Chapter 2: The Stay Home Movie Night

In the Ops room, a chorus of yawning could be heard throughout, due mostly in part that the team hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. Spending half the night worrying over a teammate didn't exactly help a growing teen get those much needed eight hours.

Raven had just walked in as if this was what she had been expecting every morning, and not as if this were the first morning of many that the Titans would be spending together.

"Raven! You are well!" Starfire squealed as she flew to give the empath a crushing hug. It had been clear to everyone that Star was definitely more of a morning person than most would think, but then again, she always seemed perpetually happy no matter the time.

"Need… AIR!"

"Oh, do forgive me friend! I am most-"

"It's okay, Starfire. It's not your fault, you just need to be more careful around here from now on, agreed?"

"Agreed!" she beamed.

"Hey Raven! Glad to see you're okay!" Cyborg called from the kitchen area, which was now a mess, where he was making his soon-to-be-ever-famous waffles.

"Good morning, Cyborg," Raven replied, "What exactly are we having here?" She took a seat at the counter as the others filed in to get their own share, all except Beast Boy. He stood off to the side glaring at all of the 'traitors'.

"I'm not eating that stuff!"

"Why not? They can't be that bad," Robin asked, which earned a little glare from the half metal teen.

"Dude! Did you see what Cyborg used to make that stuff?!"

"Only what waffles usually calls for," Cyborg defended, "Plus my own special ingredients to add a little somethin' to 'em."

Raven poured a little syrup on hers and took a bite. "Cinnamon?" she guessed.


"I have a highly developed sense of taste," she deadpanned, "Also, you left a container on the counter there."

Cy whipped around to see the cinnamon indeed lying on the counter, right next to the waffle iron.


"It's not that! He used EGGS!" BB looked like he was about to faint, "And MILK!"

"You said yesterday that you're a vegetarian!" Cy accused.

"Yeah and vegetarians don't eat or drink stuff that comes from animals! It would be like you guys are eating me or, like, I'd be a cannibal or something!"

"Vegetarians still drink milk and eat fish," Raven argued, "Technically, if you're going to live off only plant products, you'd be a vegan."

"But is not Beast Boy from Earth?" Star asked, very confused, "The Vegan people are most formidable, and their skin color is of a much more blue tone, I believe."

"Uh, veganism is a lifestyle choice here, Star," Robin tried to explain, "And BB is from Earth."

Star still looked a little lost.

"Not the point here!" BB yelled once more, "I'm not eating it! And if you guys were really my friends, neither would you!"

"Man, the eggs are made so that there was no chance a baby chick would ever hatch out of 'em. Plus, I'm sure all those cows and farm animals are being treated real nice where ever they are, otherwise PETA would've been all over 'em," Cy attempted to reason.

"Pee-tah?" Starfire asked, but was promptly ignored as the argument continued.

"It's the principal of the thing, Cyborg," Raven said, trying to be diplomatic, "Beast Boy sympathizes with his fellow animal-kind, so he's trying to be respectful and live a vegetarian lifestyle. Most of the monks where I had lived had taken it up, too. By extension, that pretty much made me a vegetarian for the longest time."

"See, Raven understands! That's why I say we ditch the murder meat and switch to Tofu!"

"Aaannd that's where you lose my support," Raven said as she stuffed more waffles into her mouth.

"Toe-foo?" Star asked.

"Man, there's no way I'm ever eating that nasty stuff! Meat free substitute my butt! Pff, nothing's ever going to be as good as the real deal!"

"C'mmmoooooooonn! It's great! Nothing like scrambled tofu eggs with soy milk and breakfast fruit on the side! Mmm!" BB drooled slightly at the thought.

"Here, I promise, everyone is going to get the chance to cook for us, okay BB?" Robin tried, "For now, just make yourself cereal with soy milk or something."

"Fine," BB grumbled.

"So you're a vegetarian, Raven?" Cyborg asked.

Raven nodded in affirmation, as her mouth was full of her last bites of waffle.

"Was, and not by choice," she explained, "It was a part of my diet growing up, I never really knew that I'd gone without eating meat, it was just a spiritual thing. Kind of like what Earth's Buddhists believe, actually the overall culture there definitely had a little of every Earth religion incorporated somehow, but don't all beliefs start looking the same? It was my job to study a lot about Earth. You'd be surprised by how diverse yet essentially the same everything here really is."

