Alright guys! Welcome to Chapter 9 of 'Complete'. A few things I want to make clear.

First is that Medical Ninjutsu is indeed a part of Yin. If you looked up the names of Kabuto's and Tsunade's most powerful Medical Ninjutsu, you'll see that all of them are named 'Yin Release' something. And in light of all these responses, I've decided that for now on, if there are certain things that are unclear like the idea of Medical Ninjutsu being Yin Release, I will elaborate on these notes using Author's Notes.

Second, I want to say that I am absolutely sure that Kishimoto is going to troll all of us to hell and will somehow cause me to change my story a little. But I'll do what I can.

Many have pointed out how I have dropped hints about how my Sasuke is stronger than Canon-Sasuke. So, I guess I should just come out and say that yes, indeed this Sasuke is stronger than canon-Sasuke. Sasuke will get VERY strong, but Naruto will get EVEN STRONGER.

As for how strong Naruto will be, let me just say this. The three strongest ninja to ever exist are Senju Hashirama, Uchiha Madara, and Namikaze Minato in that order. The reason why Minato is below both of them is because he lacked both a bloodline AND any other special abilities such as Sage Mode. If you consider Kurama's powers as a bloodline (which Yin Release and Yang Release basically is) and the fact that he will also be learning Sage Mode. Naruto will without a doubt reach the league of Hashirama and Madara. Will he surpass them? Well, you'll have to wait and see.

With that, enjoy the chapter!

When Hiruzen and Tobirama were informed of Naruto's new ability they were naturally shocked. Yin Release! The ability to materialize inanimate objects using only chakra and our own imagination. On top of that, Naruto found Yin Release did some amazing things to the Rasengan as well as his Shadow Clones. He found out that Yin Release Shadow Clones could no longer be dispelled with a simple hit. It appeared that they now required a debilitating, paralyzing, or fatal blow to be dispelled.

But that was nothing compared to what Yin Release did to the Rasengan. If you hit a tree with a normal Rasengan, it would grind into the tree leaving a hole in the tree's bark similar in size to the Rasengan that it collided with. The Yin Release Rasengan exploded on contact with the tree—taking the tree out completely, leaving no traces of bark left. It basically annihilated the tree. Needless to say, Naruto was absolutely giddy with anticipation of the day where he could master the Inton: Rasengan [Yin Release: Rasengan]. At the moment, Kurama's Yin Chakra was just too chaotic for him to do that particular Rasengan with just one hand. So he had to go back to using a Shadow Clone to create it. While Naruto didn't like the idea of using Shadow Clones to use the Inton: Rasengan—it would likely take up too much time on the battlefield—the sheer destructive power of the technique was simply too much to ignore.

To further his control of Yin Chakra, Naruto had been trying for weeks to create inanimate objects. It was much harder for Naruto to do than he previously thought. He found that smaller and precise objects were the hardest to create. His four-pronged metal star Shurikens actually came out with rounded edges…Not the best tools on the battlefield. Contrast to that, he found that larger and less imprecise objects with uniform shape were the easiest to create. He could easily create large round boulders.

Because Naruto was channeling so much of Kurama's Chakra when practicing Yin Release, Yamato became his major training supervisor for the first few weeks after discovering Yin Release. It was more of a safety precaution than anything. Hashirama—it appeared—couldn't escape the political aspects of being resurrected and was forced to assist Tobirama and Hiruzen in their political maneuvers after Danzo was exposed as a traitor to the Leaf. He hoped that he would be able to elevate his control over Yin Chakra enough that he could fulfill his plans to honor his mother. Kurama didn't like what Naruto had planned to honor his mother—with good reason. But even he acknowledged that her Chakra Chains were useful in battle and that when used correctly, deadly.

Today Naruto, Sasuke, Shino, and Shikamaru got their Chunin Flak Jackets and the Konoha 12 were throwing them a party at a local BBQ restaurant. Shikamaru took a nap on the table, while Shino and Sasuke didn't even bother touching their food. Naruto, on the other hand, was very much enjoying the BBQ Pork—free of charge of course. The remaining Genin were pretty reserved except for Choji who was chowing down the Pork and Kiba was chatting up everyone. So, it was the Inuzuka who started the conversation, "Yo, Naruto. What the hell happened to you? How'd you go from dead last to the strongest one of us here?"

