"I'm just saying that it's totally suspicious okay?"

Paige buried her face in her hands, most likely in frustration. The conversation had been going for a little while now, so Phoebe granted her that right, at least, but it needed to be told and nothing good ever had come from putting gut feelings on the back of their minds. So Phoebe pressed harder.

"What? You want me to just ignore the fact that Piper went from full Spanish Inquisition mode let's-burn-them-all-and-sort-'em-out-later to… to… this? In a week? Without life altering events involved?"

Paige sighed deeply and rubbed her right temple. It didn't help much as far as Phoebe could tell.

"I know. I am not stupid. And even if I were, you have pointed it out, like seven or eight times by now! I think that even a troll would have caught your drift at this point!"

Giving up on her futile effort to diminish what she suspected was a monstrous headache, Paige got up from the couch and started stalking across the room. Paige was by far the most easy going of the Charmed ones, but as she had proved in the past, when pushed too hard, she'd start to fall apart quickly. Phoebe didn't consider it a bad trade off, all in all. And it served them well anyway since Piper was the type who easily got annoyed or angry but would cool down as soon as she felt she couldn't afford otherwise. In the end it balanced, insuring that there was always at least one voice of reason.

Right now, with Piper acting so out of character, and Paige nearing the limits of her cool, the situation looked grim. But Phoebe's role in the Charmed trio had always been to represent their part of instinct, and right now things needed to be discussed. So, even knowing that her little sister was about to throttle her Phoebe was determined to keep going.

"Well, like I said before those seven or eight other times, we need to figure what is going on before it causes someone a premature death."

Paige's foot stomping the ground would have looked childish, but for the anger creeping in her eyes.

"We did god damn it! We tried that spell to lift magics that affect the mind, we enchanted her favorite earrings with a ward against possession, we mixed revelation potions and anti-demonic potions with her tea for seven days straight! We even put the crystals around the house to prevent short term manipulation like what Barbas does! What else do you want to do? What else could we possibly hope to do?"

And that was the real question, wasn't it? The one that Phoebe hadn't wanted to answer, the one she had dodged time and again. She took a deep breath, prolonging the inevitable a little more to avoid saying it.

"We could call Leo."

Phoebe cringed. Paige had somehow just gone whiter than her usual milky complexion. That was a horrible sign if she ever saw one. It was at times like these that she truly was thankful for the potion that empathically isolated her from her sisters, and, she suspected, her dodgy whitelighter.

"We are not."

The words were practically hissed, dripping with malice and contempt, but Phoebe was having trouble focusing on them. A random thought was teasing her, a wayward piece of puzzle at the edge of her consciousness, something on the tip of her tongue. The building frustration only made pinning the ethereal idea more satisfying when her mind successfully pounced on it.

"We are not."

The cold anger on Paige's face at Leo's repeated betrayals of their sister's heart slowly morphed into confusion.

"We are not? Is this some kind of reverse psychology trick? Or did you just mention him in order to soften me up for your next, slightly less crazy, idea?"

Well, that was one way to put things, Phoebe guessed.

"Yes. Now shut up and listen. We are going to do a spell to temporarily bypass magical measures that protect against empathy and empower it. It's the perfect tool for this. I'll be able to sense what is wrong with Piper and probably even get a decent read on Chris. Two birds, one stone."

Paige snorted.

"More like two birds, one tactical nuclear warhead. Of all the Charmed ones powers, empathy is the single most double edged one. I don't think that even just lifting the block is a very good idea, but boosting it? Do you want to end a vegetable?"

Phoebe sighed. There was no arguing that her power had a strong tendency to backfire at the drop of a hat, but after nearly two weeks of useless attempts she didn't think they had a better shot. Unfortunately, convincing Paige wouldn't be easy.

"I have a lot more experience than before now. Since that thing when I projected my feelings onto other people I've been working on shoving excess emotions onto nearby targets. It was mostly to see if I could work it as an offensive power, but if things get too much I can share the load with you as long as we both are in the manor. And, lets not forget that with the crystals still surrounding the house, I won't be bothered by people outside since powers can't get in or out. I know it's not perfect, but can we afford not to try?"

Paige seemed to deflate some. Phoebe could tell that she was more than worried herself. After a few seconds of silent contemplation, she finally nodded, shallowly, and sighed.

"This is going to blow in our faces. I just can tell it."

