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Hey guys! Well today I'm pretty sure people are gonna get hurt! The creature destroyed the cabin, but the workers have gone and his in a cold cave! Now, the contestants are doing horrible!

Sammy smiles.

Well, let's see them crazy teens!

{Cut to underground shelter}

Robin takes a deep breath. "We gotta fight it..."

"We've been in here for a week..." Kid Flash groans, tired of being the one to get them food.

"It stinks in here!" Jinx frowns.

Bee cries. "I-I can't take it no more!"

Beast Boy bit his lip. "I can probably morph into another creature and try to talk to it..."

Hot Spot nods. "Whatever! All I know is that I'm going bat s*** crazy!"

Starfire shivers. "Let us sing before we die..."

Bee whimpers. "Gimme your, gimme your.. Gimme your attention baby."

"I gotta tell you a little something about yourself..." Kid weakly adds on.

"Your wonderful, flawless, oh you a sexy lady!" Beast boy sings, feeling it.

"But you walk about around here like you wanna be someone else!" Bee and Kid Flash sing again.

"Ohh whoa oh oh!" Everyone else chimes in, only knowing those parts.

Hot Spot frowns. "F*** this."

Jinx punches him.

"Skip to the chorus!" Robin yells.

"Treasure! That is what you are! Darling you're my golden star! You know you could make my wish come true! If you let me treasure you! If you let me Treasure you- ou- ooooouuu!"

They finish at that, Beast Boy still going.

"Shut up, Beast Boy!" Everyone yells.

They hear roaring.

{Cut to Sammy}

That was random... Oh they're crazy... Heehee, well this is about to go dooooown.

{Cut to them}

"I wish to die!" Star exclaims, resting on Robin.

"I hope you do, bitch." Bee mumbles.

"Let's go!" Robin pushes Star and crawls out by stepping on others.

Beast Boy was next, morphing into a snake and slithering out.

Kid grins and speeds out.

The rest look at each other.

Bee sobs. "Ah s**t...

She climbs out, Jinx pushing her by her butt. Jinx soon follows, poking her head through.

"Don't be p***ies."

Hot Spot snorted. "Never." And he was out.

Only Star was in there.

"I am an alien warrior... I will live.. I am practically in invincible... X'hal." She crawls out.

"Let's go to a cave." Beast Boy suggests. "So we can it will it hunts. But we can't kill it."

Jinx looks at him. "Sure..."

And they walk.

{Cut to workers}

"Why can't any of us fly?" Kole asks, shivering.

"I don't know, chica... Lamb here should possess the creature and take up home."

"No." Herald answers for him. "The creature will them be where ever Jer leaves it. Plus it may not go well for him to possess it. And don't say I could send it to dimension X. That thing is HUGE!"

Aqualad is holding onto Jericho.

"Well we gotta get away. I'm gonna try and escape without you guys.. But there's some weird creatures in the water around here."

Pantha grabs him by hair. "You DAMN WELL ARE NOT!"

Herald snaps his fingers. "I got it!"

"What, Trumpet Guy who can't seem to get us outta here?" Pantha asks bitterly, releasing Aqualad's hair.

Herald smirks. "We use those contestants... They can fly."

"This sounds stupid..." Kole is being a skeptic.

He rolls his eyes. "Okay, so how about we trick them into giving us lifts when they run away, and they will... Run away."

Pantha frowns. "Who's gonna give me a lift?"

Herald nods. "The alien... Can ya dig it?"

Aqualad smiles. "Yes! Dude all they have to do is drop me somewhere far from here and I'll know my way back!"

Jericho throws up a peace sign and nods.

Kole shrugs. "Well... I call Beast Boy!"

Pantha shakes her head. "Beast Boy can hold a lot of people if he morphs into like... A prehistoric bird."

Aqualad grins. "Even better..."

Herald smirks. "So you guys dig it?"

"We dig it!"

Jericho pumps a fist.

"You know I find you just a bit more attractive." Pantha comments.

He holds his hands up. "Whoa there."

She opens her mouth but Kid Flash suddenly there.

"Heya! We need you help."

Herald grins.

{Cut to teens waiting in front of a huge cage}

Bee is shaking with terror.

"I'm too pretty to die.."

"I feel the same way." Beast Boy agrees. "About myself."

Hot Spot folds his arms. "Do we have to?"

"You could've stayed." Jinx points out.

"I'm not dying by myself. I'd rather watch you guys die and then die." He says, freaking the rest out.

"... We just want to put a rest to this!" Robin shouts.


"Sure..." Star says, stretching.

Kid Flash is back with Kole on his back.

"Who's that again?" Jinx asks, eyeing Kole.

Kole hops off and turns to crystal.

"Wow... Glass. How awesome." Hot Spot says sarcastically.

The other workers soon joined.

"We're here to help!" Pantha yells.

Aqualad nods timidly. "Yeah.."

"Is Jericho gonna possess it and take it down?!" Bee asks hopefully.

Herald answers for him. "He doesn't... Can't possess large things aka non Humans and non house pets."

Jericho punches him in the arm playfully.

"Damn bruh. You aren't that weak." Herald chuckles.

Starfire stares at Herald. "What do you have to offer?"

"You can't lull the thing to sleep." Robin adds.

A large roaring is heard overhead.

They look up and see it A 50ft tall creature with gooey gray skin, 18 pure crimson eyes, and razor sharp teeth flying towards them.

"MOVE OUT THE WAY!" Kid Flash shouts.

They all run into the bushes.

The creature sits and looks at each of their spots.

"Now!" Robin shouts.

All gives it what they got. From Star's power bolts to Jericho's lifting the heavy Kole and trying to hit it. From everything in Robin's belt to Herald blowing his horn in its ear. From Bee's stingers to Pantha's claw. From Aqualad pelting it with ice to Beast Boy's failed attempts to morph into it. From Kid Flash's running around it to Hot Spot's fire streams. From Jinx's hexes to them giving it their all.

For about 10 minutes before they all stand before it, waiting for it to fall.

It doesn't fall. It doesn't move a bit.

The creature just stares at them.

They all stand still, barely breathing.

It still stares at them.

"Get the f*** off my island." The creature deadpans in a British accent.

They all scream til their throats burned.

Pantha fainted eventually.


He lets Jinx hop in his back and they fly away.

Starfire grabs Pantha with one hand and Aqualad and Robin with the other. She's gonna drop Aqualad a while off.

"F*** YOU ALL!" Hot Spot shouts flying away in a ball of fire. Eh they would have died flying with him.

Bumblebee grabs Kole and flies up.

Beast Boy morphs into a pterodactyl, letting Herald and Jericho hop on.

The creature watches them flee.


{Cut to Sammy}
Omigosh... The end of my career as a TV host... Gosh.

She tears up.

WELL, the last episode of Let's Not Die...

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