"I've always had the potential to be great in me. It just took the Forest of Death for me to focus my potential," Naruto cryptically said.

"What potential?! You didn't show any when we were at the Academy together?"

Naruto thought it was perhaps time to tell his friends at least one of his secrets. "Tell me. When is my Birthday?"

"O-o-o-october 10th?" Hinata stuttered.

"Yes. Was there anything else big that happened on that date?"

At this, Shikamaru woke up from his nap. "I see…You're jailor of the Kyuubi aren't you?" he asked Naruto.

"What?! The Kyuubi?! I thought the Fourth Hokage killed it!" Sakura asked astonished at such a revelation.

"You can't kill a sentient and living mass of Chakra," Naruto simply stated. "I'm what's called a Jinchuriki."

"Jinchuriki…the power of human sacrifice?" Shikamaru asked. Naruto simply nodded. "Troublesome…I always knew you were different from everyone else and I'm assuming the Kyuubi's the reason why all the civilians rather ignore and glare at you right?"

"Ah…So you've noticed that as well haven't you?"

"Those glares were FAR too hateful for someone getting pranked. I realized a long time ago that there must have been better reason for those glares than pranking. But I was simply too lazy to find out the exact reason."

"Naruto…is that why you don't want to be Hokage anymore?" Sakura asked.

"You don't want to be the Hokage?!" Kiba asked. "You used to scream to everyone that you'd be Hokage."

Most of the Genin there looked at Naruto curiously. Hinata was saddened when she found out Naruto had given up on his dream because of the villagers of Konoha. She thought the scorn and indifference her father and clan elders were hurtful, but it was nothing compared to what Naruto had experienced.

Neji's thoughts were along the same lines. 'It seems Uzumaki was right on more than just my own hate. My status as a branch member doesn't even being to compare to his problems.'

Lee and Tenten were saddened by how they had ignored Naruto's suffering. "The treatment our civilians showed you was…most unyouthful…."

The other rookie Genin were ashamed of themselves for letting Naruto go through all that pain alone. And now, the village had caused him to give up his dream. Choji had even stopped eating.

"Yeah…I can't really see myself as Hokage anymore. Even if I've gained more respect from the village with my deeds this week, they still don't trust me. And even if the day where I gain their respect and admiration comes to pass, I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive the village enough to lead them."

Everyone could understand his decision, if it were them, they didn't know how'd they would turn out.

"So, if you don't want to be Hokage anymore…why are you training so hard? I heard that you're being trained by Jiraiya of the Sannin," Choji asked resuming eating.

"I want to make all those who care for me proud. I want them to know that their sacrifices for me weren't in vain. One day, I am going surpass both the Shodai and Yondaime Hokages and become the strongest ninja to ever walk the Elemental Nations," Naruto said with that glassy eyed, faraway look.

Even Sasuke had to raise his eyebrows at that one. "Strongest ninja to ever walk the Elemental Nations, huh? You really think the class dobe can reach that level of power?" There was a distinct lack of animosity in his words. There was actually a hint of curiosity.

Naruto actually threw his head back against his seat and let out a laugh, "No, teme. Not ifWhen…" Naruto smirked back at him.

"What?! When?! You can't be serious?! The Shodai and the Yondaime are the two strongest ninja to ever exist! You can't say 'when I surpass them'!" Kiba screamed.

To the Uchiha, it sounded like Naruto thought he was on his way to surpassing his father. And it sounded like there was definitely something Naruto was hiding from him…There was only one way to find out what he was hiding. "Fight me Naruto."

This immediately put everyone on edge. Sakura remembered how angry Sasuke used to be when he saw how powerful someone else was. Shikamaru and Shino were very unsure of how far the two Team Seven Chunin would go. These were two changed Shinobi. There was no telling what they were capable of. Everyone else was rather excited for the possibility of seeing the two strongest of their generation clash.

Naruto simply raised an eyebrow at Sasuke. The look was returned in kind by the Uchiha. "So, I assume you've picked up a thing or two from our one-eyed sensei and you want to test them out don't you?"

At Sasuke's nod, he continued. "And in the process, learn what I've been doing under the Shodai Hokage right?"

"Wait! What?! How come you get to learn from the Shodai Hokage?" Kiba screamed.