Phoebe couldn't help but give a bitter smile at her sweet younger sister.

"Doesn't it always? But hey, sometimes we actually end better than we started…"

Not often, of course, but that wasn't something she thought would be good to point out.

It took no time at all to come up with the appropriates rhymes and even less to forget them once they were recited. Slowly, Phoebe started to receive nearby emotional charges. First she was hit by the raw worry emanating from Paige. Nothing terribly incapacitating there, she was already dealing with her own and barely felt the additional load. As her power began stretching and probing deeper, she peeled the different layers of feelings, the bitterness from her earlier mention of their absent whitelighter, the mental fatigue of two weeks trying to figure how their sister had been bewitched, the love, the mischievousness, all that was Paige unfolded before Phoebe and was incorporated.

With a sigh of contentment, she sat down. "I established the connection with you. It's definitely stronger than I could manage before but it's not too bad to deal with. Now prepare yourself, I'm going to try to scan them. If anything goes wrong I'll throw about half at you and you won't have my experience to deal with it so be careful."

And so she did. And, much like they had both feared, it blew into her face. The moment she reached to the other occupants of the house her mind went from stormy levels to Armageddon (of the fated kind). Somewhere in the middle of it all, Phoebe's subconscious mind identified all that made Piper, the love for her family, the constant worry for her son, the pain from the new distance between her and Leo, … And then there was Chris, with his paranoia, his constant pain and depression, his feelings of inadequacy, his sensation of being lost, of always being a step behind, of failing.

But those feelings were only part of the background. She wouldn't have felt them at all without the boost from the spell. What nearly destroyed her was the overwhelming Lust tinged with genuine affection emanating from her elder sister and the reciprocating Lust and true Love coming from her whitelighter.


Chris simply couldn't believe how much he loved holding his mother tight against his chest while their tongues rubbed sweetly against each other. In fact, he would have been hard pressed to say which part he enjoyed the most. On the first hand, he had longed for any excuse to get closer to her without giving any hint of his identity since the moment he first arrived. But on the other hand, Piper was perfect in more ways than one and he had entertained the notion of being that close to her or his aunts quite a few times in the past.

There was a certain amount of guilt lurking somewhere inside him, of course. Not so much about the incest itself. Both Phoebe and Paige had more or less given him the general feeling that it would be mostly OK to exceed the normal boundaries of families with them, and even his mother had, on occasion, acted just slightly off, encouraging things that, while perfectly innocent, could easily become not so.

And it had always been just with him.

Everybody in the magical world adored his brother, and even their father worshipped his eldest son (and barely ever noticed that Chris existed at all), but he knew that he was the favorite of the charmed ones. Phoebe and Paige outright said it from time to time and, though his mother never did, they shared a stronger connection than anyone else he'd ever been in contact with.

Sometimes he wondered if Wyatt had known and if it had contributed to his fall. Chris didn't delude himself into thinking that his father's rejection hadn't twisted him, so he recognized the possibility that something similar could have had an effect on his brother. But no, Wyatt had always been about power. The hints that there had been a preference had been very subtle, and thus beneath his notice. Nobody had ever accused his brother of being very bright. Then again, when you could level a city like San Francisco in minutes you didn't often need to.

Anyway, the guilt he felt had different sources. For one, in his point of view, making love was about opening yourself to someone else and accepting to become vulnerable to them. That was what Piper was doing, trusting him with her life and her heart, knowing that in the midst of their passion he could have taken advantage of her distraction for numerous purposes and that he could use the encounters to shatter her emotionally if he so desired.

He didn't plan to abuse that power, of course, but the fact was that he didn't feel like he was properly reciprocating when his identity was withheld. Because it would have changed everything.

Then, there was the guilt from the memory of Bianca. The fact that he was caressing another woman when she had died because of him (although most of it was from being foolishly converted by Wyatt, some part of him knew) so little time ago was a terrible burden in it's own right, but what truly soured his mood was just how bleak their relationship had been when he compared it to the awe-inspiring fire that laying with his mother had set alight.

There was no contest.

And it frightened him. The magnitude of the pleasure he received from just looking into Piper's eyes and see the lustful glint that was there now, it terrified him. Because he wasn't sure if there was anything he wouldn't give up in order to keep that, even for just another hour. Could he afford to have such a drive in his life? Chris wasn't sure he could. Trying to keep his brother from turning, avoiding killing anyone important with the changes he was making, making sure he was conceived, preserving the secrecy of his identity, all these goals had collided already more than once and catastrophic consequences had only been avoided by the narrowest of margins. Could he handle another pull in his life? Another goal?

