Wednesday morning JJ and Morgan are upstairs in a meeting with the members of the Counter Terrorism Team, which is in charge of the overseas operations for the Anti-Terrorism team. On Sunday, the two FBI agents and the agents accompanying them will be heading to Nevada for a week of desert survival training…not a pleasant thought for Morgan or JJ. During that time they will also attend courses detailing what to look for when interrogating suspected Taliban supporters.

JJ sighs and sits back in her seat. "I know this is all supposed to make me feel better about going but so far…not so much."

Jordan Todd, who would be their contact in the States, smiles at her. "I know it may all sound rather intimidating but I promise you, JJ, it's not as bad as it sounds. Very rarely will you leave the safety of our bases. And when you do you'll have a contingent of Army or Marine specialists with you."

Morgan rolls his eyes. "But something tells me the insurgents look at teams of Army or Marines as target practice. Somehow that doesn't make me feel much safer. And IEDs don't give a damn who is with us."

Todd's boss, unit chief Ishmael Andrade, slowly nods his head. "Both of those points are very true. But in the years we've been fighting the war in Afghanistan we've only lost 2 agents. I don't plan to lose any more, Agent Morgan."

Morgan stares at the man. "Then I hope to hell Agent Jareau and I help keep your plan on track, Chief."

Andrade grins. "It's an order that you do, Agent Morgan."

Morgan can't help but chuckle. "From your mouth to God's ear, sir."

Andrade nods. Jordan takes over again. "There is a stronghold in the Kandahar province that has produced some very violent and dedicated Taliban soldiers. Conversely, it has also provided some of our best intelligence in the form of those who are not as enamored with the Taliban. Unfortunately, we don't always know if we are getting credible information or not. That's why we're hoping the skills of profilers will help us determine the truth of some of the statements we are given." She hands them a large folder and a CD. "Consider this your crash course in Pashtu and Dari. These are key words you'll want to listen for and especially judge their expressions as they say them. The CD shows people using them and the way their expressions or other statements changed depending on the truthfulness of the statement. It's not a lot but it should help some."

JJ flips through the paperwork then glances up at Jordan. "But we're the ones looking to build this honesty library, aren't we? We'll be learning and recording as we go?"

Jordan nods. "Sort of. More like expanding it. Truth is, the CIA probably has what we need but they are only feeding us the information we need as they see fit. This is our chance to put together our own intelligence for use over there and here in the States. What you and Morgan do in the next two months can save the lives of our military personnel in the Middle East as well as prevent any more 9/11's from happening."

Morgan looks over at JJ. "So…no pressure."

JJ rolls her eyes and shrugs sarcastically. "Right."

Jordan just smiles, knowing that though the two are not happy about the assignment there are no others she would trust more with this mission. "Guys, I know this sucks. JJ…I can't even imagine what this is like for you…but just know that this is one of those times that we are working for the greater good."

JJ slowly nods. "I know, Jordan. I know."

"And I promise, if your wife decides to pull a 'JJ' and go into labor early, I'll have you on the next flight possible out of there. I swear it to you."

JJ smiles. "Thank you. That means a lot to me."

"So, do you two have any questions?" Andrade asks.

Morgan and JJ exchange a look. He glances at the paperwork. "Who are the two NCIS agents going with us?"

Andrade gestures to the folder. "Tony Davide and Ziva DiNozzo. They are good agents and their full profiles are in there." He grins. "Feel free to have your analyst Garcia run a background on them herself."

JJ grins. "That's a given whether we ask of it or not."

Andrade grins. "I thought so. So, anything else?"

Morgan shakes his head. "Not that I can think of right now. We'll be in my office going over all of this. We'll let you know if we need anything."

JJ and Morgan take their homework and head down a flight of stairs to the BAU. They stop by Garcia's office long enough to drop off the information about their NCIS partners so she can start her background check. They drop their information off in Morgan's office.

JJ makes her way to her desk to get her coffee mug. She gives Emily a meaningful look. The brunette just stands and makes her way to the ladies room. JJ gets her coffee, drops her mug off in Morgan's office, then heads to the bathroom. As soon as she walks in, she sees the stress on Emily's face. JJ shakes her head.

"Baby, you can't keep stressing about this." She pulls Emily into a hug. "Please, honey, please try to stop."

"I can't help it, Jen. I just…I can't help it."

"Emily, I will be going through specialized training that I probably won't even need, I will have all the specialized protection gear your money can buy," she says with a grin, Emily grins, too. "and I will be with Morgan. If things get ugly I'll just duck behind him."

Emily finally manages a chuckle. "I hate this, Jen. This is worse than…than when you might have had to leave the unit if you didn't pass your profiling exams. I swear, say the word, and regardless of what it does to me in the future, I will make a call to get you out of this."

"Not going to happen." JJ stares into Emily's eyes. "Just because I am your wife doesn't make me better than anyone else."

"You're right, being my wife doesn't make you better. Being you makes you better," Emily says sincerely.

JJ smiles and strokes a hand down her wife's cheek. "Charmer."

Emily grins. "You're just easy to please."

JJ chuckles and gives Emily a deep kiss. "I'll be fine, Emily. We'll Skype everyday or at least exchange emails. And then in 9 weeks I will be back in your arms as we await Rocky's birth." She looks down and speaks to Rocky. "Did you hear that? Nine weeks. No sooner, young lady, or you'll start life on restriction."

Emily chuckles and pulls her wife close. "I love you, Jennifer Prentiss."

"I love you, too, Emily Prentiss."

The two separate, JJ to study with Morgan…Emily to go to the bathroom since Rocky is once again using her bladder to practice goal kicks.

Thursday morning, JJ and Morgan are waiting in the round table room to meet up with the NCIS agents they will be working with in Afghanistan. Garcia had run them and deemed them "worthy" of her God of Chocolate Thunder and her best friend. As they are discussing carpooling to Dulles for the flight to Nevada, they hear a voice that turns JJ's heart to ice.

"Well, hello again agents Sexy and Sexier."

JJ slowly turns and stares at Mack Brewster. She glances at the folder on Afghanistan in Mack's hand and shivers.

"Oh. My. God."

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