"Huh, that's pretty cool, though," BB commented as he sat with his bowl of cereal and soy milk, "But you'd still eat meat now?"

"Like I said, it was a spiritual thing, so no, I wouldn't mind eating meat or drinking milk."

"And I don't blame you! Meat is amazing! Hamburgers are to die for! Steak! Mmm-mmm!" BB looked like he was going to either faint or throw Cy out the window. "Bacon tastes good! Pork chops taste good!-"

"And sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I wouldn't know, cause I don't eat the nasty little motherfuck-OW!" Raven smacked Robin upside the head.

He smirked as he rubbed his cranium. "What was that for?"

"There's never a need for foul language this early in the morning or at the breakfast table, for that matter," she glared back, "and I would appreciate it if you could respect that."

"I'm guessing you've seen 'Pulp Fiction', then?"

"I have," she blushed, "and it was a good, if not pointless, movie."

"'Pulp Fiction'? You kiddin'? That movie's great!" Cy said.

"Please, friends, what is this 'movie' that you are so interested in?"

"Duuuude, Movie Night!" BB said. "Star, you're gonna love this! We'll have to show you all the classics! And you're gonna love the comedies, I know a whole bunch!"

"Please, we should watch action!" Robin argued, "We could learn something from watching the stunt guys, plus it's way cooler than getting a quick laugh!"

"Dude! Comedy is amazing-!"

"Enough!" Raven commanded, "Pointless arguments over a meaningless source of entertainment is beneath us. What we should be spending time doing is discussing our routine as a team. Training, meal times, recreational activities, sleep schedule. Are we even going to enforce a nightly patrol or-?"

"Shouldn't have to," Cy said, "Computers are set so any time there's a crime in progress, or even a definite possibility, the alert system will go off and the mainframe will tell us who, what, when, where, how. Pretty effective, but it's up to us to get there in time."

"As for an overall work schedule," Robin thought aloud, "I'd say me and Cy are pretty used to the Monday through Friday thing, with free weekends. Or as free as I could get."

"That could work," Raven said, "Plus, it'll be a schedule that the people here are used to. What day is it today?"

"Friday," Robin answered automatically.

"So no training until we have everything settled on Monday, then we'll start an official routine."

"Dude, we're teens! We can't stick to a schedule!"

"Pretty sure that's just you, B," Cy mocked.

And so our favorite heroes got to work setting up their routine as they enjoyed the rest of their meal. A sort of rotation system to log in training hours was put in order. By the end of the week everyone was required to have a certain number of training hours to keep him or her in top physical condition. There was plenty of time set aside for group training and one-on-one mock battles, but the Titans found out that Beast Boy had been partially right. Teens are lazy by nature, so the Titans had set aside plenty of time for 'recreational activities', as Raven had put it earlier. For the boys, this mostly consisted of video games, for Raven, whatever she was planning, which seemed to be mostly reading, and for Starfire, trying to learn all she could about Earthen culture.

It was sometime after breakfast had long been over, BB was currently trying to explain video games to Star, when the alarm went off. Robin jumped up from the couch to one of the computers underneath the window-tv.

"Titans! There's a fire in the suburbs just south of the abandoned observatory!" Robin exclaimed. "Raven, think you can get us there?"

"No problem," she said as she morphed into her soul self and scooped up her teammates.

"-We are here live on the scene, Bill. Reports tell us there are still two children trapped inside their homes and plenty of others as well. The flames here seem to be acting as a barrier, keeping J.C.F.D. from getting anywhere close and blocking all efforts to reach-" the reporter is cut off as some people from the crowd start up all pointing toward something in the sky.

"Look, up in the sky! It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" "No, It's Superman!" "No, that's in Metropolis! It's one of those kids! One of those, er, Olympians?" "Naw, it's the Titans! The Teen Titans!"

A cheer rolls through the small crowd as the shadowy bird deposited the 4 Titans, turned to the flames and disappeared.

"Titans! Let's put out that fire!"

While they got to work, helping the fire department tremendously, Raven had reached the first of the kids, a little boy who had passed out from smoke inhalation. She teleported them out quickly and healed him as best she could until some paramedics took over.

