Welcome to story number 30 in my crazy little AU. Last story was, to say the least, intense. This story deals with some of the aftermath of that story, especially JJ trying to get back to normal...whatever that means to this team. Lol



Wednesday afternoon JJ finally comes out of the bedroom. Emily and Francesca had given her some space, knowing she was working through emotions they can't even begin to fathom. And they also know that had she needed them, she would have called. As JJ walks into the living room, she hears Emily's side of a conversation with Elizabeth.

"Yes, Mother, we got the list of 'appropriate' children's names you sent." She listens a moment. "Yes, we saw Raquel and know it could be shortened to Rocky." She listens a bit longer. "I know Roxanne wasn't on the list but, Mother, we both love the name." She chuckles. "Yes, Mother, I chose it just to piss you off. My wife may be a pod person like you but I'm not. Are you happy now?"

JJ can't help but smile. Yes, the mother-daughter dynamic was better for the Prentiss women but obviously they were both too stubborn to let things get too perfect.

"Mother, her name will be Roxanne Amy Prentiss. Deal with it." Emily sighs. "Well, come to think of it…Jen may want to change the middle name now." Emily leans against the bookcase, her back still to her wife. "She's hurting, Mom. I wish I knew how to make the pain go away." Emily's voice is thick with tears. "I hate feeling this helpless where Jen is concerned. I just don't know how to help her, Mom."

JJ wipes the tears that appear in her eyes. She had thought she was cried out; obviously not.

"I love her so much, Mom. How do I do that? How do I just stand here doing nothing?" She takes a shuddering, tear choked breath. "Yeah…I know. Whatever she needs, whenever she needs it, that's my vow to her. Speaking of Jen, I need to go check on her. She needs to eat soon. She didn't touch the lunch Francesca and Henry took her. I'm making her a burger, fries and shake for dinner. I'm pretty sure she'll eat it." She listens then chuckles. "Well, we call it the Comfort Special. We tend to eat it on the road during tough cases. If this case didn't qualify I don't know what does." She listens and nods. "I know. I'll tell her, Mom. We love you, too. Bye."

Emily clicks off the phone and runs a hand down her face. She doesn't even realize JJ is there until arms wrap around her waist from behind.

"You help me just by being you, Emily," JJ whispers. "I love you so much." She turns her wife in her arms. "And her name will be Roxanne Amy Prentiss."

Emily smiles and strokes a hand over JJ's cheek. "Okay." She studies cloudy blue eyes. "God, Jen, what can I do? Is there anything?"

JJ lays her head on her wife's shoulder. "Just hold me, Em. Just hold me."

Emily holds her close. "Always." She kisses her temple. "I love you, Jennifer. I love you so much."

"I love you, too."

They just stand there a few minutes. The brunette wills her strength to the blonde; the blonde soaks up the love like a sponge. JJ finally leans back.

"Are you going to Declan's game tonight?"

Emily shakes her head. "No. I think you need me more tonight."

JJ smiles. "I…I need to get back to normal, Em. How about we all go?"

Emily studies her wife's eyes. "Are you sure?"

JJ nods. "Yeah. I…I mourned her when I was 11. I can't…can't do it all again. Does that make me a bitch?"

Emily shakes her head. "No. Never." She gives her a gentle kiss. "And afterwards, how about Red Robin for dinner?"

JJ smiles. "I thought you were making me dinner?"

Emily grins and shrugs. "Making, buying…almost the same."

JJ laughs. "Right, Mrs. Prentiss. Right."