On paper it didn't sound possible, what with Piper and Leo needing to end up in bed at least one more time for Chris to keep existing.

But, as he started to suck lightly on his mother's shoulder, the whitelighter couldn't bring himself to dwell on it. He had always known that she was the one person he could never hurt on purpose, and after one week of daily lovemaking he knew that he couldn't stop without destroying part of her. So he just would have to find a way, somehow. Maybe he could be his own father? After all, the timeline wanted to remain stable and he did posses the genes that Leo would otherwise have brought into the equation, so it was possible…

Now, that was a thought that made him smile a bright, warm smile. Not being Leo's son.

Piper smiled in kind and then moaned as he slid into her. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his hips, coaxing him into entering her completely. The sensation was amazing. He could feel himself inside her, of course, but unlike previous experiences (Bianca came to mind) his senses seemed to be in overdrive, making him hyperaware. The softness of her legs moving along his hips and his back was driving him insane. The taste of her saliva and her sweat on his tongue and his lips combined with the smell of her very breath every time she exhaled was affecting him so much that if he concentrated he could feel the pheromones slowly overloading places in his brain. Most of all, the way she trembled minutely when he sent his power rippling inside her and the little noises that escaped from her mouth, those things ensured that even after orgasming he barely got soft at all.

He kissed her again full on the lips, waiting for her to take control the way she seemed to enjoy it the most. He could feel her right hand calmly trailing on his butt and her middle finger inching for a place he doubted he would have allowed many people (girls or not) to get near. She liked to tease him there, as part of her dominance thing, he guessed, and he was happy enough to let her do as she pleased. The small (and evil) smirk she wore when she was making him squirm was reward enough that he would have let her insert her finger if she had wanted to, but she was always perfectly content titillating only.

Making her lose coherence before she could do so, though, was a perfectly valid tactic, and he found it even more satisfying, so he promptly brought one hand to her right breast, twisting her nipple and sending waves of telekinetic force in every direction, stretching it and the supple mound of flesh in wonderful ways. His other hand that was holding her neck since their previous round of kissing, had to restrain her from knocking herself out against the hard wood of her bed.


He could feel the flow around his member gaining intensity and speared her harder and faster, trying to make her release last more. He heard her toes cracking as they curled and uncurled frantically. He was nowhere near his own orgasm though. Not that he wasn't in rapture with the way his fifth extremity was manhandled by his mother's spasming core, but without being able to use her powers directly on him, she would never be able to outlast him. That was alright. Piper didn't mind when her lovers kept going after her own peak as long as the rhythm was kept slow, and he had already emptied himself inside her twice anyway.

The first one had been in her mouth (she swallowed, as she only thought it fair when her partners did the same for her). It had been the third time since they had started their daily meetings and each time she displayed more and more skill. Even with his supernatural endurance (it wasn't very strong but still), he didn't last long at all under her soft touch. She didn't have a set technique, but the randomness of the squeezes, the twists, the licks, the kisses, and the slight rubbing of his balls brought him to his metaphorical knees every time. When she was done with him he could never think straight for the next few seconds and his vision went either white or black depending on whatever mysterious criteria his body had adopted for such things.

The second one he could barely remember in the midst of the 30 minute long blur of passion that preceded and included it.

When he finally reached his third climax, by means of long and slow thrusts while holding his mother exhausted eyes with his own gaze, he collapsed at her side and nuzzled her neck. Her hair was getting in the way like it always did when they didn't start with a massage that would have her tie it, but he rather liked it this way too, with her shampoo overpowering his nose. It was like choosing between cookies and fudge.

"I think I love you."

He had murmured it without truly thinking about what he was saying, but somehow, his subconscious had remembered to add a 'I think' next to what he really meant. He felt her stiffen in his arms and his stomach dropped lower than he had thought possible. But just when he decided to steel himself and face her rejection, she relaxed and answered him.

"I don't know what I feel for you Chris Perry, but I will eventually, and when that day comes I hope it's love."

Chris somehow found the strength to get half up and squinted at her.

"That's not a very piperish thing to say… it was almost cheesy. Have you been watching Days of our Lives again?"

She laughed and threw a pillow at him.