She went back for the other one, sensing some others in distress, but knowing that the youth took precedence when it came to emergency situations.

"Hello? Anyone?" She tries to call over the roar of the flames. The heat was getting to be too much, even for a half demon, the Titans would have to work quickly if they were going to salvage anything from the fire.

"Help! Here!" A small voice calls faintly.

Raven phased through a few walls until she found the kid, a little girl of about 9 or 10. She had a death grip on some small object in her hands.

She gasps suddenly, "You're one of those Teen Titans!"

Raven smiles wryly in response, "I'm here to help. I'm going to get you out of here, but I need to find some others too. This is going to feel… odd, but I'm going to use my magic to get us all out."

The girl nodded solemnly and shut her eyes tight, ready for whatever odd sensation that would overcome her. All she felt was a slight shiver up her spine, and an unbearable sense of unease, then she heard the sound of new voices surrounding her.

"Mom! Dad's over here! He's safe!" "Diana! My baby!" "Mrs. Johnson! You made it!"

Diana perks her head up. "Mommy?"

"Hold on," Raven says gently, "I'm going to heal you a little first."

Her hand glows blue as she healed some minor burns and scratches the girl had gotten.

"Diana!" The mother scooped up her healthy child and as the two share a fierce hug, she turns to the hero.

"Thank you so much! You and all the other Titans! Thank you!"

"Uh… Just doing our job, ma'am," Raven replied awkwardly as she turned to help her friends put out the last of the flames.


Beast Boy had gone through a lot of bad experiences with the Doom Patrol, but fire was a little new. He had been traveling abroad with those adults for so long, keeping the whole world safe from harm, that he never had the chance to help civilians one-on-one like this. It felt much more rewarding seeing the benefits then and there instead of just knowing that he had 'done good'. No, being a hero should mean more than just saving the world, it should be about keeping everyone safe, no matter how small the danger may seem in the scheme of things.

Robin understood that. Working all those years with Batman had taught him the value of each citizen, the value of preserving the gentle balance of the system. Putting out fires, stopping robbers, little things to keep the people safe. That's what it was all about for him. Let the big big baddies come, they could be stopped from time to time, but things that could happen at any moment, like natural disasters, that's where being a hero really needed to count.

Cyborg was used to helping out Jump City. Things like this happened all the time here, but there wasn't much the civilian population could do about it. Sure, Cy had tried to help out when he could, but it was a lot for just one guy. Now that the team was really together on this endeavor, it felt like the possibility of keeping this city as safe as it had once been was more likely now than ever.

Starfire was not used to these types of situations. Back on Tamaran, everyone existed quite peacefully, a nearly picture perfect utopian society. The trouble only came when their enemies were upon them, like the dreaded Gordanians. Even then, Tamaraneans worked together to rebuild, bigger and better. This was Star's chance as well, to restart a new life on this new planet.

As they all reflected on these thoughts, the fire soon was extinguished and they were surrounded by the cheers of the citizens that they had helped.

They now stood proudly, surrounded by a crowd. Applause and congrats was washing over them in waves of gratitude. Robin was making a press statement and all the Titans were receiving individual thanks from the firefighters, the civilians, everyone.

Raven felt a light tug on her cloak, it was the little girl again.

"I want to give you something," she said sheepishly.

"You don't ha-"

"But I want to! Here!" She shoves the small object she hand been holding onto for dear life earlier.

It was a tiny pony. Not just any pony, a My Little Pony. It was a purple unicorn, from what Raven could tell, and it had a pink streak running through its mane and tail; a pink, six-pointed star on its flank, much like My Little Ponies often had.

"Her name is Twilight Sparkle, and she's helped me through all of elementary school so far and maybe she'll bring you some luck too! You're both, like, MAGIC!" she beams as she hands her newfound hero the Little Pony.

Raven thanked the girl quietly and soon the next person stepped up to congratulate her work.

Meanwhile, a certain reporter had somehow managed to make the Dark Knight's apprentice pause in his answers for the press. It was an unexpected question, to say the least, but Robin seemed to be taking up too much time to answer the impatient journalist's question.

"How do you plan on skipping out of the education system? You teens do have a life outside of this hero stuff, right?"

