Fun and Games

The doctor gazed down at his dozing wife. Her wild honey coloured curls danced across the indigo grass, her eyes closed against the warmth of the three white suns that were orbiting the little planet. The gentle humming of the Tardis filled the air, and she could feel those beautiful old eyes watching her.

"You're staring sweetie." She said with out opening her eyes, the corners of her mouth curling up into a little smile. The doctor looked down suddenly and folded his arms across his chest. She could practically feel him squirming in his little tweed jacket. Oh how she loved to make him squirm.

"Yeah, well…" He mumbled. River chuckled. Secretly she loved it when he stared at her. She could feel his old eyes drinking in every curve, every curl, and every perfect line on her face. And she adored it. He lay down besides her, suddenly made comfortable again in the radiant presence of his wife.

"One is allowed to stare at one's wife." He said matter-of-factly, making her chuckle again, that deep, throaty chuckle that made him shiver. God the woman could flirt without even realising it! "Especially," he added, "when one's wife is a beautiful flirtatious psychopath." She laughed opening her sparkling green eyes, only to have them flutter shut again as he planted a soft kiss on her velvety lips. River's arms automatically wound themselves around him, pulling him closer in an attempt to remove all unwanted space between them. And then the butt of her gun jammed into his hip. He jerked back and scowled down at her like a petulant child.

"Really River?" he exclaimed. "We come to a planet inhabited solely by Peace Brokers and you still feel the need to bring a gun?" She smiled at his irritation and lay back against the grass, closing her eyes once more.

"Psychopath remember." She grinned. "You can never be to careful sweetie." A mischievous smile tugged at the corners of the doctor's mouth and, slowly, he slid the gun from its holster. River snatched at his hand and he leapt back, jumping to his feet, grinning like a school boy who had been caught setting up a prank for an on coming teacher. She pushed her self up onto her elbows and fixed him with her 'You're in trouble mister' stare.

"Give it back." She said sternly. But he continued to grin stupidly at her.

"Make me." He dared her.

"You asked for it space boy." She laughed springing to her feet. He bounded off in the direction of a small lake at the end of their little meadow and River tore after him.

When he reached the waters edge he spun around to face his wife, grinning and holding her gun aloft like a trophy, ready to propel it into the violet water. She halted just a few meters away from him, grinning just as madly as he.

"Don't you dare." She warned him. He wheeled around and catapulted the gun into the air and it they both watched as it plunged into the water with a little splash.

"I'm going to kill you." She growled. She lunged at him and sent them both crashing to the ground screaming with laughter. He rolled her over and pinned her giggling to the ground.

"Just you wait." She growled, "I swear I'll…" He kissed her, stopping her mid sentence and a little moan of pleasure replaced her threats as a shiver of delight swept down her spine.

"I hate you." She murmured when he pulled back.

"No you don't." and he kissed her again, silencing her, his wife, his mad, beautiful, insane wife. And she loved every minuet of it.