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"...And then I think he flew straight to get you and went to his room." Jonno stared at her for a while and she began to get worried. "Are... you okay?"
"That's pretty messed up, Erin. I mean... I get it, you were scared. But that could have got you killed."
"I know."
"And what about me? If Vlad had believed you, were you ever going to tell me?" Erin shot him a sideways glance, suddenly wary, but there was more hurt than anger in his expression.
"I don't know. I didn't know where you were. I probably would have had to, eventually... I just needed somewhere to stay while I worked out what to do."
"And have you... worked out what to do?"

The enormity of what was happening to her suddenly loomed up in her consciousness. She was going to have a baby, and it was going to need her and she would have to bring it up. She'd been so focused on keeping them both alive until she could give birth – another terrifying thought – that she hadn't really stopped to consider what all of this meant. She didn't even realise she was shaking her head, eyes fixed on a point on the carpet in front of her, until Jonno put an arm around her.
"Erin? Are you alright? It's okay, yeah? I'm not angry, well... maybe a bit annoyed but not angry, we can do this, alright?" She leant into him, resting her head on his shoulder, but she knew she was shaking and she couldn't stop thinking about it. A child, an actual human child, and it was going to depend – was already depending – on her.

"Jonno, go and put the kettle on, will you?"
"Mum! How long were you-"
"Not long. Long enough. The girl needs tea, and someone to talk to who knows a bit more about all of this than you do."

Erin hadn't even moved by the time Jonno came back in with a cup of tea, pressing it into her hands. She gripped it automatically, not really aware of the motion, and he was glad he'd selected one of the thicker mugs so her hands wouldn't burn. He passed another cup to his mother, and she thanked him with a pointed look at the door. He left reluctantly, but Mina heard him settle on the stairs, as he had when the Slayer's Guild had come to inform her of Eric's death all those years ago. Her boy had always been there when she needed him, and now it seemed he was just as reluctant to abandon Erin. Still, she thought it was time for a little woman-to-woman chat.

"Drink up, it'll help." Well, it seemed the girl was capable of following direct instructions, at any rate. "Now, what's got you in such a state?" Erin looked at her as if she was mad, but it was hard to feel patronised when there was so much fear in the expression.
"I'm scared." The guilty grimace that followed the admission reminded Mina that Erin had trained as a slayer, just as she and Jonno had. Fear wasn't helpful to them; showing it was discouraged. "I didn't really think... I'm supposed to know what to do now, aren't I?"

Mina hesitated for a moment before taking a sip of her tea and setting the mug down.
"When I found out I was expecting Jonno, I was terrified. It may sound silly, we'd been trying for a while, but when it actually happened, I didn't know what to think." Erin peered doubtfully at her over the rim of her mug.
"How did you deal with it?" Mina shrugged, smiling.
"I never really stopped being scared. You don't, you know. The challenges just keep changing. But I realised I was capable of doing it. You're stronger than your fear, Erin. And I'm sure whatever you do for this baby, it will be for the best." The girl sighed.
"I suppose having a whole family to back you up helped."
"I had Eric, if that's what you mean, and our parents. But you're not on your own either." Erin shook her head.
"My parents are dead and Ryan's a-"
"You've got Jonno and me. I can't promise we won't get things wrong, and I can't speak for Jonno with regards to him being a parent..." Her voice seemed a little strained at the thought of her little boy being a father, but she pressed on. "...but I'm not going to turn my back on my grandchild."

Erin stared at her; she hadn't thought about it like that. It seemed she had a family again after all.
"I didn't think... I never realised..."
"Well, you're daft." The women looked up to find Jonno had made his way back to the doorway. "'Course we're in this together."

Mina had left them to it, and now Jonno and Erin found themselves perched awkwardly at opposite ends of the sofa again. A few moments passed in tense silence before Erin spoke.
"Oh, I forgot to give your mum the chocolates- oh, never mind. I'll do it later." Jonno chuckled and she grinned at him, the moment thankfully broken. After a few moments, his face became serious again.
"You should probably know I don't have a clue what I'm doing, you know, with this whole thing." She shrugged.
"Neither do I. I suppose we'll have to work it out."

"Does your back hurt as much as mine does right now?" Jonno asked, and Erin winced.
"This isn't a comfortable way to kiss, is it?" She winced again as she finally admitted out loud what she was doing, fraternising with the enemy, taking advantage of Jonno's kindness, but he simply hauled himself to his feet, holding a hand out to help her do the same. She stepped automatically towards the door, assuming she was being dismissed, but he kept hold of her hand.
"It's got a quilt on it and everything." He was looking at the bed, grimacing as he belatedly realised how that could be interpreted. "I sound like a right perv. I just meant… it's comfy. To sit on." She shrugged, and perched on the edge of the bed next to him.

Before she really knew what was happening, they'd been lying there for hours, and her dress had ridden up, and her hands were underneath Jonno's shirt. She didn't want it to stop, and something in her movements as she kissed him seemed to alert Jonno to that fact. Maybe he just wanted the same thing. At any rate, he pulled back from her lips, a question clear in his eyes, and she nodded, swallowing hard. He pressed his face against her shoulder for a moment, taking a deep, steadying breath.
"I don't have a clue what I'm doing," he admitted, and she smiled hesitantly at him.
"Neither do I. We'll work it out." One thing led to another.