"I'm not really learning anything. The Shodai is simply helping me learn to control the Kyuubi's power. I don't really gain any special powers from the Kyuubi. All I'm really doing is augmenting my current powers. And besides I've only had 2 days with the guy. Sasuke's probably spent weeks on end training and learning under Kakashi-sensei," Naruto responded. "So how far are we going to go?"

"Fifteen minutes. No maiming. No killing."

The blonde nodded. "Shikamaru will be the referee. Let's go to training ground 7," he said getting up.

There was an unspoken agreement between the two that there would be no playing around. This was a serious match that was to showcase what they had learned—or in Naruto's case what he had improved—over the last few weeks. Naruto knew that Sasuke had taken his advice and started more advance Chakra control and taken steps to increase his speed, stamina, Chakra Capacity and endurance. He probably wanted to test his new physical abilities against his Shunpo.

Shikamaru stood between them as the rest of the Konoha 12 looked on from the sideline. "You have fifteen minutes. No maiming. No killing. If I think the match is getting out of hand, I'll stop it. Now, GO!"

Naruto disappeared in a flash. Sasuke immediately turned his Sharingan on. With the Sharingan, Sasuke could see the remnants of Naruto's Chakra. While he couldn't see exactly where the blonde would end up or do next, he could at the very least tell in what direction he would be attacking from. With that, he was able to block an incoming kick with his forearm. Although, blocking the kick hurt quite a bit since Naruto definitely hit harder than he did. Immediately, Naruto disappeared again and Sasuke went on the offensive. Seeing Naruto's Chakra trail lead away from him and towards a pack of trees, he gathered Lightning Chakra into his hands.

"Chidori Senbon: One Thousand Birds Senbon!" he said aiming at where he thought Naruto would return to view.

Naruto had apparently noticed Sasuke's counter because when he returned to view, he already had a Jutsu ready. "Futon: Shinkuha [Wind Release: Vacuum Wave]"

The Futon Jutsu easily discarded the Lightning charged Senbon racing its way toward the Uchiha. Using his training to the max, Sasuke was able to dodge the blast of wind. He was now definitely faster than Lee ever was.

"Hmm…a variation of the Chidori, huh? Not bad. I like it. And you're definitely faster than you were before, teme," Naruto commented from on top a tree branch.

"You haven't seen anything yet dobe," Sasuke grunted.

"I should hope not," the blonde replied. Five hand seals later, "Futon: Daitoppa [Wind Release: Great Breakthrough]!"

Sasuke smirked. 'Let's see if I've got this down,' he thought to himself. Tiger. Hare. Boar. Dog. The Uchiha slammed his hands onto the ground. "Doton: Doryuheki [Earth Release: Mud Wall]!"

A large stone wall rose from the ground in order to block the incoming Jutsu. Daitoppa heavily scratched the wall, but it stood. That is until Naruto decided to punch it with a large amount of concentrated Wind Chakra. Chunks of earth flew everywhere as Sasuke moved to avoid the debris.

"Earth Release as well, huh? And advanced manipulation at that. Doryuheki is supposed to be high B-rank to low A-rank," Naruto said impressed. And he really was. It had only been a few weeks and Sasuke already had enough control over Earth Manipulation to perform a rather powerful Jutsu. Without the training modifier he had with Kage Bushin, Sasuke's rate of growth was indeed pretty impressive. It seemed he really had wanted to finally be able to see eye-to-eye and face-to-face against his brother to talk about the Massacre.

But on the other hand, Sasuke's control over Earth was taxing. Naruto could already see that the Chidori variation and the Mud Wall had taken quite a bit out of him—he was breathing pretty hard and sweating quite a bit.

"Got anything else, you want to try?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke gave his trademark smirk, "As a matter of fact, there is one more thing I want to show you. You said you've improved on some of the techniques and skills you've already got, well let's just say I did the same!"

Naruto watched as Sasuke performed three hand signs and Chidori came to life. Seconds later, Sasuke continued to press more Chakra into the technique turning it from white to blue.

"Ah…That explains it. If you have the required Nature control to do the Raikiri [Lightning Cutter] then you certainly have enough Nature control to create Chidori variations. How many can you do a day?"

"Only once a day so far," the Uchiha grunted. This was definitely going to be his last move of the night.

"Well then, let's see what yours can do, shall we?" Naruto moved aside giving Sasuke a free path at the trees behind him.

