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Stumbling and huffing, two figures made their way through the moonless night in Konoha.
Hiding in the shadows, sneaking around anyone who might still be out and about at this hour, they weaved their way through town until they finally disappeared into an apartment.

Letting out a sigh of relief, the blond dragged the person he was carrying into the center of his living room and laid him on the ground. So far, so good.
Groaning, he stretched his back and heard his spine pop multiple times. For such a small guy his load sure was heavy... Taking the time to once again study the person he'd so hurriedly brought into his home, the blond squatted down and frowned quietly.

A round face with sickly pale skin framed by blood red hair and closed eyes surrounded by black. With eyes like this, he would probably resemble a Panda... were it not for the fact, that half of his body was enveloped in a mass that seemed to be sand - which would quite honestly explain how heavy this guy was.
It had a firm grip on the right side of his head, formed animalistic features and a pointed ear. So no Panda. Together with the blue and black markings, he resembled more of a raccoon than a panda, so that was how he would call him for now.
Following the mass down the raccoon's neck, the dangerously huge claw on his right arm, down the right side of his torso before it - luckily - enveloped most of the teen's hip and switched to his left leg, forming a mighty talon. At the end of his spine, the sand had built an additional tail: At least as long as the raccoon was tall and surpassing his slim form in width at its widest point. In form and markings, it only added to the resemblance of a raccoon.
Aside from the sandy mass enveloping his rather fragile looking frame, the raccoon was naked.

Frown deepening, the blond took notice how the human skin was covered in scratches and slashes, but nothing too serious. For someone who'd been followed by multiple pursuers of unknown identity, he still looked quite dandy - if you decided to overlook how sickly pale and questionably thin he was.
All right, maybe he didn't look so dandy.

While getting up to get warm water and a soft towel, the blond called his... finding of the raccoon back to mind.

He'd been just outside the gate of Konoha, training by a waterfall he liked to visit sometimes, when he took notice of rustling foliage. Rushing footsteps - many footsteps - closing in at a rapid pace. He didn't have time to think of what he was supposed to be doing, when the first one already broke through the leaves into his clearing and crashed right into the blond, effectively knocking him over while somehow still remaining on its feet.
The raccoon had jumped back in bewilderment, growling menacingly, but it's knees gave out under him as soon as its feet touched the ground again. Hissing in obvious surprise and anger, the raccoon collapsed and was out like a light when his head hit the ground.
Without even thinking about it, the blond heaved the raccoon up and hurried into a cave hidden behind the waterfall, quickly retreating deeper into the maze of tunnels just in case a stray pursuer found their way in.
As soon as night set in, he'd started the straining task of getting the heavy guy to safety.

He didn't think twice when he acted.
There were no second thoughts, ifs or but's: He only saw a frightened and wounded creature being chased through the forest and did what he could to help. It was instinct, really.

And now?
Now he had him here, so he should take responsibility over his actions and take care of the raccoon.

While reminiscing their encounter, he'd finished cleaning and bandaging the wounds on arms legs and torso and went on to the minor scratches on the raccoons face, when his eyes suddenly shot open and a deep, threatening growl left his throat.
Teal and gold.
A golden eye with a four-armed star as a pupil, glared at the blond from the animalistic side of the raccoon. The eyeball in itself was black, highlighting the astonishing golden color.
Its human twin was less surreal, but still surprisingly unique and glaring at him heatedly. A pale turquoise, its pupil barely seen in its blueish-green sea.

Not easily disheartened, the blond grinned at the raccoon, carelessly continuing his his task of cleaning the last wounds of the stranger.
"We could shrug them off, but KAMI! You're heavy!" A cheerful laugh bubbled from the blond and made the raccoon halt in his growling. "Next time we have to run from some weirdos you're gonna carry me, believe it!"

The redhead quietly regarded his savior with measuring eyes, face blank of emotion. Only his eyes narrowed untrustingly, when the blond brushed the unruly locks from the raccoon's forehead and revealed a scar; still an angry red despite its clearly healed state.
Intrigued, the blond brushed more hair out of the way, to completely reveal a scar forming the kanji of ai - love.
He would've loved to learn more about the scar, but the low growl once again emanating from the raccoon made him back off.

Instead the blond got up and stretched his stiff limbs, hearing them pop with satisfaction.
Then he smiled down at his guest.
"You think you can stand?" He kept his tone gentle, but Red only stared at him, face unmoving.
Doesn't seem like it.
"I'll take this as a no." He let out a quiet sigh. "Well, I'll be back in a sec. Just gonna put the water away and get you a blanked, 'k?"
He didn't get an answer, but the raccoon followed him with his eyes when he left the room. Pouring the dirty water away, washing his hands and then looking for a warm blanket, Naruto began to ponder.
What if red was mute? He could be sick, his throat could hurt... He could also be scared, for all he knew. Thinking back on the blank stare Red had given him, he silently shook his head. Or he could just be the silent type of person.
Maybe he just didn't want to talk? It could be the lacking trust towards the blonde, but who could blame him?
Surely, the last thing he remembered was being chased through the forest, before he woke up in an unfamiliar place with a stranger in his face...

His thoughts stopped in track, when he re-entered his living room and saw the raccoon in a slightly different position.

He'd leaned forward; his shoulders hunched and lifted his monstrous claw up to eye-level. His tail was now curled around his midriff and he'd pulled his naked foot a little towards himself.
Slowly opening and closing his claw once, twice, it started to crumble.
Sand drizzled onto the ground and the animalistic features melted away, only leaving the frail human body. The blond blushed when the sand began to expose his chest and hurriedly threw the blanket over the raccoon, before he was completely exposed.

The boy pulled the blanket absentmindedly closer around himself, while his savior skeptically regarded the sandy mess Red was sitting in.
"You made a sandpit out of my home, believe it!", he chuckled goodheartedly, but the raccoon-boy only send him another blank stare, before leaning back against the wall and closing his eyes.
Gasping and leaning slightly forward in wonder, his host watched in amazement how the sand began to shift and move from where the raccoon sat to a corner of the room, where it formed a gourd of sorts and rested calmly against the wall. The blond whistled approvingly.
"Wow... wish I could clean the rest of my house that easily, believe it!"
Red only regarded him with another one of his blank stares, but the blond didn't let this dampen his mood. Instead, he grinned widely and shifted his feet, pointing the thump of one hand towards himself while the other hand was stemmed on his hip, striking a pose.
"Name's Naruto, by the way! And you're..?"

The raccoon was eyeing him silently for a long moment, but when Naruto didn't budge, he answered, very quietly: "...Gaara."
Immediately perking up, Naruto send him a beaming smile.
"Great, Gaara! Are you hungry? I'm starving! I'm gonna make us some ramen, just wait a sec, will ya?"

He dashed into the kitchen and began to boil some water.
Damn, he was excited!
Raccoon-boy Gaara had trusted him enough to talk to him! Sure, it was just a bit, but it was a start!
Psh, everyone had to start out small. He just needed a little time to warm up and then they could talk and surely get friends! YESH! What a start into the week!