"How rude! Is that what I can expect of the youth of twenty years from now? No moral fiber whatsoever! Why, back in the days we respected our elders! Well, except for the actual Elders, of course… never respected them much…"

Now that was much more like his mother. Few things were harder to fake than his mother's personal brand of vitriol.

"I don't take morality lessons from cradle robbers."

She just smirked at him.

"What would that make you then? A grave digger?"

And just like that his good mood evaporated. Because in a sense he was, since she was dead to him, subjectively speaking.

He forced himself to smile and hugged her.

"If you don't go eat something soon you might just end up mistaken for a skeleton. Go on, I'll just orb to the P3 and get a quick bite. I still have a few suspects to localize and you need to spend some time with Phoebe and Paige. They have been a bit strange, of late."

Chris stole a kiss before she could answer and left, only barely hearing her annoyed huff and the muttered 'whitelighters are all the same'. Being compared to Leo wasn't pleasant, but the almost pouty expression she must have been wearing was worth it.


New spells went wrong more often than not. That was almost an unwritten rule of magic, Phoebe knew. Murphy, it seemed, took a great interest in the witching business. Still, usually there was some delay between the casting and the random explosions of undiluted chaos.

Which was why she had thought that merely writing a counterspell ahead of time would be enough to stop any accident before things got too out of hand. If she had been capable of such thoughts at this instant of time, Phoebe would have wondered if it wasn't the very fact that there were measures in place that forced the laws of the universe to enforce themselves so violently.

She could, however, not. The raw lust she receiving from the couple upstairs (because what else could explain the emotion involved?), enhanced by the spell was too much for her. Faced with the threat to her sanity, she was forced to unload the excess where she could. Sending anything towards the frolicking duo would have only created a feedback loop that would have ended in tragedy either for her or them, and targeting anyone out of the manor was impossible due to the crystals that surrounded it. That left Paige as the only viable exhaust valve and so Phoebe didn't hesitate to dump half of the load onto her little sister.

But half of what had been a metaphorical typhoon was still enough to swallow her whole, if not drown her anymore. And it was even worse for poor Paige that had never felt anything but her own emotions.

Five seconds after the end of the casting, both sisters were on their knees, having each moaned in a terribly embarrassing manner. Five seconds after that, Phoebe crashed on the cold ground under the weight of the youngest charmed one who was doing her best to suffocate her with her mouth. And for all her training in controlling herself and differentiating between her own feelings and foreign emotions, she found herself returning the kiss with close to equal passion.

Phoebe's excitement kept growing as Paige continued to molest her. She'd had a few flings with girls in her rebellious phase away from her sisters, but none of it had ever felt this way. It was like a feverish need was being staved off, not at all like the couple of nice but meaningless encounters she had experienced. The smallish part of the middle charmed one that could still think was torn between attributing the change to the spell and accepting the fact that she had considered what lovemaking with one of her sisters would be like (a few of the less mainstream wiccan rituals required saphic acts to be performed and they weren't close to any other good witches) in the past.

That same part of her psyche was insisting that she ought to try cutting the connection with Chris and Piper before she did something that she'd truly regret. Taking these kind of steps under influence was generally a bad idea that would more likely than not put a strain in their relationship later on, but with her little sister straddling her and frenching her languorously, she could not find the strength to fight the alien feelings.

Would she ever want to? Even free of compulsions, the pleasure that a mere battle of tongues was earning her would be hard to forget.

Her hands went up, trying to reach for the skin of Paige's back but her younger sister was having none of it. Quick as a pouncing puma, the witchlighter seized both her wrists and pinned her arms above Phoebe's head. The grin on her face, combined with the soft tuting sounds she was making, made her whole upper body flush and sent shivers through her spine.

"Naughty girl. I'm the one in charge here."

The words were soft, whispered even, but with Paige's mouth less than half an inch from Phoebe's own open lips, they might as well have been shouted. They had an almost physical presence, in fact, they felt like hot lead, splattering heavily against her and burning everything they touched.

Still, Phoebe wasn't a pushover. Cole had never truly dominated her, and, though the feelings that the present encounter were stirring up inside her was an order of magnitude higher than her relationship with the half demon, she didn't plan on letting the baby of the family make the calls. She could have just twisted out of her grasp and reversed the position, but with her inhibitions shot to hell, an insidious and much more fun idea made it's way through her mind. With a small effort, she called upon her power of levitation and slammed against the ceiling, relishing the startled squeak that escaped the youngest charmed one when she found herself pinned up.