Robin thought a moment longer. "I'm sure the California education system will understand if we all finish our high school careers through another method rather than the traditional way," he worded carefully. This still sent the remainder a-buzz with more questions.

"How do you plan-?" "What do you mean-?" "Are you all-?" "Maybe you should-?"

"No further comment."

Robin called up the rest of his team on the Titan Communicators- or T-Coms, for short –everyone had gotten oh so long ago. When the Titans arrived at the Tower- it was beginning to feel more like a home, if anything- Beast Boy immediately took to rounding everyone up for the movie night. Raven was trying to dodge him.

"I just need a minute. I'll be in Ops in a second."

"But Raven!" BB tried to reach out to stop her, accidentally tripping over his own feet. As fate would have it, he landed on her cloak, also tripping up the telekinetic causing her to fall and drop the My Little Pony she had been carrying with her all the way.

Cyborg gently picked up the small, slightly charred filly.

"Uh, didn't know you liked Ponies, Raven," he said, cracking a smile while Robin tried to keep a straight face and BB broke into a fit of giggles.

"It was a gift," she blushed as she snatched the horse away and stalked down the hall.

"Please, why is Raven upset by this 'pony'? Is it not something a young female is meant to carry on their person?" Star asked.

BB giggled some more. Robin did his best to explain.

"Well, there's this toy thing called 'My Little Pony', usually only girls MUCH younger than Raven play with them, as in six year olds. But just from knowing Raven this long, something kind of tells me she didn't exactly play with dolls and things when she was a kid."

The group had been walking the rest of the way to Ops from the roof top where Raven had dropped everyone off, and they found the empath already there, reading.

"About time you got here," she greeted, not looking up from her dusty book.

"Dude! Let's see what sort of movie collection we've got!" The changeling said as he dove for the control panel where all the media storage was.

Cyborg set to work gathering candy and making popcorn for everyone to enjoy. Robin explained popcorn to Star as they made their way to the couch; Robin sitting to Raven's right, Star on his other side.

"Sweet! All the Disney classics, you'll love those Star! Hmm, and we've got some new releases- Dude! This one isn't even out in theaters yet! Oh, but 'Clash of the Planets'! And those other two big space movie franchises! Oh, we've got to watch 'em all!"

"B! One at a time man!" Cy yelled over BB's fanboy cries. "I'm pretty tired, and I know I can only handle one movie for tonight. What 'bout you guys?"

The others nodded in consent as he down on Star's side, the far right of the couch, and all waited for BB to come to a decision.

He seemed absolutely torn between all the different choices and Star floated over to see if she could 'offer the assistance'. She picked out a few that caught her eye while BB was mumbling about the pros and cons of his favorites.

"I must know my friends! Why do these movies all share names similar to our own team name?"

As she sets them on the coffee table, Raven glances up from her book. "A cheesy 80's, historically inaccurate movie about a myth, one of the 'greatest love stories-slash-tragedies of all time', and a classic film for football fans, go figure," she mumbles.

"Hey! 'Remember the Titans' is pretty good!" Cyborg defends.

"And 'Clash of the Titans' was a great film for its time!" Robin also declared.

"Raven, you say this 'Titanic' is a love story. Why is there a large ship on the cover? Does one fall in love with the ship? Where might it be sailing? Why is it a tragedy? Is it a very sad picture of motion?"

"Sweet! I know exactly what we're watching!" Beast Boy suddenly burst out, interrupting everyone.

"Whatever, let's just get this over with," Raven says as she bookmarks the page for later.

BB pops in the movie and bounced over to sit on Raven's left, the only seat left on the sofa. It was one of those that no one seemed to particularly like, but none made any move to stop it from playing. It had the team talking and soon they simply started socializing.

Star told them a few stories of what Tamaran was like. BB recalled a long forgotten adventure when he had lived in Africa. Robin told of a sticky situation he & his mentor had found themselves in. Cyborg reminisced of his days before his big accident.

"I still kind of miss being able to compete in sports. That was everything to me. So when this happened, I just dropped out. Regret it like hell now, but there's not much I can do."

"Er, actually, there will be," Robin said. "I guess we'll all be enrolling for an alternate homeschooling type of program. It's through the J.C.I.S.D. and it's a far cry from a traditional school, but at least the state won't get on us for truancy."

"Anyway we could test out of it?" Raven asked suddenly.