Sasuke screamed and charged forward. The ground underneath the Raikiri started to tear apart. Aiming for the middle of a tree, Sasuke was able to slice through the bark with ease. There was no resistance as the Raikiri cleaved the tree in two. Without a middle, the tree toppled over with a thud. And with that, Sasuke also keeled over nearly out of Chakra.

The spectators ran over to help the Uchiha up. By the time Naruto made it over to him, Kiba and Choji were already helping him up off the ground. "You know, at this rate, you could easily be Jonin-level in strength in a few months," Naruto commented.

"Tsk…I still have to catch up to you," the Uchiha muttered. "If I'm right, you've managed to take that technique you showed me to the next level, haven't you? Show me what you've done to it. I want to see how it compares to the Raikiri."

Naruto immediately knew he was talking about the Rasengan. Guess it couldn't hurt to show him the new Rasengan.

"Very well," was all that he said as he walked over toward the stump of the tree Sasuke had used the Raikiri on.

"Watch closely," he said as he used his right hand to summon a large blue orb of destruction around 8 inches in diameter. "Rasengan!" he screamed as he slammed it into the stump. The Rasengan easily grinded into the stump. The screech as Chakra met tree was painful. After several seconds, Naruto released the Jutsu. That should be enough of an example of a regular Rasengan.

The other Genin and Chunin besides Sasuke were absolutely bewildered. 'What the hell was that?!' they thought.

It was Sakura who knew the answer. "N-n-n-naruto…Isn't the Rasengan? That's the Yondaime's prized technique!"

Naruto smirked, "Yes. The Rasengan and the Hirashin are the Yondaime's prized techniques. Ero-Sennin taught me that one."

"Ero-Sennin?" Choji asked.

"Jiraiya of the Sannin also known as the world's largest pervert. He writes the smut books Kakashi-sensei always reads. And he gets inspiration for them by peeking on women in the Hot Springs."

As the female members of the Konoha 12 cried in indignation, Sasuke interrupted, "Show me what you've done with it."

"Alright, let me show you the difference in power." Naruto walked up to a different tree and summoned a Kage Bushin. With his clone, he was able to channel Kurama's Chakra into an angry blood red Rasengan. While, it was slightly smaller than the Rasengan he had just shown, everyone could tell that this one was far more powerful just by the ominous power it exuded.

Naruto rushed to the tree and slammed the Yin Release Rasengan into it. Immediately, it exploded on contact. The force of the explosion caused a huge aftershock, actually knocking all his teammates off their feet.

When the dust cleared, the Konoha 12 saw Naruto standing next to what was left of the tree. All that was left were a few branches without the leaves on them—the explosion must have blown the leaves off. There was no trunk of the tree. Apparently, this new Rasengan had destroyed the tree trunk. Or to put it more accurately, this Rasengan literally disintegrated the tree.

"T-t-t-there's n-n-n-nothing left!" Tenten cried.

'What the hell was that?!' everyone thought. They couldn't actually believe their eyes. That level of destruction was incredible.

"That is a Rasengan powered by the Kyuubi's Chakra," Naruto answered the unspoken question. "Alright. That's the end of our show folks. Let's get Sasuke to the hospital to be treated for Chakra exhaustion."

"I don't need to go dobe!" the Uchiha growled.

"Maybe. Maybe not. But I want to put you in the hospital so I can annoy as much as possible while you're stuck in bed," he grinned.

The next day, Sasuke and Naruto went back on to their own training. And the rest of the Konoha 12 called an official meeting. The 'exhibition match' between Sasuke and Naruto had really opened their eyes. The two male members of Team Seven were absolutely leaving the rest of them in the dust and they couldn't accept that. The ten of them swore to get stronger to catch up to the Uchiha and the Uzumaki. They weren't going to let them continue to carry the weight of their generation alone.

Two weeks later, Naruto had finally managed to summon his mother's Chakra Chains. But he didn't have much control after the initial summoning and command. For example, if he summoned the Chains to attack or bind a tree A that would be all the chains could do. The Chains would not be able to disengage from tree A, and attack tree B if he wanted them to. Kurama told him that in his mother's prime she could use her own Chakra to manipulate her chains to her every command at will. It would take many more months or years before he could replicate that feat, but for now the actual summoning was an accomplishment on its own.