"Rebels don't take orders from anyone. Much less from cute little girls like you."

With Paige squirming in her hold, both struggling to free herself and grasping at Phoebe in order to avoid a nasty fall, catching her lips for a proper kiss would have proved difficult, so the middle charmed one went straight to her deliciously pale neck. Her youngest sister's hair wasn't presently all that long and so was but a mild obstacle, only tickling her nose a little before she could reach the exquisite skin behind it. Paige's moan was thrilling, but the sight of the reddish mark on her white flesh lit a fire inside Phoebe that nearly overwhelmed her. The madness of it was exquisite, carrying her away like a sheet of paper in a hurricane. Without even consciously deciding to do so, Phoebe found her fingers slipping along her sister's legs to reach under her skirt.


Paige was already soaking of course. Part of Phoebe's mind was bewildered that she could arouse her so quickly with barely any real contact, but the rest of her psyche laughed at the shock. Poor Paige had never had a fighting chance in the first place, what with never having been assaulted by foreign lust before. Sweet little Paige had been horny before of course but she wasn't built to handle going from zero to maximum input in less than a second. That, and Phoebe could tell that she was leaking heavily herself under her tight yoga pants, and she simply refused to believe that the younger witch could have a greater effect on her elder sister than the reverse.

The middle Charmed one twisted her fingers inside her sister's wet folds and kept sucking on the nape of her neck, enjoying the combination of moans and purrs she was causing, but apparently, Paige had had enough of being passive.

"I'm not your toy! You want to use powers? Fine!"

With an arousing growl, the witchlighter held her tight and they both disappeared in a flurry of orbs. Phoebe had orbed a fair few times in her life as a Charmed one. She had orbed mid-fight, mid-fall, mid-scream and mid-sneeze, but the sensation of doing so while levitating and with her hand buried up her youngest sister's pulsing core was a bit disorientating, to say the least. She didn't have much time to dwell on it though, because when she rematerialized, she slammed into a mattress, Paige still on top of her and taking her breath away.


Suddenly naked, Phoebe had to control an urge to pout. There was something about telekinesis in general and Paige's brand in particular, that always stirred some envy inside of her. Back when Prue had been alive she had thought that maybe it was because of the offensive capabilities, but even since Piper had started to blow things up by twitching her fingers she had been forced to reconsider. She didn't want to make things explode.


She couldn't finish her accusation because of the explosion of pleasure that Paige's mouth sucking on her left nipple caused. She couldn't hold a loud gasp from escaping her own lips, and then a groan when her younger sister's left hand started to tease her right breast at the same time. Then, with a firmer squeeze, the damned tongue stopped its maddening dance across the sensitive aureole and they were eye to eye again. The room was dark, but she could see the fire in the witchlighter's gaze.

"You used your powers first! Now shut up and kiss me!"

Then Paige's tongue was inside her mouth again and her hands were caressing her ribs on both sides, going slowly up to reach the underside of her chest. Phoebe could hardly remember to breath from the sheer want coursing through her body. For a few instants, she couldn't have told how long, her younger sister turned into her whole world. There was only the addictive taste of her saliva, the maddening scent of their mixing sweat, the pleasant sound of her little growls as she ground harder and harder into Phoebe, and the excruciating feeling of her roaming hands stroking and pinching everything they could reach. It felt like drowning, being completely submerged, first by the wave of lust that had dictated and still influenced her actions, and then by the forceful behavior of the youngest Charmed one.

And then she could move and think again and she shuddered violently despite the suffocating warmth of Paige's body against hers. She could have stopped right there, the shock of coming back from the previous entranced state being enough to separate her from the brunt of Chris and Piper's feelings, but she didn't. It didn't matter that the original fire had ceased to be because it had lit fires of its own and the devious part of her psyche insisted that she would feel guilt over this anyway and may just as well get to orgasm, all things being equal.

Still, the receding of the foreign emotions calmed things a bit. Paige was less forceful and was taking her sweet time teasing Phoebe's nipples with the tip of her tongue before blowing on them.

But the middle Halliwell sister didn't want things to calm down.

