"Rory!? Rory I'm home!" Amy cried out as she came through the door. Rory ran down the stairs as she called out, having already seen her approaching the house from the window.

"Hello dear, still getting use to the 1900's?" He asked. Amy didn't respond. It had been a few weeks since the angel had taken them back in time, and it had been hard at first; but they had each other. That was what mattered the most.

"Oh, uh, a letter showed up on the doorstep while you were away. It's addressed to you." He said nervously, picking up a white envelope from the hall table. Amy took it, curious as to who was sending her a letter when she hardly knew anyone here. On the lip in the back had her name in neat handwriting, but no senders name could be seen. Carefully, she opened the envelope and pulled out the light blue piece of paper. In blue ink was written:

October 13, 2012.

Amy and Rory;

I know what happened and I am so, so sorry that this happened. But the main thing is that you have each other right?

Anyway, I won't be able to talk to you face to face, but it's important I get this to you. If my sources are correct, Captain Jack Harkness will currently be residing in London. He can help you get the necessary forged documents and anything else you might need to make this new life of yours a bit easier. Remember Jack? When you first met him, apparently he already knew who you two were, he just had to bite his tongue. I never realized that until now, he hid it well.

Only this time, the roles are reversed. This time, you two will know who he is, but he won't know who you are so you're gonna have to try hard and not reveal anything important. When he asks who sent you, tell him a good friend sent you.

Just so you know, I've been traveling with the Doctor; just so he's not alone. I can't completely fill that hole that's there now and I understand that. Don't make that think I'm blaming you for all of it, I know you wouldn't have chosen it if you did have that choice. Anyway, he tries to keep it together for me, to put on a brave face. But… I hear him at night crying when he thinks I'm asleep, it breaks my heart knowing I can't do anything about it. Know this though, take comfort in the fact that so many miss you. I can't travel with him forever, and neither can River, but we try to help him as best we can. (I mean the other day he tried to throw a book of mine into a supernova, just because it was about the TARDIS. Which might I add, is what happened to the TARDIS manual, he threw it into a supernova. Getting back to MY book, suffice to say: I won.) We try, but sometimes trying just doesn't seem to cut it.

I'm sorry I can't help you directly, but this is what I CAN do.

Live a long and happy life together, and good luck.

P.S, tell Jack I say hi, and that you are friends of the Doctor. That will help.

Amy smiled at the signature she saw at the bottom of the page, both true name and alias. Rory saw this and wandered over to his wife.

"What is it, what did it say?" He asked. Amy passed him the page, and after a moment; he too was smiling.

"It's from Bree." Amy said wistfully.