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Bound By Blood

Chapter 7: Truth Or Death

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(Klaus POV)

I tore through the streets of a small town in the middle of no where, definitely sure this was where Elena was. I could smell her blood from here. Wherever here was. Somewhere near where she was which wasn't good enough for me.

I jumped out of the car while it was still moving and sped as swiftly as my feet would carry me in to an apartment building. This was where my Elena was.

And where Elena was, I was.

Because I was sure now that I was in love with her.

(Elena POV)

The gut wrenching feeling that washed over me as something a hell of a lot brighter than sunlight hit my eyelids was so completely mind bogglingly horrifying that my brain couldn't even process it correctly.

I was hurting.

A lot.

I was bleeding.

A lot.

I was bleeding!

"He-" Cough, "lp!" I choked out as I clutched my thigh. But the noise was muffled by the substance rising up in my throat that was tasting a bit too much like blood and vomit for my liking.

"Oh, don't bother screaming. You'll only inflict more pain on yourself." The alarmingly controlled voice of my most hated foe sounded from the opening of the doorway.

"Rebekah," I coughed out like it was a vulgar word on my tongue hardly worth voicing. "Whatever happened to not killing me?" I asked, cold and sarcastic, feeling the blade she had planted in my thigh scrape across the bone and bury itself deeper as I tried to maneuver out of the tight grip of the ropes wrapped around my wrists.

"I'm not going to kill you." She stepped closer and rested her palms on the arms of the chair I was tied to, face full of hatred and greed. "I'm going to torture you." She whispered in my ear before pushing herself off the chair and making her way across the room again, not bothering to remove the knife in my thigh. "I'm going to torment you and make you wish you were dead because it will absolutely break his heart to see you like this."

"I-" cough up blood and bile. "I thought you said that he only wanted me for his hy-" cough," brids." Hadn't she said that? I was almost sure of it.

"Ah," Rebekah almost sounded pleased. "But whilst you were sleeping, it came to my attention that Klaus's feelings for you run far deeper than anything he could possibly share with you just by blood. He feels something for you that," Rebekah grinned and slammed another knife into my other thigh without warning, "Seems suspiciously like love."

A deafening cry of sheer pain uttered from my mouth and I thought I would faint from the feeling. "Don't-" Cough, "be ridiculous. He doesn't love me."

"Oh, on the contrary." Rebekah grinned. "He will be arriving soon. Let us see how much more fun we can have before our guest of honor arrives."

Another knife. Right through my arm.

(Klaus POV)

"Elena!" I burst through the door of the room. This was a trap. I knew it was. She was probably somewhere inside, bloody and crying.

wishing Dane would save her. I shook my head. No time to be jealous.

"Klau-" A choked cry of pain sounded from inside the room.


"Niklaus, so good to see you."

"Rebekah." I tried to keep my composure and I recollected myself. "What's the meaning of this?" I pointed around the room and locked eyes with my doppleganger.

And then my resolve crumbled before their eyes. She was covered in blood, three knives jammed into her body. One in her arm, one in her right thigh and one in the left. And from the small sounds reaching my ears, they were all scratching bone. I wanted to vomit. My poor, sweet Elena. How am I going to save you?

My face went from calm yet intimidating to desperate and worried. A low eery chuckle came from Rebekah as she turned her head around to look at Elena with something looking an awful lot like pity and then back at me, a grin on her face all the while.

"You're too weak, Nik." She waved her hand at Elena lazily. "Almost worse than this pathetic human you so foolishly fell in love with. You screwed yourself over when you could be the most powerful being on earth. Yet you gave all that power away the second you let yourself feel. You gave it over to me."

What had happened to being the biggest, baddest hybrid in all the land? When had I become so easily beaten. Maybe I wasn't. Maybe I was still big and strong and scary. But maybe I was just never fighting for the right reasons. But now, now I looked at the girl I was in love with and I knew that I would.

I would fight back for the right reasons. I would fight back for her. Because she was all I had left.

"What do you want from me, Rebekah?" I asked, holding my arms out questioningly. "Do you want to hurt me? Want to make me feel like nothing? Well, I already do. So whatever it is that you think I have for you, I assure you, I don't have it. Just give me Elena." I almost begged. I would actually get down on one knee and beg for this girl.

"I don't give a damn about your petty feelings, Klaus." She stepped closer and gave mea stern, determined look. "I want what I've always wanted. The white oak."

Klaus almost wanted to rip her head off right there. I growled and stomped my foot. "How many times must I tell you, Rebekah. I don't have your petty stake." I groaned and glanced at Elena who was silently trying to break free, desperately staring at me, doe eyes. Those doe eyes, pleading for help. I knew it must hurt like hell.

"I know you say that now," Rebekah said sweetly. Too sweetly. "But we both know it's rubbish. You have it. And I know it. You give me the white oak, I give you Elena. You don't have to hear from me after that. You've my word." Rebekah finished, sounding a bit to convincing for my liking. Now was the time to fight back.

