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Timmy had just arrived home from a very tiring day at school; letting out a frustrated grumble as he dragged himself up to his front door. He could still hear a ringing in his ears from Mr. Crockers's constant yelling about FAIRY GODPARENTS!, and his butt was still a little sore from the atomic wedgie Francis had so generously given him.

Timmy swung open the front door and walked into the house, shutting the door behind him. Not bothering to see if his parents were home, he marched straight up to his room, tossed his backpack onto his already messy floor, and crashed down on his bed face first with a small 'thump'.

"This was the worst day ever!" He ranted to himself. "Cosmo and Wanda said they would be gone the entire day, and no matter how many times I asked, they wouldn't tell me why!" He let out a frustrated sigh and buried himself under his covers and grumbled.

Just then, Timmy heard two "poofs", signalling Cosmo and Wanda's return. As the buck-toothed boy was just about to jump out and greet his fairy godparents, he stopped himself short as he heard someone let out a shaky sigh, and a few soft sniffs. It sounded like.. someone was crying.

Well, Timmy knew it obviously had to be Cosmo or Wanda, but what would have possibly made them this sad in the first place? Not wanting his godparents to know that he was actually in the room, Timmy remained as still and quiet as he could. Pulling down the bedcovers just enough so that he could see what was going on.

He was surprised to find Wanda leaning up against Cosmo with her head buried in his shoulder while Cosmo's arm was wrapped around her waist and behind her head, comforting her. Timmy couldn't get a good look at Wanda's face, since she was facing away from him, but he could see her shoulders shake every once in awhile. Cosmo's usually happy and goofy smile was replaced with a sad frown as he stared endearingly at his wife.

"Come on, Wanda. We don't want Timmy to see us sad. And I don't think He would want us to be sad either." Cosmo said while trying to wipe away Wanda's tears with a sock he poofed up. It was a clean one. Don't worry.

'He? Who's He?' Timmy wondered as he watched Wanda accept the sock gratefully and soak up her tears.

"You're right, Cosmo. He wouldn't be happy seeing us like this.. but I can't help it. I still miss him so, so much. We don't even know if he's alive, Cosmo! I just wished there was some way we could see him. At least to know if he's alright, or if he's really.. gone." Wanda couldn't help but burst into tears just thinking about it. Cosmo could do nothing but hug his wife tighter.

Timmy was practically shaking under his covers at this point, and could no longer hold in the nagging feeling he had inside him. He was a mischievous and curious ten-year-old boy and he needed to know. what. was. up.

Timmy slowly sat upright on his bed and let the covers roll off him. "Who are you guys talking about?" Timmy asked somewhat politely, knowing that this was obviously a very touchy subject.

Cosmo and Wanda spun their heads to stare at Timmy. Their eyes widened with surprise.

"Timmy! We didn't know you were back from school! How was your day, Hun?" Wanda gave a forced smile, then quickly turned away to furiously wipe at her tears.

"Aw come on Wanda! I heard you guys talking! Who is this He you guys were talking about, and why are you both so sad? I want to know what's going on!" Timmy pressed on, ignoring Wanda's question.

Wanda and Cosmo gave each other uncertain looks, mentally discussing what they should do. Shockingly, it was Cosmo who broke the silence.

"Wanda.. Timmy's going to find out eventually anyway, and I don't see anything wrong with telling him."

Wanda let out a sigh. "You're right Cosmo." She answered, before turning to face Timmy. She and Cosmo few down and sat themselves on the bed next to Timmy who was eager to hear their answer.

"Well, you see Timmy. Tomorrow's the anniversary." Wanda spoke gently.

"Anniversary? What anniversary?" The boy asked.

"It's the anniversary of the day our son vanished." Cosmo answered with a sad frown on his face. Wanda had began tearing again and gripped onto Cosmo's shirt.

Timmy's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. "Wait a second.. you guys have a son?! Why didn't you ever tell me about him?"

"Like Cosmo said, Timmy, he vanished. It's a very painful memory to us and we don't like mentioning it often."

"But what happened to him?" Timmy asked curiously. "Why did he vanish?"

This time it was Cosmo who spoke up. "About ten years ago the anti-fairies caused a lot of trouble in Fairy World. They came of nowhere and started poofing people to different parts of the planet for no reason."

Wanda placed her hand on Cosmo's before continuing where Cosmo left off. "In the end, they really weren't that big of a problem. Jordan and the fairy police were able to catch them all and put them back in jail, and the fairies that were sent to earth eventually found their way back to Fairy World. But…but our son, Danny.. didn't. He couldn't. He was only five years old then, and he didn't have any fairy powers. Cosmo and I looked for him for years. But by now.. we've lost hope. We can only pray that he's alive out there somewhere and maybe someday, hopefully, we can meet him again."

"Wow.." Timmy said, still in shock over the information his godparents just shared with him. "I- I had no idea… I'm mean- I'm sorry that happened to you guys…But, but wait a second. You said he didn't have any fairy powers?" Timmy furrowed his brows in confusion. "Why is that? Don't all fairies have magical powers? I've been to Fairy World plenty of times and see lots of fairy babies there, and they have powers."

"Actually, there are a few powerless fairies in the Fairy World, though they're really rare." Wanda explained. "No one treats them any differently. If anything, all the other fairies respect them. And eventually when they're older, they can even choose where they want to live. Be it Fairy world, or Earth."

Timmy raised an eyebrow at something Wanda had said. "The other fairies respect them though? Why's that?"

"Well, Magic is useless against powerless fairies. That means that if you wished for something to happen to a powerless fairy, or use any other magic spells to directly affect a powerless fairy, it wouldn't work. But, if say someone poofed up something like an anvil and dropped it on a powerless fairy's head, it would leave a pretty nasty bump. Buttt.. let's say you wished for that fairy to be turned into.. a chicken; or try to hit it with a magic blast, then it would have no affect." Wanda finished.

"And don't you think that's pretty cool, Timmy?! He's like.. invincible to certain kinds of magic! Like a fairy Superman!" Cosmo smiled. Thinking about how awesome his son would have been always puts him in a good mood. Wanda smiled as well, knowing exactly what Cosmo was thinking.

"That does sound awesome!" Timmy shouted in delight. "I sure wished I could have met him."

Subconsciously, both Cosmo and Wanda reached from their wands and granted Timmy's wish without a second thought. Instead of the usual twinkle and soft light the wand gave off when it was used, this time the wand's glowed a bright, white light that enveloped Timmy's entire room.

The trio yelped in surprised as a black and white portal swirled into existence before their eyes and sucked them inside. Wherever they were going, they sure hoped there wasn't going to be any trouble.

This was just an idea that came to me, after I couldn't stop thinking about how similar Cosmo and Danny were. I'm not sure if a fanfic like this has been done before and if it does exist I assure you, I didn't know anything about it! Actually, if there is a fanfic like that, send me the link! I'd be happy to read it! xD

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