He had also begun his Suiton training under the Nidaime. Unlike his older brother, Tobirama was rather strict. There were strict checkpoints that Naruto had to learn in his quest to master Water Nature Manipulation. Some of them were simple and some of them were absolutely ridiculous.

It took Naruto days to reverse the flow of a river—and this was even with the liberal use of Kage Bushin!

Seriously! Trying to change the flow of a river?! This was nearly impossible if anyone not named Senju Tobirama. When Naruto asked him if reversing the flow of a river really necessary to learning Suiton, Tobirama answered no. But then, he continued on saying that reversing the flow of a river was the first step to doing Suiton Jutsu with just water molecules in the air—or as he called it perfect Water Manipulation. And as his student, Tobirama was not going to accept any less than perfection.

Naruto was a little bit put out at how ridiculously difficult the Suiton training was at first, but eventually he got the hang of it. And his training bared fruit. He could now do some very powerful Suiton Jutsus in the presences of a water source and some minor ones in areas without a water source. Tobirama said that the final exercise to gaining 'perfect Suiton Manipulation' was to be able to make a large waterfall flow upwards for several minutes…

How in the holy hell he was he supposed to learn how to do that?!

At the same time Naruto was learning Suiton, Tobirama and Naruto both created Shadow Clones so Tobirama could Naruto the basics of Jikukan Ninjutsu [Space-Time Ninjutsu]. Tobirama explained that Jikukan Ninjutsu basically affected the Space-Time Continuum. The most common example was the use of Summoning Jutsus. For example, using hand signs and Chakra Naruto could summon Toads from practically out of nowhere. Such a summoning could only be described as a type of Space Manipulation. From how Hiruzen and Jiraiya had described the Hiraishin [Flying Thunder God], Tobirama theorized that Hiraishin was actually a rather advanced form of Space Manipulation and Fuinjutsu [Sealing Arts] on his Hiraishin Kunai. The Nidaime could not however describe how he combined to two. Naruto chalked figuring out the Hiraishin as another of things on his To Do List along with complete control over his mother's Chakra Chains, doing the Yin Release Rasengan one-handed, learning Fuinjutsu, perhaps learning Kenjutsu, and trying out that 'Sage Mode' thing Jiraiya and Hashirama were talking about. Whatever that last one was…. {Author's Note #1}

But all those things would have to wait a bit. Ero-Sennin had just come back to the village after scouting out what Orochimaru was doing in Oto. The Snake Sannin was apparently rather distressed about losing over 80% of his entire ninja force in the Invasion of Konoha. As a result, Orochimaru had to replenish his forces with quite a few mercenaries to avoid Oto being a rather easy target for other villages. The Toad Sage also found some information regarding Orochimaru's Immortality Jutsu as he called it. It was how Orochimaru was able to 'shed his skin' in their last encounter. For the Jutsu to work, Orochimaru would need an actual sacrifice—which disgusted all of those who heard that particular piece of information. His original plan was obviously to make Sasuke his new body in order to gain the Sharingan. With Sasuke's Cursed Seal sealed up twice over by Kakashi and Jiraiya, that would be rather unlikely. Information gathered from spies, suggest that his next possible body would be a Kaguya. The problem was that this Kaguya had contracted a fatal blood disease. As a result, Orochimaru was searching for someone or something to cure the Kaguya of the disease.

As far as Hiruzen and Jiraiya were concerned, there was only one person alive that was capable of curing that disease and that was Senju Tsunade. Speaking of Tsunade, Jiraiya thought it was perhaps time for Sarutobi to step down and someone else to take over. And that someone was Tsunade. Hashirama was actually rather horrified about the idea. When asked why, he said that when Tsunade was younger, he spoiled her rotten and even showed her how to gamble. Sarutobi and Jiraiya weren't sure how to react to that particular revelation. Nonetheless, whether or not Tsunade became the Godaime, they all agreed that at the very least Tsunade should be brought out of her funk and back to the village.

And that's where Naruto was at this moment and time—on the road with Jiraiya of the Sannin on a mission to bring back Tsuande. Between Jiraiya's escapades to do research at hot springs and actually searching for Tsunade, Naruto could tell they were going to be away from Konoha for a while. So he decided to work on his Suiton manipulation, Chakra Chain summoning, and the Yin Release Rasengan in the meantime.

