Ok guys i am going to start writing about kickin it Kim and Jack. I will be using cute scene from the show that happen between jack and Kim and progressing it more. I hope you like it IDEAS ARE APPRECIATE. I Will be starting it from the scene (A Slip Down Memory Lane!) before he fell

"Hey ah jack" i made you something to wear for when you break the record. Kim says

Oh sorta like a luck a good luck bracelet. jack says with a smile

Aaa.. yeah, but its also more of a.. . Kim says

A friendship bracelet. jack says curiously

Aaaa, yeah. Kim says as she scared to say what it really is

"Great its finally official were friends" Jack says

"Jack you know i think of us as more just..." Kim says

"More then just what"Jack says

"Uhmm i dont know its just a dumb bracelet", i gotta go. Kim says as she runs out the dojo

"Kim, come on wait a second". jack says sweetly as he runs after Kim

For those who don't know who is reading he falls on some board looking sticks and hits his head and forgets his memory. Everyone in the dojo try to get him to remember them and the dojo and that he is really good at karate. Rudy,Kim,Jerry,Eddie and Milton try to tell him about themselves, to jog his memory but they all start to talk at the same time, he runs out and goes to farlafel Phils and his friends find him and they talk about how they stick together they are the" Wasabai Warriors". Then the man from the brick breaking competition(world record)shows up and jack says from everything he heard about them that they never give up and he is not about to start now. Jack gets up on stage and looks at Kim who is smiling at him and he remembers everything and breaks the bricks and won the record for most brick breaking at anyone under 15. Everybody happy he wins and he gets in the book of world records and Rudy suggest they all go to phils to celebrate. Rudy,Jerry,Eddie,Milton, Jone,and Bobby. Kim says to jack and they dont go in phils yet

Jack you did it, how do you feel. Kim says

I feel great."jack is back". he says as he laughs with a big smile on his face

We've missed you. Kim says with a big smile on her face

Hey, I've got one question. Kim says

Jacks nods

"Do you remember anything, i had said right before you fell and hit your head" Kim says anxious to find out

(Jack thinks then replies) no,no i don't why. jack says with a smile

No reason (giggles) ill see you over at phils. Kim says as she leaves

Now when Kim leaves Jack reaches into his pocket and looks at the bracelet she gave him before he fell and puts it on smiles so he remembered.

At Farlafel Phils

so.., jack that was cool how you broke all those bricks. Eddie says

Thanks Eddie its all in the wrist. jack says with a smile

"I still cant believe my dojo's name, is going to be in the book of world records". Rudy says in excitement

Hello what about me. jack says

You contributed some what i think, whats your name again. Rudy says

(Jack rolls his eyes)

there food gets to there table and they eat it and then go to the dojo

well guys i got to get going, major test to study for. kim says

later girl. Jerry says

Bye Kim. Milton says

Later says

Bye. Rudy says

Ill Walk you home, i'm going home anyway. Jack says

OK sure. Kim says

Jack says bye to everyone and he walks with Kim.

Thanks for walking with me. Kim says sweetly

I thought its the least i can do, since you got me this. Jack says(shows her the bracelet on his arm)

You remember i gave you that bracelet. Kim says curiously

Yea, i found it in my pocket, Thank you. Jack says

So..., you still don't remember anything i said after i gave you the bracelet. Kim says

No; If it was so important,do mind reminding me? Jack says


You what Kim, just tell me. jack says sweetly