Chapter 3

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It was now midday out as the duo continued walking, on their way to Konoha. Harley started to slow down a bit.

"Can we stop for a bit, my feet hurt?!" Harley whined.

"No!" Sasuke said stopping to turn to glare at her. "The sooner we get there, then the sooner you can rest."

"Aw, ya take the fun out of complaining!" Harley replied back only to receive a glare from Sasuke and became silent.

"We're nearly there." Sasuke said and Harley gave a large grin when she heard that.

"Yay!" Harley yelled at the top of her lungs which made Sasuke put his hands over his ears and shook his head.

'She is one crazy person.' Sasuke thought to himself as soon as Harley stopped dancing around. The two then continued walking towards the woods that were nearby. Unknown to them, an odd looking black car was tailing them, being careful to keep its distance. Inside Batman was watching the both of them through his binoculars and contemplating his strategies to stop both Sasuke and Harley. He watched the both of them enter into the thick forest, then decided to drive the Batmobile near the forest, then parked it and leapt out of the vehicle and used his batrope to scale onto the trees.

The two continued walking through the forest, which was becoming thicker the further in they went. As they continued to walk further, Harley started humming a tune, which annoyed Sasuke. After a few minutes Sasuke yelled out in an annoyed voice.

"Harley, shut up!" Sasuke said looking annoyed at her.

"Aw ya don't like my humming?" Harley asked frowning.

"It's annoying." Sasuke said in a monotone voice.

"Why are ya so serious all the time? Ya need some humor in yer life." Harley said still frowning. Sasuke then glared at her. "Forget I asked." Harley said as they continued walking. While they were walking, Batman was suddenly following them, being careful to keep his distance. As soon as the two made it to the deepest part of the woods, Batman decided that it was his chance to attack them.

As Sasuke and Harley were walking along the forest path, Sasuke sensed that someone was following them. He stopped and turned around and narrowed his eyes, looking at something. This made Harley stop too, and she looked at him confused.

"What is it?" she said looking around, puzzled by what Sasuke what doing. Sasuke said nothing as he continued to look onwards. He then suddenly opened up his ninja pack and threw a kunai knife at the place he was staring at. As the kunai was being thrown, the trees rustled a bit as something moved to dodge the kunai knife. The figure then suddenly popped out from the trees, but was still covered by the shadows of the trees.

"I know that you're there." Sasuke said. "You can come out now where we can see you." Batman then walked out of the shadows and Sasuke's eyes narrowed more. "It's you." Sasuke said glaring at Batman.

"Hey there B-man!" Harley said while she flipped over towards Sasuke. "Ya found us out quite fast."

"This is as far as you both go." Batman said getting into a fighting stance.

"Don't get in my way." Sasuke said glaring as his eyes turned crimson red and got into his own fighting stance. Harley got ready as well to help Sasuke any way she can.

The fight started out with Batman throwing a batarang or two, which both Sasuke and Harley easily dodged. Sasuke took out a few of his own shuriken and threw them towards Batman, but Batman dodged those easily as well. Batman then went in to attack with a few punches, but Sasuke also dodged those easily, and then smirked.

"You'll never be able to hit me that way." Sasuke said as he reached back for his katana and pulled it out. Sasuke then swung the sword as Batman who just barely dodged the blade and threw out some smoke pellets from his utility belt, and smoke shot out from the pellets surrounding Sasuke, making him cough and making it harder for him to see. Harley then tried attacking Batman, but her dodged and blocked her kicks easily. He then pushed her away and into one of the surrounding trees, where she fell down almost unconscious.

While still coughing in the smoke, Sasuke opened his sharingan eyes and jumped straight up away from the smoke onto one of the surrounding trees. "That wasn't smart to get in my way." Sasuke said as he glared at Batman, and then performed a bunch of hand seals. "Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" Sasuke yelled as he blew out a bunch of small fireballs out of his mouth which collided right into Batman while Batman screamed in pain.

"What-what in the world was that?" Batman grunted in pain as he barely got up clutching one of his arms in pain.

"That was my phoenix flower jutsu." Sasuke said. "And now I will show you a most terrifying technique that will drive you insane for getting in my way." Sasuke replied smirking then laughed evilly. He then closed his eyes, then opened his left eye revealing a new design in his left eye.

"What is that?" Batman asked looking at the eye trying to figure out what will happen next.

"You will find out soon, when you experience the tsukuyomi." Sasuke said as his eye caught Batman's eyes. Soon after that Batman felt himself leaves the forest and into a crimson space. Sasuke then appeared right in front of him as he looked around curiously. "Where are we." Batman asked glaring at the raven haired teen.