Her body was ready. Her previous mental state had made it as ready as it ever got in two minutes flat and seeing her little sister's pace slowing down while her pussy hadn't even been touched yet was horribly frustrating. Phoebe's hands grasped Paige's head shakily, the desperation making it hard to focus enough for smoother movements, and slowly tried to push her down. The witchlighter didn't seem to be in a very cooperative mood though, because her mouth stayed stubbornly on her elder sister's breasts. Still teasing, always teasing. And Phoebe couldn't help but whine like a little girl.

"Paige~! Please! I need it!"

And damn her, her triumph rang with such clarity that for a second she couldn't separate it from her own emotions. A smug smile made its way to her face until she remembered that the need was still here and there was nothing to be satisfied about. And suddenly there was only frustration again, frustration and Paige's maddening grin. She almost gave in to her anger, but the very real possibility of hurting her little sister prevented her from doing anything rash.

It was a relief though when the youngest Halliwell relented, still grinning like a fool, and trailed her wet tongue from the valley of her breasts to the very end of her abs by following the path of one of the numerous beads of sweat that she had produced. Phoebe felt her tangled fingers stiffen in Paige's head as her half sister reached the bead itself and her lips captured it in a sweet and languorous kiss. She could barely breathe. The air had already been heavy, but now it appeared to have been changed into a viscous paste that she could only absorb one tiny bit at a time. Her diaphragm refused to move, as if afraid of disturbing the inevitable journey towards her violently twitching nether lips.


Paige didn't seem to be having the same issue as she let a deep moan while her cute nose nuzzled against the skin she had just tasted and proceeded to dip lower still and bury itself in her pubic hair. For an instant, Phoebe thought she was climaxing, the sheer anticipation making her feel phantom pleasure, but the next second she felt teeth gently biting the inner part of her right tight, making her moan from disappointment and lust.

Phoebe loved it when they bit.

And then, when she was about to give up her remaining morals and use her powers to blast her little sister with lust until what was happening started to be more of a masturbation session than a sexual encounter, Paige's tongue gently made contact with the lowest part of her outer lips.

Phoebe wanted to cry.

The damned witchlighter must have picked the only spot that could have increased her pleasure and her want without making her explode. Any closer to her clit and the Halliwell baby turned middle sister would have had her juices gushing to meet their liberator. Any further from her core and she would still have been plateauing at the same level of denied desire. But now, what started as a ghost touch was steadily increasing in pressure as it made its way up. Paige was humming softly, going up, sometimes stopping to nibble on a piece of Phoebe or sucking her in and tugging slowly. It must have taken some skill not to let anything escape because she was past slippery at that point.

But always she went up.

Except when she went back down. Two steps forth, one step back. Still, up it went, little by little, until the incredibly strong tongue was grinding itself just below her magic button. Phoebe was literally vibrating with anticipation, one hand grasping Paige's hair in a steal-like grip and the other slowly caressing her scalp and coaxing her on. This was it! While her little sister was most likely going to dither yet a bit, the inevitable conclusion was at hand and her sex ached from the tingles caused by the heavy breath on the moist surface.

She closed her eyes tightly, moaning shamelessly at the thought of the ruby red lips about to clamp on her thus far neglected clit and was completely taken aback when instead her lower lips were shoved aside by Paige's stiff tongue. The spearing appendage reached far inside her, rubbing itself against her inner walls once, twice, thrice, and collected plenty of juice as it went out again. The unexpected assault was more than enough to set the orgasm that had been building for what felt like forever the middle Halliwell sister, and Paige compounded on that by applying the plundered secretion on the pulsing and desperately burning clitoris, making her gasp and then scream as the same was sucked inside of the wonderfully skilled mouth of the saucy witchlighter between her legs.

Now surprisingly supple, her sibling's tongue toyed with the captive bundle of nerves without pause or mercy.

Phoebe's release stretched, and stretched, and stretched some more until fresh tears filled her already disconnected eyes and her lungs started to burn from constantly howling without any oxygen intake and for the first time she truly understood why some people called this the little death.

And then, suddenly she could think again and she remembered to inhale. Paige's emotions that had been muted by the maelstrom raging beneath her skin slammed back into her with vengeance, giving her back some of the energy that had just been drained from her body by her climax. Her need was thoroughly quenched, but her half-sister's had only grown, and with the beats of their hearts thumping in unison, Paige's rising desire was a fan to the flames of Phoebe's lust.

