt that he was back at Hogwarts and instead of Pansy, it was him that was with Draco, the war, the struggles, none of that happened, they were just two you boys in love and discovering each other. The next morning, Harry wished that had been the truth.


Draco had told Harry, and Harry had believed him that Alexander hadn't changed. He had just put up an act in order to save his skin and was planning some sort of a scheme for his escape from Muggle prison. The next morning Harry let Draco sleep in as he sat at the table in their hotel room and wrote two letters.

His first letter to Alexander wasn't very long but quite to the point. Harry truly had changed. Even though he had his memories returned and remembered every form of betrayal Alexander had performed on him, he still had forgiven Alexander. In the end, he was with Draco and they were both protected under Andromeda's charm, no one, especially Alexander could hurt them again. Harry told Alexander that he never loved him, he always loved Draco. He was sorry that Alexander took his affection the wrong way but now he was paying the price for his crimes. Harry wished never to see Alexander ever again. He was going to ask the Ministry to post him under a spell that even if he ever came across Harry or Draco, Alexander would simply turn around and leave. His career at the Daily Prophet was also never to be resurrected.

Harry ended his letter with "I have forgiven you, but I cannot forget the pain you've caused me and the ones that I love. You have betrayed me my friend, I trusted you and you betrayed me the way Peter Pettigrew betrayed my parents, yet he was able to redeem himself in the end, I am afraid there is no redemption for you. I cannot get past this hurt and I wish never to see you again."

Harry wrote another letter to the Ministry where he explained how his memories had returned and he wished for a lighter sentence for Jacob Gray. Harry truly advocated for Jacob in his letter, portraying him as the victim and requested that the Ministry reconsider his sentence. It was the least he could do, Harry thought, he didn't want anyone else to suffer because of Alexander Roland's manipulative schemes.


A few weeks had passed and things were becoming normal and routine. Draco and Harry managed to combine their flats (Devon and amnesia Harry's flats as well) into one big house in London. Harry decided not to return to the Ministry and reapply for his Auror position. He tasted a bit of freedom as a coffee shop worker and decided to pursue it as a business career. He opened a chain of "Lily Cafes" around town and promoted his friend Susie as general manager in one of them. The year Harry lived as a Muggle he had spent a lot of time discovering his strengths and building relationships. He felt it in his core for this to be the right decision.

Draco fully supported him. Draco thought it was a great idea to start a new legacy together and he further brought in his expertise as a business owner to help Harry. Eventually Harry's businesses around town also became a tourist point for young wizards and witches from Hogwarts as they were all eager to see 'the boy who lived' multiple times. As an inside joke, especially for the wizarding tourists, Harry and Draco had named some of the coffee specials and pastries after Hogwarts current and former professors, the wizarding students found it to be incredibly entertaining however the Muggles always seemed to be lost as they didn't understand why a bitter dark coffee was called 'The Snape.'


As the cold began to set in, the spirit of Christmas was lifting everyone's mood. Draco and Harry spent Christmas Eve at the Thirsty Scholar inn, the now tradition, marking the celebration of their togetherness. They made a quick appearance at Luna's party but their passion and hunger for each other took the best of them, spending most of the night locked in their private quarters pleasuring each other until the morning. Draco and Harry could barely stay awake the next day when they visited the Weasleys for their annual Christmas dinner. Draco had invited Narcissa as well and she had happily accepted.

"Are you going to attend my wedding?" Ginny asked Narcissa, attempting to break the ice as everyone was on edge with two Malfoys in the house.

"Oh, I didn't know I was invited." Narcissa spoke softly.

"Of course you are, so is Draco, obviously. Sorry I never extended a formal invitation but please consider this to be one. It's next month and it would be amazing if you're going to be there with Harry!" Ginny responded.

The cheerful Christmas mood was interrupted when Arthur Weasley walked in the room and turned to Harry, "Harry, there's some news I need to tell you."

"What is it dad?" Ron asked.

"Let's all sit down." Arthur said and after most of the guests were seated he began, "I just received a message from the Ministry. Apparently Alexander Roland attempted to flee the Muggle prison by poisoning one of the guards. He started a fight with another guard and was struck down. This caused quite the chaos in the prison as many other prisoners attempted to escape and in the ambush many of the prisoners were hurt and Alexander was killed."

"Killed?" Harry asked astonished.