It had been nearly two weeks since Jiraiya and Naruto had been on the road and they were no closer to finding Tsunade. Whether it was because of the Toad Sage's constant trip to brothels and hot springs or whether because finding a Sannin wasn't easy, Naruto couldn't tell.

And that was where we find Naruto today—lying in a hotel room bed with no trace of his Godfather. He was broken from his thoughts by a knock on the door. He quickly put on a pair of pants and a shirt on. Opening the door, he saw two people standing in front of him wearing long dark coats adorned with red clouds. The taller of the two had light blue skin, strange gill-like markings on his face, and a long broad sword on his back wrapped in white cloth. The shorter of the two had black hair and red eyes that displayed to the world his identity—Uchiha Itachi. A rather protracted silence occurred between the three Shinobi.

It was the Uchiha who spoke first. "Hello, Naruto—k."

"Sorry! I don't talk to strangers…You know, the whole 'Stranger, Danger' thing! Have a nice day, BYE!" he smiled slamming the door shut in their face.

The two Akatsuki members stared at the door in shock. "Uh…Itachi…Did that brat just shut the door on us?"

Sasuke's older brother blinked once, twice, and a third time before turning his head to his partner. "I think he did, Kisame…"even the always stoic and expressionless Itachi was shocked at Naruto's audacity.

The Kiri Missing-nin's face contorted into anger. "I'm gonna kill that gaki!" he screamed taking Samehada off his back to break down the door.

A loud crash reverberated as the door that had originally been there crumbled into shambles. Both Akatsuki members peered inside the room to see a now fully dressed Naruto jumping out the window.

A shout of "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" was heard as several hundred Naruto's poofed into existence. "Well then. Looks like we'll have to split up to find the real one, Kisame," suggested the stoic Itachi.

About 10 minutes later, Itachi found a Naruto sitting on the roof of a local brothel. The blonde gave no indication he was going to leave. In fact, he seemed like he was waiting for him.

"You do not seem at all concerned that I have found you," Itachi commented.

"Ero-Sennin is down stairs. If I need to, I think I'm at the very least fast enough to call for his help before you catch up to me," the blonde responded.

"Ah…That is probably correct. So why are you here?" the Uchiha questioned.

Naruto responded with another, "Have you talked to your brother yet?"

"Yes…I have."

Flashback Start

Uchiha Itachi was a hard person to get to show surprise. But when had captured Hatake Kakashi in his Tsukuyomi, he would definitely say he was surprised. Kakashi went on tell him that he, Sasuke, Jiraiya, and both of the revived Hokages knew the truth about the 'Uchiha Massacre'.

Apparently, Hiruzen Sarutobi thought it was about time that that secret was to be revealed.

The son of the White Fang then went on to tell him that Sasuke was training himself into the ground for the day that he could look him in the eye, fight on level with, and talk to him one on one. Itachi couldn't hold back a smile when Kakashi talked about the progress Sasuke had made and most importantly when Kakashi talked about how he had made a friend in the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

After being advised to meet up with Sasuke at their clan home, Itachi let Kakashi out of his Tsukuyomi. Kakashi would be unconscious for a few hours, but there would be no mental damage done.

Itachi told Kisame to hold off the Jonin in front of him, so he could 'find information on the Kyuubi'. Knowing Kisame could not turn down a fight, he knew the swordsmen would not resist the order.

A few minutes later, Itachi found himself back at his old home. Walking inside the walls, he saw his brother lying on the ground unconscious. It was very evident that he was training hard. Kakashi had not been lying.

Itachi simply sat down in the Lotus Position in front of his sleeping younger brother. No long after, his younger brother awoke to see his older brother sitting in front of him.

"Ugh…Kakashi was right…I should slow down on the training a little bit…I'm seeing things," he groaned thinking his older brother was an illusion.

"No otouto. I am very real," Itachi said with a slight hint of amusement.

Immediately, Sasuke was on his feet in a defensive posture. The two Uchiha brothers stared at each other for a few seconds unmoving until Sasuke's shoulder's drooped a little. "Did you really kill everyone because we were going to have a coup d'état?" he asked.

"So, the Sandaime did tell you the truth…Why did he tell you? I asked him to never do so."

"He said that he had already made the mistake of keeping Naruto's secret from him causing him more pain and suffering. He said he didn't want to make the same mistake with me. He didn't want to see me actually complete the quest to kill you and then regret it later. He also felt that you had suffered enough and didn't want you to continue to sacrifice yourself for Konoha in this manner. And with Danzo now dead, there was no need to keep me out of the loop."