Within an instant of that switch of mental gears, she rolled out of bed and yanked her startled lover with her. Paige's face was a mess, her red hair stuck at odd angles from the vigorous exertion, the skin from her chin to the top of her nose glinting in the low light of the afternoon filtering through the mostly closed curtains of the room. The sight of her baby sister barefoot (the shoes must have fallen at some point during her unanticipated flight), covered by Phoebe's most intimate secretions, sweating enough that her top clung to her like a second skin, and panting deeply while looking at her with a mix of naked lust and confusion sent lightning coursing through her in a way that no premonition had a chance to surpass or even equal.

Another tug on the dainty hand in her grasp and Paige was in her older sister's arms, pressed against her uncovered chest. Phoebe rested her forehead against its counterpart and giggled when her nostrils were invaded by the pungent smell of sex. She hugged the witchlighter tighter and kissed her with everything she had but forced herself to stop before she could react and licked her younger sister's cheek.

"Hmm… Dirty. You better wash up! I'll help! How about we use Piper's bathroom, huh?"

Her voice dropped to the barest of whispers and her eyes glinted with unrestrained mischief at the thought of desecrating part of the master suite that the oldest remaining Halliwell had claimed when Leo had moved in. That tub was downright roomy, just short of a Jacuzzi, which should only make it more fun as they would have to stay close to each other. Preferably very close.

"I think it's only fair since this is all her fault, isn't it?"

Whatever Paige tried to reply turned into a squeak midway when Phoebe's hand stealthily found her left buttock beneath the rather skimpy skirt she was still wearing and gave it a good squeeze.

"Come on, come on, come on! Don't dally! And take those clothes off before they get in the way!"

In no time at all, the youngest of the pair was completely exposed, her top, her skirt and her lingerie discarded haphazardly along the corridor leading from Paige's room to Piper's. And what a glorious sight it was! Phoebe knew she was sexy. She had known perhaps as young as fourteen that she could just make her voice drop a couple of octaves, force her eyes to glint in just the right way, and have males throw themselves of bridges on her say-so. It was empowering to tell the truth. But Paige had a different kind of appeal to her. Where Phoebe was a modern American drop-them-dead and dare she say, almost sluttish standard of beauty, Paige had a sultry, early nineteen hundreds French baroness air going. The kind of Madame that Degas liked to paint sprawled on a divan, with half lidded eyes, pouty lips and impressive assets both above and beneath the waistline.

The alabaster skin by itself was a turn on, as she could clearly see all the places where she had been a little forceful with her poor sister during the initial skirmish and most recently the spot that had been roughly groped. But the best part was the delightful contrast it offered with the wonderfully full ruby lips, the equally red hair that framed them, and the pinkest nipples Phoebe had ever seen. Paige's mound was bare, but she suspected that, due to the magical nature of the exotic hair coloration, anything the witchlighter allowed to grow in the following months would perfectly match anything from higher up to a tee. She had never wanted anything quite as much as violating the insolent little thing that had just toyed with her cruelly before securing redemption by providing the single most violent orgasm of her life.

Her gaze must have conveyed her every intention because Paige couldn't stop herself from shivering beneath it. They kissed again. The thought of having her little sister pinned to a wall of that corridor when neither was wearing anything and when there was a chance (although a small one with her empathy turned up to eleven) of being caught seared through Phoebe's mind, leaving her panting again. She yanked on her sister's wrist and gave her ass a firm swat before letting out a giggle and running towards the master bedroom as fast as she could while still dragging Paige along.


Chris' idly played with his favorite athame while finishing the sandwich in his left hand. The smoke from the demon he had just vanquished was pretty rancid though, and seemed to have permeated the remains of his lunch. He had recognized the clan sigil on the rather gaudy robes the idiot wore in the split of second he'd been fighting him before bursting into flames. On one hand, the clan was pretty minor, barely worth Chris' time and certainly not the sisters'. But on the other hand, they were due some major chaos very soon (things had been quiet for a month already) and he couldn't afford not to pursue the issue when the thugs could have been hired by a real antagonist. Of course, on the third telekinetic pseudo-appendage, chances were that this was all just a distraction to get Chris out of the way.

"I've got a bad feeling about this… Damn it! I just know that when I go back parts of the manor will be in shambles."

With a sigh at the thought of making Piper wait for him, he wrote a quick note to his mother, rhymed a spell that would discretely carry it on the wind, and orbed to the underworld.