Robin shrugged. "Wouldn't hurt to ask."

"Aw man, I hate school! I barely learned anything when Rita was supposed to be teaching me! How'm I supposed to learn now?!" BB complained.

"I could help you," Raven volunteered.

"Really?" BB got a hopeful look in his eyes, making Raven hesitate.

"Er, yeah, sure."


"Boo-yah! I can finally finish taking German!" Cy cheered.

"You took German?" Robin asked, "Bru- I mean, Batman forced me into Latin. I'm really not looking forward to this."

"I could help you two, also. I know my fair share of languages."

"Really? Which ones?"

"English- obviously- German, Latin, Romanian, Ancient Sumerian, and Sanskrit. I'm well read in those languages, at least. Speaking is a different matter, but I'd like to help any way I can."

"Glorious! This shall be an excellent opportunity for I as well to learn more of Earth!" Starfire said with a beaming smile.

"Dude, this'll be perfect for you, Star! You sh- OH MY- HAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you see that!?"

The team was soon distracted once more by the movie and the topic was dropped.


Cyborg let a yawn slip once more, the movie had lost it's charm yet again and the team was getting bored fast.

"I'm gonna get some more drinks for everyone," he said, getting up to go to the kitchen.

"Coke." "Pepsi!" "The Dew of the Mountain, please!" "Sweet tea." Cy fixed himself a Dr. Pepper.

"Hey, I know a great game to play," Robin said as Cy passed out the drinks.

"Well? spit it out, man!" Cy reprimanded.

"But Robin has nothing in his mouth..." Star stated, very confused by the idiom.

"It's just a saying Star, he means that he wants Robin to say what he has to instead of beating around the bush," Raven explained.

"Robin is beating a bush?" Star did a double take to make sure that there were no harmed shrubbery in the vicinity.

Raven sighed, "Just another saying, never mind. What game, Robin?"

"It's called 'I never'," Robin started, "You start by saying 'I never', then you say something you did or didn't do, if someone has done it, then they drink to it."

"What kind of example are you setting up, man?" Cyborg mock-chided, "Playing drinking games! Is this what the famous Boy Wonder did when Batman wasn't looking? Or is this something the Dark Knight taught you himself?"

Robin blushed ever so slightly, "You guys want to play or not?"

"Sure!" "I'm in." "Why not?" "I would love to join on the fun to be had!"

"Okay, um, I never... I never did something illegal," he started, taking a quick drink of his Coca Cola. Raven also took a small sip of her tea, Cy a bit of his Dr. Pepper.

"Can it be something that simply was not to be done because it was considered wrong?" Starfire asked, "On my home world, we did not have the laws like you seem to have here on Earth."

"Uh, sure, as long as you get the basic idea," Robin consented.

Star took a little sip of her drink.

Everyone stared at Beast Boy, who hadn't taken a drink from his Pepsi. "Hey, raised by heros here! It's not like I ever got the chance to do much of anything anyways..." There was a hint of bitterness to his voice.

"Alright, so who's next?" Robin asked.

"How 'bout me? Um, let's see," Cyborg sat a minute thinking, "I've never been anywhere other than Jump."

Everyone drank except Cyborg.

"Go figure," he sighed.

"I wish to take the turn!" Star said, "I have never met any others so kind as all of you!"

Star drank, as did Raven. The guys seemed to hesitate a little, as if considering if they met someone who might've been nicer than these strangers that they had met so randomly.

'Bruce wasn't exactly the nicest guy, and Alfred was okay, but he was paid to be nice,' Robin thought before he took a swig.

'Steve was kind of tough, but not mean. And Rita was really cool,' Beast Boy thought as he drank as well.

'People at school were okay, but none of them were really close friends, especially after the accident' Cy remembered as he too sipped some more of his soda.

"Okay, my turn" Beast Boy declared, "Um, I never..." he laughed nervously, "I never kissed a girl."

Robin took a drink, Cy too, surprisingly, Star did as well, which earned her a couple looks from the guys and a raised eyebrow from Raven.

"Are mothers and sisters not girls?" she asked innocently.

"Guess none of us ever thought of that before," Raven said.

"Well, your turn now, Raven," the masked teen nudged her.

"If I must," she sighed, "I never... had a normal childhood."