At that, Itachi had gone quiet. Itachi knew how much he had sacrificed for his brother and for Konoha, but none of it bothered him at all. He actually felt as if his brother and Konoha gave him the courage and strength to go through with the sacrifice. It was his best friend Shisui who taught him that the true mark of a shinobi was to protect his village from the shadows as he was doing so now.

"My friend Naruto told me that I should get stronger. He told me that I should get strong enough to look you in the eye to talk to you as an equal. It is only then that I would be able to decide what to do with my life," Sasuke said breaking Itachi out of his thoughts.

"Your friend is very wise."

Sasuke nodded, "I may not be strong enough to face you one on one, but I still want to know. I still want to hear your side of the story."

"Very well. After our parents and the council decided to rebel, my friend Shisui and I needed to do something. We were planning to talk our clan out of it using Shisui's Mangekyo, but Danzo somehow got his hands on Shisui's eye. Apparently, Danzo WANTED us to rebel. He was most likely going to use our rebellion to usurp Sandaime-sama for the Hokage seat. And if our rebellion were to happen, it would have dire consequences for our clan, our village, and most likely the entire shinobi world. Without a way to stop our clan from destroying the lives of so many innocent around the world, Shisui entrusted me with his last Mangekyo eye and the task of saving both the Uchiha Clan name and Konoha. And I did the only thing possible. I took it upon myself to quell the rebellion before it began, thus becoming the greatest Uchiha traitor to the village after Madara himself. My plan was for you to one day become strong enough to defeat me so that you could revive our clan and become of Konoha's greatest heroes in the process—thus letting the story of our rebellion die with me."

Neither brother said anything for the longest time. They watched as the wind around them pick up and move leaves around.

"Ever since the night of the massacre, my life's ambition was to avenge the deaths of our clansmen."

"Do you still wish to do so?" Itachi asked.

"I don't know to be honest. About a month ago, Naruto beat me to the ground and then asked me what I planned on doing after I killed you. And I had no answer for him. Now, after learning the truth of why you killed our clan, I don't even know if I want to kill you anymore. I feel like my life has been a lie for so long now. My life used to have purpose, but now it doesn't anymore."

"Your friend is very wise. He above all would know how it felt to be lied to your entire life."

"Tsk…He used to be the class dobe, but our run-in with Orochimaru really changed him…He told me up until that moment, he never really acknowledged the fact that he was the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. He didn't want to be known as a 'human sacrifice'. But once he got over that, he's been able to harness the Kyuubi to become stronger…much stronger."

"Yes. I have heard about him being the 'A-Ranked Genin' in Oto's Bingo Books. Quite an accomplishment for someone his age. You two seem close," the older brother observed.

"We simply found common ground on the fact that Kami hates us and has cursed our lives," the younger brother replied curtly.

Itachi gave a slight smile at that for a split second before his face turned serious stoic again. "You should know that the organization I am currently a part of is after Naruto and the other Jinchuriki."

"What?! WHY?!" Sasuke screamed getting up.

"I do not know the reason but it can't be a good one. The Akatsuki—as we are called—are composed of highly skilled S-Ranked Missing-nin like myself. Orochimaru used to be part of this organization as well. And it's leader claims to be our ancestor Uchiha Madara."

"Shouldn't he be dead?" Sasuke questioned.

"Yes, that is why I believe that he is lying about being Madara. But that does make him any less threatening. This 'Madara' or 'Tobi' as his alias is these days was the reason behind the Kyuubi attack all those years ago."

"The Sandaime told me that some Shinobi thought that an Uchiha with a Mangekyo was behind the attack…It seems like they were right."

"Yes…Tobi's Mangekyo provides him with incredible Jikukan Ninjutsu abilities as well as the ability to control the Kyuubi."

"You don't sound like you like what he's planning."

"I do not. After I killed our clansmen, he was the first one to offer me a place in the Akatsuki. For that sake of the village, I couldn't let the chance to spy on such an organization go to waste so I took it."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"I don't know. I was planning on gathering as much information about the Akatsuki, its members, and its purpose while I bided my time for you to become strong enough to kill me. What are you going to do, yourself Sasuke?"

