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The second time they were caught was in the roof garden of Stark Tower. Not the most practical of places to do what they were doing, but Tony Stark was certainly not known for his modesty.

Bruce groaned from deep inside him, there may have been a hint of the Other Guy in there, too, but it was mostly just Bruce. "Jesus, Tony, don't stop… fuck,"

Tony licked up Bruce's neck from behind; nipping at his skin just under his jaw, then proceeded to plant gentle kisses along his shoulders.

New York always looked exceptionally gorgeous in the evening as the sun went down and the skyline lit up. The combination of that and being fucked against a wall in the open air by Tony Stark pretty much made Bruce the most envied person out there.

"I'm so close, ohhh," Bruce gasped as Tony pulled out of him abruptly. When he turned around, he was greeted by the unwelcome sight of a flustered Steve Rogers.

"I uh… Dinner's ready downstairs… It was Clint's turn to cook—"

"Barton can cook?" Tony interrupted him.

"So, y'know, just come on down when you're… ready?" Steve quickly turned away and fled down the stairs.

Tony ran a hand through his already dishevelled hair, he fixed his clothes and shot an amused glance at Bruce, who had already made himself look presentable.

"We probably shouldn't do this where people can walk in on us, Tony." Bruce sighed.

"Well, it's my tower—"

"And they live here—"

"I have a right to fuck my boyfriend wherever I want in my own home!"

"Boyfriend?" Bruce smiled lightly at the term. He had no idea Tony was really interested in him past the point of carefree sex, so really, he was pretty shocked.

"Yes! Oh, wait," Tony cleared his throat, "Dr. Banner, would you do me the honour of being my boyfriend?"

Bruce didn't even have to think, he already knew the answer and had for quite a while, "Mr. Stark, the pleasure would be all mine!"

"Damn right it will!" Tony pulled Bruce in by the waist and planted a soft kiss against his lips, nipping lightly as he pulled away.

"I'm actually pretty hungry; maybe we should go and see what kind of mess Clint's put together?" Bruce tangled his fingers with Tony's and led him down the stairs. All eyes were on them when they casually strolled hand-in-hand into the dining room. Everyone knew they were a thing, now, but neither of them could care less.