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"So let me get this straight, those fairies were your fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, who grant you wishes and stuff because you have neglectful parents and a demonic babysitter who makes your life miserable; and those dark blue fairies were evil-opposite versions of normal fairies, also known as anti-fairies, that go around and bring bad luck; and to get revenge on you they've fairy-napped Cosmo and Wanda and are trying to get rid of you?"

"Yep, that's pretty much everything." The pink-clothed boy answered.

The ghost boy shook his head. "And I thought my life was confusing."

Timmy chuckled. "Well, no one is supposed to know about the existence of fairies except for their god child, but since you're not exactly human, I didn't think Da Rulez would apply to you."

Danny let out a nervous laugh. "Sureeeee. Totally not human." At least not completely human, he thought to himself. No need for Timmy to find that out.

"So... are we nearly there?" Danny asked, scanning the ground below.

"Yup! It's that one over there." Timmy pointed at a white-painted town house with a red roof just a few houses ahead of them.

Danny slowed down his flight and descended, turning him and Timmy intangible and phased through the ceiling in the boy's room. Timmy searched for the button under his bed. And eventually felt the round edge under his fingertips. He pushed it down and immediately a hissing sound could be heard before the closet door burst open revealing a rocket inside, white smoke rising from the engine pipes. It wasn't a big rocket, but looked just enough to fit the both of them inside.

Timmy walked enthusiastically towards the rocket while Danny paused and looked it over in fascination. 'It looks exactly like a miniature version of the Endeavour* space shuttle, just blue in colour and decorated with yellow stars!'

"Uhh... Phantom, you okay?" Timmy asked, voice laced with curiously and mild worry.

Danny shook himself out of his stupor. "I'm fine! It's just... this rocket is awesome! I've always wanted to be an astronaut you know? But I don't this one would take us to space, would it?"

Timmy shook his head. "Nope! This rocket is a one-way trip to Fairy World! How about this though, after we kick some anti-fairy butt and save Cosmo and Wanda, I'll wish them to take us to space for real! I've even been there a few times myself already!"

Danny's facial expression flickered from shock to pure joy. "That would be awesome! Thanks Timmy!"

Timmy smiled, happy to know that he could now repay his hero in some way after all of this. What's another trip to space anyway? Maybe he could even introduce Phantom to Mark Chang.

Timmy and Danny got in the rocket, and strapped themselves in. Timmy pressed down the red 'Launch' button and timer started counting down from 10. Danny fidgeted in his seat with delight and a big grin on his face. 'I feel like an astronaut!' he thought happily.

Once it reached 0, the engine of the rocket powered to full blast with fire and smoke gushing from the pipes, lifting them off the ground and into the sky.

"So... this is Fairy World? A lot brighter and fun-themed than the ghost zone I can tell you that. "

Timmy eyes shone with curiosity. "There's a ghost zone?! Awesome! I definitely know where I'm wishing to next!"

Danny shook his head. "That may not be such a good idea. Take it from me; it's pretty dangerous in there.

Timmy made a 'pfft' sound and waved it off. "That's alright. I get into lots of stupid and dangerous situations all the time!"

"Kid, that isn't exactly a good thing..." Danny murmured. "But anyways, forget about that for now, where do you think we should start looking first?"

Timmy took a moment to scan their surroundings. They were in what looked like a housing area with houses of varying shapes, sizes and colours. There was even one that was upside down and another one with a rainbow slide circulating around the house.

"It doesn't look like there's anyone around here or in town." Timmy answered, looking far off into the empty town nearby. "I say we should head to the Fairy prison first. Since that's where they kept the anti-fairies in the first place."

Danny nodded in agreement. "Good idea, Timmy."

The ghost boy lifted Timmy into the air and flew straight to the prison. Timmy decided not to question Phantom on how he knew exactly where the prison was, this being his first time in Fairy World after all, but thought that maybe it was some ghostly energy thing and he could somehow sense fairy magic? Maybe he would ask about it later. The duo flew quickly and landed just outside the prison doors which were hanging off its hinges. They crept inside and travelled to the back walls, where there saw the large magic barrier that was used to imprison the Anti-Fairies. However, there weren't any Anti-Fairies in there this time, but fairy godparents! About every fairy Timmy knew was in there! He even saw Cosmo's mom!

Timmy scanned the mass of Fairies until he finally found the two he was looking for. "Cosmo! Wanda!" Timmy shouted, running up to the barrier.

