The Miscalculation of Sasuke Uchiha

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Summary: After Sasuke attacks the Kage Summit, he fights and kills the Hokage that was currently in charge, Danzo and nearly kills his team mate, Karin in the process while Danzo took her as a hostage. After that Sasuke had a run in with his former team, Team 7 from the village of Konoha and fights them. During the fight, Sasuke nearly goes blind since he has overused his Mangekyo Sharingan in his current fights and eventually retreats with Tobi, a member of an evil organization called the Akatuski, so that he can obtain the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan to gain his eye sight back. Since after obtaining the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke has finally decided to put his plan of revenge into action yet again and is planning to attack Konoha, but first Sasuke decides that he needs a new partner for his plans and eventually chooses Harley Quinn, an insane woman that is a very dangerous criminal in Gotham City.


Sasuke walked along a dark alley way, during the night and in an unfamiliar city to him thinking to himself, concentrating on the concrete ground beneath him as he walked.

'Now that I have Itachi's eyes, I'm ready to take down all of those who were responsible for making Itachi go through all of this and everyone else in Konoha!' He then made an aggravated grunt as he thought about how Itachi murdered his entire clan before his eyes and then finding out that it was the leaders of his former village, Konoha, which put Itachi up to destroying his clan.

"They will all pay!" Sasuke yelled as he walked further down the alley and approached a busy street where a bunch of cars whizzed by him. As he walked across the street, a thought popped into his mind. 'I should probably find another partner that I can use while I go through with my plans for revenge.' thought Sasuke. 'I guess I could look around here, though those certain people in this city all dress like freaks.' Sasuke then started walking again looking for one of the many super villains that ran around loose in this city, wreaking havoc on its citizens. As he walked across yet another street in the huge city, Sasuke saw someone gliding around the rooftops of the buildings, which looked like a giant bat.

"Hn, it looks like I've found one of them now." Sasuke said as he darted towards the bat-like person. The bat-like person then rounded a corner of the city, unaware that he was being tailed. But, as soon as Sasuke turned the corner after him, he found out that the bat-like person has completely vanished. Frustrated, Sasuke let out an aggravated grunt.

"Argh, where did he go now." Sasuke then looked around to see if the Bat-like person was around, and after a few minutes of looking around, Sasuke decided that this "Batman" has given him the slip and then let's out another aggravated sigh. Sasuke then continued to walk down the street that he turned down still hoping that the Batman was around.

'I guess I have to find someone else.' Sasuke thought to himself as he continued walking down the street lost in his thoughts again. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure down a nearby alley way was watching him curiously. As Sasuke continued walking, the figure leapt around, and followed him as he turned another street, and walked down another road unaware that he was being followed, or so the mysterious figure had thought. As Sasuke rounded another corner, he could feel a pair of eyes staring at him while he made his way down the street.

After a while, Sasuke made his way near an old and creepy looking building with the words "Arkham Asylum spelled out on the arch above the entrance way to the grounds of the building. Sasuke stared at the building curiously and still deep in thought.

'Maybe my new partner is in here.' Sasuke thought as he entered the grounds. While he started walking towards the grounds he still felt that someone was watching and following him. He then gave an annoyed grunt as he turned around , but no one was behind him. He waited for a little while before turning back to the asylum and decided to just ignore the person that was watching him. He figured that if they were going to attack him, they would have done it already, though he wished that it was someone from Konoha so that he could take out some of his frustrations on them. The figure was starting to slowly annoy him though, and when he had walked halfway up the long driveway that led to the asylum, he had had it. He turned around quickly with an annoyed expression on his face.

"Who's there?!" Sasuke yelled into the dark night sky. "I know that you're there and that you have been following me for a while now." Sasuke then glared into the darkness as a young, blonde woman started cart wheeling out of her hiding place and started giggling.

"So ya noticed that I was following ya all along, huh?" the blonde woman asked him. The blonde than cart wheeled over to Sasuke and stopped right in front of him, giving him a goofy grin. "You're good, you must be in training with B-man or something." Sasuke stared at her with an emotionless expression.

"Just who are you? And how is B-man?" Sasuke asked getting annoyed by the blonde girl that was standing in front of him. She kind of reminded him of Naruto a little, Sasuke thought to himself.

"I'm Harley Quinn, Nice to meet ya!" the blonde woman yelled happily. "B-man is my nickname for Batman, this guy that dresses like a big bat and is always foiling Mister J's plans. What's your name?"

'So that guy was probably Batman.' Sasuke thought to himself, then he got another idea. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke said with an annoyed look on his face. "Can you tell me where I can find this Batman? "

"Sorry, no can do, I have no idea where he is or how to contact him, the only way I know how is to commit some big crime, and then he catches me and throws me into this dump again." Harley said with her smile fading into a frown, then suddenly she made an evil grin. "Why did ya want to know where B-man was? Are ya gonna join him? Wait, are ya a villain or one of his annoying bird bratty kids that he has as sidekicks? " Harley asked as she rambled on.

Sasuke, getting annoyed by her questions put his hands over his ears. "ENOUGH, SHUT UP!" Sasuke screamed after a while, which startled Harley and she stopped rambling immediately. "I wanted to know who he was so that he could join me and help me take revenge on certain people, I don't know if I'm a villain or not, nor do I care, all I care is about avenging my clan's death!" Sasuke yelled while Harley stared at him, shocked from his outburst for a few minutes, until she recovered. Then she spoke.

"B-B-man won't take revenge on anyone, he's not like that. He wouldn't even kill his worst enemy." Harley stuttered. Sasuke then frowned and became aggravated and sighed again.

"Great." Sasuke sighed. He started walking towards the asylum again, but Harley cart wheeled in front of him again and Sasuke stopped. "What do you want now?" Sasuke asked, starting to get annoyed again.

"Maybe I can help ya, ya know?" Harley replied. "I've been around Mister J a lot to know how it feels to want revenge, So can I please help ya? Please, Please, PLEASE?!"

Sasuke sighed again and thought this over. After a while Harley's smile faded into a frown and was about to turn and walk away, before Sasuke replied, "Fine, you can help me. Just don't get in my way."

"YAY!" Harley screamed. "This is gonna be so much fun!" Harley than started doing a victory dance and Sasuke thought to himself, 'What have I just gotten myself into?!"

This idea has been in my head for a while now, so I decided to write a fanfic where Sasuke and Harley meet and team up with each other. R&R please to tell me what ya think of the story so far?