"We are in an illusion that I only can control." Sasuke said as he started to look through Batman's mind for any memories that he could use to torture him. He found one of his parents' deaths and he brought the illusion to life right in front of them. "So what do you think?" Sasuke asked as he replayed the illusion over and over again. Batman gave him an angry look as he watched the illusion of his parents dying again and again, right before his eyes.

"How are you doing this?" Batman asked.

"I can control everything this world and bring out your most tragic moments from your life, and don't worry; I couldn't care less about your secret identity." Sasuke said as he smirked as Batman glared at him.

"You'll pay for that." Batman said as he went to go punch Sasuke, but Sasuke dodged it easily and in less than a second, Batman found himself tied to a tree.

"Hn you won't be able to hurt me hair, I've told you already that I can control everything here." Sasuke said glaring at Batman. "You'll be forced to watch this illusion for three whole days with the illusion getting worse and worse each time it plays over." Sasuke said and laughed maniacally. Batman gave Sasuke a glare. "Let it begin, now!" Sasuke said as he started making the image more violent and horrible than it was before.

After watching the illusion for the three days, Sasuke decided that that was enough torture for the Batman.

"So how do you feel?" Sasuke said laughing as Batman gave him a terrified, blank look. Sasuke then smirked, please with the response that he got from the Batman. Batman then felt himself leave the illusion and found himself on his knees back in the forest, just outside of Gotham.

"W-what just happened?" Batman asked confused.

"While it felt like three days passed by in the illusion, it was only a second that passed by here." Sasuke said glaring at Batman. "And now it's time to finish you off." Sasuke said while smirking. He performed a series of hand seals and a ball of electricity formed in his hand. "Chidori!" Sasuke said.

"Wait! I wanna finish him off!" Harley yelled as she ran at Batman and pulled out her giant mallet and swung it at Batman just as Sasuke was about to hit Batman with his chidori. Batman somehow found the strength to dodge both the mallet and chidori attacks. The mallet missed Batman, but slammed into Sasuke's head, knocking him out and his chidori made contact with the ground, creating a huge crater from the impact. "Oops, sorry!" she said as she turned red and ran over towards the unconscious Sasuke.

Batman then took this time while Harley was distracted with the unconscious Sasuke, to escape, but struggled to do so. He eventually made it back to the Batmobile and somehow managed to drive off back to the Batcave without getting killed.

After a while of trying to wake Sasuke up, Harley finally got him awake as she threw a bucket of water at his face. Sasuke then woke up, holding his head.

"Ugh, what just happened?" Sasuke asked, looking around. "Where's the Batman?" He asked around looking annoyed.

"I um accidently hit ya with my mallet and he took that time to escape." Harley said looking embarrassed.

'So that's what happened.' Sasuke thought to himself as he looked at her, angry and annoyed. "You let him go?" Sasuke asked in an annoyed tone. "You idiot! I had him! Why did you interfere?!" Sasuke yelled at her.

"I-I um w-wanted to finish him off myself since he caused a lot of trouble in my life." Harley said terrified. "I-I'm sorry Mister S." She said as she backed slowly away from him.

After a few minutes, Sasuke just sighed, still a bit aggravated. "It's fine." Sasuke said. "Just don't let it happen again, or I will kill you too." Harley just gulped in fear.

"D-Don't worry, sir, I-I won't do it again." Harley said still stuttering. The two then walked further into the forest on their way towards Konoha.

After a few days of walking, the two have almost made their way to their destination, Konoha. As the two were walking through the forest, Harley started humming again. Sasuke gave her an annoyed look but said nothing. As the two continued to walk, Sasuke stopped and motioned his hand to make Harley stop humming.

"What is it Mister S?" Harley asked curious onto why Sasuke looked so serious.

"Shh, someone is nearby." Sasuke said. They both snuck through the trees as quietly as they could. Finally after a while, they saw two figures walking in the distance. The human had brunette and spiky hair while the second figure was a huge, white colored dog. The dog then stopped and growled.

"Do you hear something boy?" the brunette kid asked his dog.

Meanwhile back in their hiding place in the forest, Sasuke smirked evilly.

"Hn, it's Kiba." Sasuke said to Harley. "He was one of my ex-classmates at the ninja academy at Konoha."

"So are ya gonna kill him?" Harley asked with a wide grin. Sasuke just gave her a funny look.

"Of course I'm going to kill him!" Sasuke said. "Are you ready to help me?" Sasuke asked.

"Yer gonna let me help?" Harley asked surprised.

"Well I need someone to separate him from his dog." Sasuke said. "His dog is used for half of his attacks and strategies."

"Alright Mister S, I'll do my best this time!" Harley said as she saluted him. Sasuke then shook his head, almost smiling for the first time since Harley could ever remember while being with him.

"Let's go." Sasuke said as they leapt through the forest, towards Kiba and his dog.

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