"Yes, unfortunately he attacked another guard who was shaken up by his partner's murder through Roland's hands and charged his gun at him. An uncivilised Muggle weapon however quite deadly. Worst than the killing curse, I am told. He died on the spot."

The grimness of the situation filled the air and no one spoke.

"I can't believe it." Draco said.

"It's my fault." Harry responded. "If I hadn't sent him that letter…"

"It's not your fault," Narcissa spoke before anyone else could. "We all know he wasn't exactly a stable individual. He was quite troubled Harry and we all tried to help him. It's not your fault. It's sad and quite tragic the way this has happened, but you are not to be blamed for this. Am I right?" Narcissa turned to Molly Weasley for support.

"Yes, of course." Molly responded. "You are not to be blamed, you tried to help him. He killed Muggles! Don't be too worried dear, it's unfortunate but it's not your fault." Molly hugged Harry attempting to comfort him.

Harry nodded, he may have believed them but he was still shocked by this news. "And, what about Jacob?"

"Ministry has considered your request and they feel that they will let him stay there for another month and reevaluate his situation." Arthur responded.

Harry nodded.

"Maybe we can all give Harry some space?" Draco asked turning to the group and the group dispersed. "Do you want to talk about it?" Draco asked Harry.

"No, just stay here. I just want to sit." Harry responded and Draco and Harry sat in the room quietly for a few minutes.

A short while after Harry was back to being normal. He was sad at what had happened but he knew he couldn't have helped Alexander more than what he had already done. He just hoped that Alexander had found peace now, wherever he was.


Ginny's wedding was quite the splendid affair. Narcissa had generously offered the Manor for the Weasleys to hold the wedding reception there. Although they didn't accept it at first, Narcissa insisted. She knew that if and when the news arrived to Lucius he would be maddened by it and it brought her peace. It was also the first time Andromeda and Narcissa saw each other in over ten years. Narcissa thanked her sister for helping Harry because in turn she really brought happiness to her son Draco. The sisters promised not to be apart from each other anymore especially since Narcissa had fallen madly in love with little Teddy Lupin.

The wedding celebration was magnified when Ginny had two surprises for her guests. First she announced that she was pregnant. Although Molly and Hermione were already aware of the news, they had now made it official at the wedding. Second, Ginny had invited Pansy and Blaise to the wedding reception as a surprise for Draco. Harry had mentioned to Ginny how Draco missed his friends and she found peace within herself to invite a few more Slytherins to her party.

Ginny in agreement with her husband asked Harry and Draco to be the godparents. They were having twins, Caleb Harry Weasley-Burns and Ethan Fred Weasley-Burns. Harry and Draco happily accepted. Draco was a bit worried as he thought that Ginny should have asked her brother and Hermione to be godparents to which she joked and said "I am a Weasley, we're going to have many children, they can be the godparents for the next set!" Everyone laughed at Ginny's joke; it truly was the happiest times of their life.


After the wedding Draco and Harry stayed at the Manor for the night as they were too tired and drunk to Apparate back to their home in Muggle London. Draco asked Harry "Was it weird to see Pansy?"

"Weird? Why would it be weird for me?" Harry asked. "She's your friend that you hadn't spoken to for over a year. I was wondering if you were doing alright with that."

"Yeah I was fine. Us Slytherins don't really do awkward." Draco laughed, "I meant after what you told me from your suppressed memory."

"Oh, that." Harry said. "It's fine. I just remind myself that you didn't really want her anyway and it was all a show. Plus, I have done far worse things in my sexual history to make a judgment on anyone." Harry laughed "I like to pretend that you were thinking about me when Pansy was doing that to you. I can only be glad that Pansy never turned on you the way Alexander turned on me."

"That is the truth." Draco said

"Which part?" Harry asked.

"I used to imagine it was your hands around me, giving me the release. Of course, I would never admit that, then or now, especially to Pansy. She would probably finish the job Roland couldn't or come back as a ghost to haunt us."

Both Draco and Harry shuddered at the thought of being haunted by Alexander's ghost.

"So, do you want a release?" Harry asked changing the subject to lighten the mood.

"I can't believe you still have to ask," Draco replied. "You know my cock is always twitching for your touch."

Harry gasped in disbelief.

"Okay, I might have had a bit too much Firewhiskey." Draco said snickering.

"Lucky for you, I am always ready." Harry replied falling to his knees preparing himself for another sleepless night with Draco, his sweet Draco.

The End

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