"Naruto's going to need all the information you can provide us if your organization is coming after him. As long as you keep providing that information, I really can't find a reason to kill you. Until then, I'm going to get stronger. Strong enough to beat not only you, but also this 'Tobi'. And I guess I'll have to learn some politics as well. The Sandaime told me that once I become a Jonin, I'll be able to take up the Uchiha Seat on the Shinobi Council. I don't really want to deal with that stuff, but I guess I don't have a choice in the matter."

Itachi smiled. His brother was going down the right path. But there was one thing that Sasuke needed to see.

"Sasuke…I think you deserve to see our parents' final moments," Itachi said unleashing Tsukuyomi for the second time today. [Author's Note #2]

Seconds later, Itachi walked out of the Uchiha compound. He had shown his younger brother the deaths of their parents. The scene brought back haunting memories for both of them as tears were shed inside the world of Tsukuyomi. The pain and grief of that moment awoke the Mangekyo Sharingan for Sasuke. His Mangekyo consisted of three intersecting ellipses that formed a six-sided star. With the Mangekyo awoken, Itachi poked Sasuke on the forehead—as he did many times in the past—told him that he would continue to do everything in his power to protect him and Konoha and ended the Genjutsu.

Waiting for him outside his compound was the Sandaime Hokage—the man whom he had the utmost respect for. Itachi got down on one knee and bowed to 'The Professor'.

"Sandaime-sama…I cannot thank you enough for how much you have helped me and my brother."

"No, Itachi. It is I who should be thanking you. You have sacrificed far too much to protect our village. You do not need to continue to do so. I cannot keep asking you to continue to sacrifice."

"No. I am simply doing what must be done. I will continue to spy on the Akatsuki and continue to pass on information to Jiraiya-sama. For the sake of this village and the peace of the Elemental Plains, I must continue," Itachi simply stated.

"I see…" the elder Hokage said. "Very well. I know that when you have decided to do something, I can't change your mind about it. But I will say that with Danzo dead, it will be very easy for you to return to this village should you ever need to return. You are much more valuable to the village, the world, and most importantly your brother alive Itachi. Always remember that."

"Of course. Thank you, again Sandaime-sama. Tell my brother once he wakes, that his new eyes give him great power, but his eyesight will deteriorate the more he uses them. When the time comes, I will return to the village so we may exchange eyes to cure ourselves of the blindness."

Sarutobi nodded. "I will do so. You should probably get back to your partner. He is making quite a ruckus within the village."

Bowing one last time to the Hokage, Itachi disappeared in a murder of crows.

Flashback End

"So, I take it the talk turned out okay?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. My brother has gone down the right path. He has freed himself from the hatred that has cursed our clan for so long thanks to you," Itachi replied.

"I didn't do anything. I simply beat the shit out of him and told him he was an idiot for being an avenger like he was," Naruto grinned.

"Nonetheless, you have helped him and for that I am eternally grateful. I can tell that you are strong Naruto-kun. Very strong. I have no doubt that one day you will go on to surpass your father. So before I go, I have a gift for you," he said creating a murder of crows.

Naruto's eyes widened. Before he could react and crow rammed its way down his mouth, nearly choking him. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" he coughed. "What kind of thanks was that?!" he continued to cough.

Itachi smiled. "That particular crow contains the Mangekyo eye of my best friend Shisui. Shisui dreamed of peace for Konoha and most of all peace for all of the Elemental Plains. You are the only one worthy of carrying his eye. You are the only one worthy of carrying on his will. You are the only one worthy of carrying on his legacy," he said disappearing in another murder of crows.

Author Note #1: Those are ONLY SOME of the things Naruto will be learning during the 'Three Year Training Trip'.

Author Note #2: This is basically the same scene as Naruto Chapter 590 where Fugaku and Mitoko both understood Itachi's reasons for doing what he did and told him that he was proud of him no matter what.

Yes. I am fully aware that I have given Sasuke a massive power boost compared to his canon self (Raikiri/Chidori Variations, Doton, and even the Mangekyo). But that is nothing compared to what I have in store of Naruto. And yes, Shisui's eye will be important to this story. How it's important? And Why it's important? You will have to wait and see.

Next Chapter will be the confrontation with Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Kabuto. And all I'll say is that by the end of the Sannin Battle, the snake will be rather...displeased...kukukukuku

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