This just popped in my head. So I was like, 'What the hell,' and typed this up, deciding to use a new format also.

Disclaimer: I do not usually write disclaimers, because it's quite obvious that I do not own Teen Titans. But I shall do it this once. Therefore I, TheDarkQueenOfRandomness, do not own Teen Titans, Survivor, or anything that anyone may use against me in a court of law. Got it?


Welcome to Let's Not Die! I'm your host, Sammy.

We're on this random island that far from civilization... Well I'm not but the contestants are.

The game is to basically try not to die and vote each other off. The last one standing wins a million bucks!

Oh, but they'll just starve a little and ya know, almost die, before we send them on the shame plane.

Let's meet the 12 contestants!


{Camera centers on dude mask and serious expression}

[Waves his gloved hand]

"Hi, I'm Robin..."

[Looks around]

"Are you working with Slade?"

[Jumps out his booster seat]

"No seriously?! Did he invite us on the island so he can kill us?!

[Kicks the camera]

{Sorry for technical difficulties}

Umm... Robin is a little... No comment.

Let's pray that Speedy is a little more sane.

{Shifts to face of masked dude}

[Combs hair and uses camera lens as a mirror]

[Camera girl clears throat]

"Give me a second babe."

[Camera girl mutters] "You people don't pay me enough"

Speedy, why do you think you qualify for this show?

[Looks at Sammy like she's crazy]

"I'm freaking hot. Of course I belong on TV."

Don't you know that you're going to have to live off the resources of the island?

[Leans it to camera]

"Not only am I hot, I'm manly. I shoot arrows... like a real man."

[Combs hair again]

Do you know I'll have to take away your comb?


"Why?! How the f*** am I supposed to stay sexy?! HUH? DO YOU EXPECT ME TO CARVE SOME F***ING WOOD INTO A F***ING COMB?!"

{Sorry for technical difficulties}

What an ego... Let's move on to Beast Boy!

{Shifts to scrawny green guy}

[Chuckles nervously]

"My name is Beast Boy, I am originally from a little village in southwest Africa, so I know hard work... Um, I can shift into animals, so I may have an advantage."

Oh... Okay. Do you think you can win this?

[Looks uncomfortable]


So you have low self-esteem?

[Looks bewildered]

"Dude, I didn't say that! I'm a little shy... but no."

{Screen goes back to Sammy}

Okay! Let's met Cyborg!

{Shifts to metal man}

[Nods] 'Sup Sammy."

Tell me a little about yourself.

[Rubs chin]

"Well I'm mostly made of medal, I'm from Jump City... I'm advanced in mechanics and engineering. I like cars."

What makes you think you'll win?

[Looks at Sammy like she's speaking gibberish]

"Didn't I just say I'm advanced in mechanics and engineering? I can build a car using twigs and water."
Good skills... Would you make any alliances?

[Looks confused]

"Well, I've never met the others... any girls?

Yeah. Six... Do you think you may start a relationship?

[Waves the question off]

"I have a girlfriend. She's really sweet, caring, intelligent, industrial, beau-

{Screen goes back to Sammy}

Well, is someone in love... I hate it.

Let's meet Hot Spot.

{Shifts to slouching, fiery guy}

[Looks bored]

"Salam aleikum."

Hello to you too. Now tell me a bit about yourself. Why are you here?

[Sighs heavily]

"My therapist suggested I do this. Says it's a good 'stress reliever'."

Okaaaay? Um, what's your power?

[Motions to himself]

"As you can see, I'm currently made of fire. What do ya think?"

Cool down.. hee hee.


"I hate those jokes."

Sorry. What makes you think you'll win?

[Sits up]

"I can do this:"

[Shoots flame at camera guys foot]

[Camera guy screams] "What the F-"

{Sorry for technical difficulties}

Um... Let's meet Kid Flash.

{Switches to guy with goofy mask}

"Hi! My name is Kid Flash and I'm from Keystone City. I thought it would super cool to meet new people. But I'm serious in winning. Did you know I can run fast?"

Now listen here: There are sensors around the island. The producers will know if you ran off and you will be disqualified.


"What if I'm hungry?"

Hunt! That's the point of 'Let's Not Die'.

[Looks annoyed]


So... How do you think you'll win?

[Perks up]

"Any hot chicks?"

Well, all the chicks are hot but I'm not sure what your tastes are... Hold up! I asked you a question!

[Rolls blue eyes]

"Alliances. By gaining the trust of others, that can lead to my win."

Smart boy.. Last question: Do you have any issues I should be notified about?

[Thinks for a while]

"I'm impatient."

That's great! Oh.. I'm sorry. Bye Kid Flash

{Screen goes back to Sammy}

So there's your guys!

Is the winner among them?

Maybe Obsessed Robin, Pretty Boy Speedy, Under-confident Beast Boy, Lovestruck Cyborg, Psychotic Hot Spot, or Hungered Kid Flash?

Or it could be the girls...

Stay tuned!