Phantom POV

I had a plan. Well, it was really more of a "what if…" but I called it a plan. I was going to kiss Bella Swan.

I knew she liked me. I never caught her looking, but others did. I'd heard for ages how she stared at me but was too shy to speak up. Well, I'd take care of that. The party was the perfect place to catch her unaware and let her know I felt the same way.

The only thing I didn't count was on her sexy little outfit. I planned her to have her begging me by the end of the night, but the little bows on her thigh-high socks turned the game around. Didn't matter. After one kiss, she'd be whimpering.

All I had to do was sneak inside Alice's stupid haunted maze and wait for Bella. The Day-Glo necklace she'd wrapped around her ankle gave her away. As soon as she stepped around the corner, I reached for her shoulders, dragged her close, and went straight for her lips.

The first time wasn't so successful. I forgot to take her stupidly high heels into account and ended up kissing her chin. The second kiss, though… Whoa. The second kiss was amazing—her warm, soft mouth against mine for at least half a second before she pushed me away with a shriek.

So, maybe kissing her in the dark without her permission wasn't the best plan, but I was pretty sure I'd do it again if I got the chance.


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