"I don't have the white oak." I ground out as I pinned her back against the wall that she was standing by and then snapped her neck faster than she could protest. "And you were lying." I growled toward her lifeless body as I stepped over it and sped, vampire speed, to my Elena, who was crying and screaming as though she'd gone through all sorts of torture. And she had.

"Sweetheart." I whispered, a pain rising up in my chest from seeing that her blood stained the blood, the chair, ropes, carpet. Everything. Blood. It made me sick.

"K-Klaus. Please." tears fell from her eyes and she sank down into the chair as I untied the ropes on her wrists, careful not to hurt her.

I wanted to tell her I was sorry. I wanted to tell her that I love her so much it hurts and I'm so so so fucking sorry that I am the way I am. But right now, I needed to prioritize. And right now, she needed me to get her the hell out of here. "Please stay still. I don't want to hurt you." I said softly as I latched my sweat palm onto the cold metal of the knife lodged into her right thigh.

"Ah..." She sobbed. "Klaus. It hurts. Make it stop. Please just. Make it just... Ahhhh!" She cried as I looked into her eyes and pulled out the knife as quickly as I could.

"I know, Love. Let me help you." I said as I grabbed onto the knife in her left thigh. "I am going to get you out of here." I assured her with so much passion that it could convince anyone.

She nodded slowly, looking like she would drop dead any moment. I reluctantly pulled my eyes away from her's and focused on the task at hand: Getting this damn knife out.

I grabbed onto it harder. I would never say it out loud, so not to scare her, but it had definitely been lodged into actual bone. I winced as I ripped it out and watched it gush and run down her knee and her inner thigh. "OH, GOD! IT HURTS! AHHHH!"

"I know it does, Love. Please try to stay still. I'm almost done." I wanted to cry for her. poor thing.

I Looked into her eyes and tried not to hurt her too much as I slipped my hand over the handle of the knife. I reluctantly latch onto it tighter and prepared myself mentally for what I was about to do. Again. I did the best I could to make it hurt less as I pulled the knife out in vampire speed.

"Shit! Oh, my god! Owwww! Damn it!" Elena screeched out as tears fell from her eyes and blood gushed from her wounds.

"I know, I need to get you out of here and then I'm going to heal you." I knew damn well what would happen if I didn't.

"O-okay. Just..." She began to pass out in my arms from loss of blood. She mumbled incoherent thank you's into my ear and wrapped her limp arms around my neck.

I watched her eyes flutter shut and I knew I had very little time when her heart began slowing. So before I sped off with her in my arms, I whispered into her ear the words I desperately needed to say.

"I love you, Elena."

(Elena POV)

"Hello, Love." A soft, sweet voice called out calmly in my ear as my eyes began to open of their own accord.

Hmmm..." I hummed. And then the numbness went away. And I thought I would die. I felt the soft sheets underneath me, but mostly I just felt the stinging, unbearable pain coursing through every fiber of my being.

"Drink this, Love."

Klaus. Klaus' wrist. Klaus' blood. In my mouth.

"Ugh.." I mumbled, not sure what had happened or why I felt like I was going just die any moment.

"Drink." He pleaded a little sterner.

I submitted and swallowed the coppery liquid quickly flooding my mouth. I sucked on the wound as he watched with a kind of... hungry eyes? No, I was seeing it wrong... wasn't I?

"Okay." He pulled away and I looked down at my arm and saw that the blood was dried and the wound was gone. I needed a shower. I was practically covered in dried blood. He took one glance and realized what I was thinking.

"I'll, uh," Klaus looked at me with loving eyes. Wait. Loving? Oh, my god. I was literally insane. He was not in love with me. Nope. Nuh-uh. "Run you a shower."

I nodded, not sure of my surrounding as I watched him step it of sight into a small room in front of the bed I was lying on.

"Come here." his soft voice called as he helped me up and led me to the room.

I watched as he shut the door and let the steam fill up the room. He looked at me expectantly and I suddenly gasped.

"You... Want me to...?" I motioned toward clothes.

"Oh," he gasped, surprised and worried. "Did you need help?" Wait? Was he serious? Oh, my god. I must be in an alternate universe.

"Uh, no! I just... Why are you still in here?" I bluntly asked.

"I thought you might need help." he said softly.

Was that it? Or did he-?

No. no, no, no, no, no. Nope. I can't let myself think that. And then the mood in the air changed.

"I can smell you, love. I turn you on, don't I?" A husky growl sounded in my ear.

A shiver went up my spine. "Hmm..." I purred. how is this happening right now?!

"Well, then. Come on, Love." He said softly and oh so seductively.

I watched him peel off his shirt and the next thing I knew, I was gawking at a hard rock set of abs and a body meant for only angel's eyes.

This could not be really happening. But it sure as hell better not be a dream.

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