I let out a deep sigh of relief. "Excuse me for a second."

Edward looked highly reluctant, so I used my newly acquired kissing privileges to reassure him that I wouldn't be gone long. Feeling the sheer ecstasy of his lips on mine made it difficult to pull away.

"Just one second," he said softly. "Then I'm coming after you."

I practically sprinted to Alice's room to get my pajamas and take off my stupid heels and bonnet. If I never saw another pair of bloomers, it would be too soon. I didn't care that the party wasn't over, I didn't care that the house was still half full of people, and I really didn't care that Alice was going to pout when she saw I'd discarded Bo Peep.

Yoga pants never felt so good.

When I descended back into the kitchen, Edward looked up, and his face melted into a breathtaking smile. My stomach bubbled with giddiness, and I had to stop myself from running across the room and tackling him. I settled for casually approaching and leaning up against the counter where he sat.

"You changed out of your costume."

I looked down at my faded Forks High Phys. Ed. shirt and shrugged. "I didn't want to be Little Bo Peep anymore."

"But I liked that costume." He pouted, sticking out his full bottom lip. "I really, really liked it."

I stepped between his knees and reached up to put my hands on his shoulders. "I put on a new costume instead."

He snorted. "What are you? A high school student at a sleepover?"

"Nope. I'm Edward Cullen's girlfriend."

His answering smile was dazzling. My breath caught in my chest as he leaned forward and gave me a soft, sweet kiss.

"I changed my mind. I like this costume much more. You shouldn't ever take it off."


We hope you enjoyed our Halloween treat, though there were a few tricks in there, too. Thank you so much for reading along. We've had so much fun writing together and sharing with you. Until next time! -SK

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