Cy and Star both drank. BB and Robin looked sorrowfully at Raven. They understood what she really meant by not having a normal childhood, even if they didn't quite realize it yet.

"Me again," Robin said, "I never had powers at some point in my life."

Sweet Tea and Mountain Dew were gulped down.

"Okay, me," Cy thought some more, "I've never driven a car or flown a plane or anything like that."

"Can you have operated a spaceship at some point?" Star asked.


She took a drink, along with Robin, BB and Cy.

They stared at Raven.


Robin shook his head in mock disappointment. Star started her turn.

"I never have had more than fond attraction in another very good friend before," she blushed as she took a sip.

Coke and Dr. pepper were also sipped on. BB hesitated before he drank from his Pepsi.

"I can't feel," Raven explained before she got more stares.

"C'mon, everyone has feelings," the green teen said.

"Well, I don't. I can't afford to feel. My powers would run amuck."

"Please, you have to feel something."

"I don't, and I never will, just drop it."


"I said to drop it," she warned, her voice getting dangerously low.

BB took the hint and decided to save himself from torment right then. "Um, okay, I never made it through a whole movie without being completely bored out of my mind."

Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sweet Tea.

"Wait, that's right, this is Star's first movie!" Robin realized when the extraterrestrial hadn't taken a sip of her soda.

He chuckled a little as he realized that they had ruined her first experience watching motion pictures.

"My turn now," Raven said, then glared at the teen wonder as she said her next sentence, "I never played meaningless 'get to know each other' games before now."

Dr. Pepper and Coke.

"Back to me," Robin said, he attempted his own jab at the dour telekinetic, "I've never seen the world as full of half empty glasses, at some point in my life at the very least."

Sweet Tea, much as the masked teen expected, Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper.

"Um, excuse me, but, how can the world be filled with something that is empty?" Star asked.

"Another expression, Star," Raven explained, "It means being pessimistic, not looking at the world in a more positive light. And I'll have our boy blunder over here know that for a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic."

Robin inhaled a bit of his coke as he took another sip, which caused him to splutter uncontrollably.

"You listen to Paramore?" he asked when he had settled down.

"Yeah, sometimes," she said cautiously.

"Huh..." he doesn't answer any further.

"Okay, me," Cyborg was quicker to think of something now, "I never listen to rock music."

Dr. pepper, Sweet Tea, Coke.

"Just don't really like it, I've got my own music I like to listen to," the changeling said.

"I have not listened to any Earth music, but I would love to hear all of it!" Star beams.

"Uh, don't think we have the time right now, but we'll introduce it to you soon," Cy says, "It's your turn now, Star."

"Indeed, hmm," Star thought a moment, "I never knew of the miniature horses of which we claim ownership before today."

All looked at the alien as she took a drink.

Suddenly it dawned on Raven. "She's talking about the My Little Pony, isn't she?"

The guys all burst out laughing, unable to help themselves as they realized that was exactly what Star had meant.

"Oh- oh- okay," BB tried to contain himself as he thought of another 'good one', "I never played with dolls or girl toys before!"

This sobered up the other two teens as they each glared at the changeling, taking sips of their respective drinks. Star took her own sip as well.

"Had to once when I was over at a friend's house, they had a little sis that wouldn't stop bugging us till we played with her," Cy defended.

"Same here," Robin said.

"Well, I think our little game is winding down," Raven said, "This'll be my last, then no more." She took a moment to think. "I never knew that people could be so cruel, to judge someone for being caught with a children's toy all of one time."

She took her sip, showing how unsurprised she really was with them.

Coke, Pepsi, Dr. pepper.

"I do not believe that we have passed the judgement onto you, Raven," Star said quietly as she set her soda down.

All followed suit and tried to focus on the movie once more.

They were once again immersed in it, forgetting most of the game they had played and getting lost in what little plot the film actually gave signs of having. They chatted and laughed once more at the senseless movie.


When the credits were rolling, Beast Boy slunk out before anyone could force him into helping clean up the mess. Raven used her telekinesis to put all the movies away and turn off the systems. Cyborg put the Tower on nighttime lockdown and Robin and Starfire threw away the snacks and drinks.

"'Night guys."

"Sleep tightly."

"Er, sleep tight."

"See ya in the morning."


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