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Title: Heart's A-Stray

Genre: Romance/Slight Angst/Humor?(not great in the humor dept but I try)

Universe: Alternate

Characters: Ensemble cast

Main Characters/Pairings: Ichiruki, ByaXOC(duh), NanXShun… maybe a little implied RenRuki- but very mild



The media made him out to be both Lancelot (a fearless knight, charming, handsome and a temptation to even the most stalwart of female hearts) and Arthur (a visionary, strong, brilliant, kind, a leader of men). And the prince was indeed strong. He was commander and chief of the guardian forces that protected the country; he knew how to handle a sword. He was most certainly a leader; he had sat in on every political council since the age of five. And he was most undoubtedly handsome and what some might term debonair; his manners were flawless. Yes, many a heart lusted after Byakuya Kuchiki, heir to the Seiretei Throne of Tokyo. But sadly this prince's marriage had been arranged years ago… And his fiancé had no idea who he was.

He watched as she edged away from him, looking much like a deer he had trained his crossbow upon. He was an avid hunter. She was sweating even more than when she had entered the house after her run, and her chest was heaving. He couldn't help it; he kept striding toward her, his emotionless eyes trained on hers as she backed away with an emotion akin to horror on her face.

"Stop! Didn't I say that before? Stop? Yeah- well I meant it." She insisted.

His lips twitched as though about to flash a teasing smile, but then his eyes widened. He hadn't realized how close they were to the steep cliff's edge.


Ichigo didn't consider himself a werewolf, or a were-anything for that matter. He was simply a young man who just so happened to turn into a dog when the mood came upon him. He didn't run amok all over the countryside- eating people or devouring farm animals. He was a dog with simple tastes, a nice sausage or an occasional burger served up by the busboy who worked weekends at the diner down the street from his house would curb his appetite. He was definitely not a flesh-eating monster- well not the kind anyone should brandish a pitchfork at. For the most part he was a good dog…

But when Ichigo catches a scent on the wind that's not a mangled animal by-product, but infinitely more mouth-watering, he follows his nose. Under the moonlight deep in the trees slinks a forest nymph with milky-moon skin. Suddenly he's craving flesh. And not just any flesh… The flesh of a sword-wielding princess.


To curb rivalry and possible feuding for the throne, in every generation, one of royal blood must become one of The Elite, the personal guard to the King of Tokyo. As the King-to-Be's only living relative, Rukia Kuchiki, has trained since she was a child to continue this long-standing tradition and join the noble ranks of her brother's guard. Her destiny has been whispered into her ear since birth and thus never questioned. She will not fall in love; she will not marry, but instead she will stand at her brother's side until his final days and likely follow him into the grave. It is the way of things and she will not be lead astray… until a stray...

Before her was the biggest and most strangely colored wolf she had ever seen. He cleared her waist in height and she had no doubt that if he stood on two legs he would be more than a head taller than her. The moonlight made his fur burn like bronze, like orange autumn leaves in the muted sunshine. His eyes glowed golden as he drank in the sight of her. Suddenly he opened his mouth and his sharp teeth glistened with saliva that began to drip from his jaws.

Oh god… He looks hungry… She thought. She gripped her sword, her eyes hard as sapphires. I am not on the menu!

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