'Timmy, what are you doing here?!" Wanda yelled in worry. "You've gotta run quick! What if anti-Cosmo and anti-Wanda come back?"

"Don't worry! Phantom is with me!" Timmy turned to his hero and motioned him to do something.

Danny decided to wave awkwardly. "Uhh... Hi?" he greeted to the imprisoned fairies. "Looks like we've found them. As well as everyone else in fairy world. So, how do we get this open?"

"There's a lock on the door." Wanda answered, pointing to the door that was locked with a humongous key hole that is about the size of a small car. "You're gonna need a key."

"A reallllly big key." Cosmo added in.

"You mean like that one on the wall?" Phantom pointed. True enough, there it was, a sparkling golden 3-pin key, hanging innocently on a hook just a few feet away.

"Right. Well that's a pretty big key... so no way am I gonna be able to carry that." Timmy glanced at the ghost boy. "Phantom, do you think you could..?"

Phantom smiled. "Sure thing kid."

Danny removed the key from the wall with ease, Thank you ghostly strength! , and carried it over his head, slotting it into the keyhole.

"Aaaarrrhhhhhh!" Danny let out a yell of pain as his whole body was shocked. Green sparks sizzling over his body.

"Phantom!" Timmy yelled as he ran towards Danny and helped pull his arms away from the key. The ghost boy fell unconscious. Timmy started to freak out but still had enough sense to check for a pulse. After a few seconds, the pink-clothed boy let out a sigh. The heartbeat was indeed abnormally slow, but it was there nonetheless.

The Fairies behind the barrier watched the whole thing with worry. The teen may have been a ghost, but at least he had tried to help them. Suddenly, evil laughter filled the prison. There were two poofs of smoke, which revealed Anti-Cosmo and Wanda, still laughing at the whole event.

"Well, well, well, Timothy. Surely you didn't think we wouldn't plan something to be rid of you and the ghost?" Anti-Cosmo smirked. "So happen, we managed to steal some device from some idiot ghost hunters and attached it to the lock. Now there is no way for you to save your pathetic fairies!"

Anti-Cosmo laughed again, thrusting his arms in the air as a sign of victory. "Hey Cosmo, what ye think we gonna do with dem brats?" Anti-Wanda asked.

"Indeed! What should we do?" he put his hand on his chin in thought. "For now, let's throw them both in a jail cell till we can find a more suitable… punishment for little Timothy."

Timmy couldn't help but squeak in fear and instinctively hunched over Danny when he saw Anti-Cosmo raise his wand. He closed his eyes, and heard a 'poof' sound. When he opened them again, the boy realized they had indeed been transported into a jail cell. Three of the walls were solid stone while the other, which held the door, was steel bars. He noticed that they all glowed a mysterious green colour. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda must have gotten anti-ghost material to prevent Phantom from using his ghost powers to go through the wall, he guessed.

Timmy stood up and began pacing the room. What were they gonna do now? With the ghost proof walls they really needed to find some other way to escape. Timmy heard a groan and turned over to look at Phantom and suddenly, a single white ring burst into life around the ghost boy's waist.

Timmy panicked for a second, thinking that the ring must have been an aftershock of the anti-ghost device from earlier. But if so, why wasn't Phantom in pain? Timmy watched as the ring split into two and travelled up and down Phantom's body. After the rings reached their end, no longer was there Danny Phantom, Hero of Amity Park. What was left was a human boy with black hair, a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

"No. Freaking. Way." Timmy stared, jaw dropped. "Phantom is... a human?!" The boy fell onto his bum in shock; the locket Wanda had given him earlier slipped out his pocket and slid across the floor, stopping just in front of the human teen's face. Mysteriously, the locket clicked open, displaying the picture of Wanda, Cosmo and Danny… and if possible, Timmy's eyes grew even bigger than they were before.

"And now not even a human... but a FAIRY?! Well, a magic-less fairy... but still! How can all this be real?!" Timmy shouted. Thankfully Danny was still out cold. "And if he really is Wanda and Cosmo's son Danny, then how did he become a ghost? Did he actually die? But that doesn't explain how he's a human now!" Timmy gripped his head in pain. "Ow! I don't think I've ever used my brain that much in my whole life!"

The buck-toothed boy took a huge breath, held it until his face went purple, and then let it out. "Okay.. So I've found Danny. When he gets up, I guess I have to tell him about Cosmo and Wanda. But first..." Timmy crossed his fingers and cracked them. "How am I gonna wake him up?"