Chapter 3: The Origins of Truth, Justice... and the Last Slice of Pizza?

The next morning, Beast Boy was the first one up, surprisingly. He never missed his Saturday morning cartoons. Sure, cartoons played all day long, if you found the right channel, but he liked to get up early on Saturdays, it's what generations of kids had been doing for years and the shape-shifter felt he should be no exception. He fixed himself a nice bowl of cereal with plenty of soymilk, and giggled away at the characters' antics.

Turns out, years of living with Gotham's resident hero tends to make you take on some of his habits; Robin had gotten up early as well and was enjoying a nice pop tart and a little cup of coffee. It was the best of being a kid and an adult.

BB was still giggling away when Robin left to ride the elevator down to the lobby. Titans Tower was always going to get a special delivery from Jump's finest newspapers and magazines from then on. It was the least they could do, to thank the heroes for all the work they had done, and were sure to do in the years to come. Plus, there was already an outpouring of fanmail from the city's residents. It was much easier now for fans to send their thanks, how many other Titans Towers were there, after all?

Raven was the next to come into Ops, a book in hand. She quietly set to work, fixing herself some morning earl grey tea on the stovetop.

As the teapot's whine rose up, Star flew in with a, "glorious morning," and soon asked what captivated BB's attention so. Which lead to a very long and winding explanation of cartoons, how they were meant to entertain, where they originated, the many different types Earth had to offer, and so on and so forth. Beast Boy never knew that there could be so much to tell about a topic so seemingly simple. He swore he'd never take television for granted again after he was halfway through explaining most of it to Starfire.

Robin returned with some help from Cyborg- who knew that they already had so many fans?!- and they set to work sorting the fan mail from the news from the junk from the magazines.

Raven poured her tea and used her telekinesis to set the sorted piles into neat stacks. BB was still explaining cartoons and television programs to Star and the Titans were all having a some-what relaxing Saturday. Naturally, something had to go wrong.

"Junk, news, Star, B, Cy, B, mine, news, Star, Rob, Titans, junk, Cy…"

The alarm went off, a big white ALERT on a red background, interrupting BB's show.

"Aw, man!"

Robin leapt into action, typing a little on the closest computer, trying to see what set the alarm off.

"Teen Titans Go!"

He debriefed everyone as Star and BB practiced carrying off their teammates into combat; the long flight off the island was a lot further than the changeling expected, he nearly dropped Cyborg several times.

It was a very simple bank heist. The would-be robbers had tripped a silent alarm by mistake, which alerted JCPD as well as Titans Tower. The Titans were able to dispatch the group quickly without any problems. The whole ordeal was so routine for Jump's residents, normally it wouldn't garner the slightest bit of media attention. However, when the Titans became involved, well, it became a whole other story.

Raven took a turn giving a press statement as the others basked in the glory of foiling yet another would-be tragedy. Robin heard something in the conversation of two nearby officers that made him pause, though.

"It's the third time crook's like this have been after this bank. Think it's connected?"

"If it is, the chief's not going to do much 'bout it. 'Specially now that we've got these Titans to clean up crime in the city. We'll be out of a job soon."

"Naw, they still need folks to babysit all the crooks they lock up, right?"

"Ha, that's true!" they both shared a hearty laugh as they strode off to their cruiser.

"Hey, maybe the Detective's protégé over there'll take the initiative and figure it out!"

"We can only hope." Their conversation turned to a different topic. "Hey, can you believe these new uniforms there putting us in? We look like stinkin' Storm troopers, or..."

'Third time?' Robin knew from experience that coincidences never happened often, if at all. No, if the bank was being targeted, there had to be a reason, and with a reason, someone behind it all to pull the strings.

"Excuse me! Wait! Officers!"

One turned his head lazily in Robin's direction as he and his partner got into the vehicle.

"What do ya need, kid?"

Robin ignored the jab. "I couldn't help but overhear. Is there anyway I could set up an interrogation with these crooks? And the ones who attempted to rob the bank before them?"

"You'll have to fill out the paperwork. What do you think?" he asked his partner, "Is the kid up to it?"

The other officer looked Robin over. He tried to keep his posture straight, exude that confidence Bruce had instilled in him after all these years.

"What, that walking traffic light? The kid's got guts running around in spandex, I'll give him that. But we'll have to see how he handles the cons."

"I'll be at JCPD by 10am, sharp," Robin glared at the officer, who was oblivious, due to the mask. "Maybe I'll bring my team to show them how it's done."

"Or how it's not," the first officer jabbed back as he started the engine and drove off, which a earned a deeper scowl from the boy wonder.

"Everything okay here, Traffic Light?" a bored voice asked.

Robin bristled. "How much did you hear?" he asked as the turned to Raven.

"Not much. I'm guessing we're going on a little field trip tomorrow?"

"If any of you want to. I can pull off an interrogation on my own, but it'd be nice if you all came just the same."

"Tomorrow's Sunday. Everyone is going to want to enjoy it and sleep in." Raven began walking off towards the group, Robin was forced to follow. "We need to head back to the Tower before the paparazzi ask any more questions."

"That bad?"

"Bad would be an understatement."

"Now you're just being hyperbolic."

"You learn such big words by yourself, or did someone need to teach you?"

"Living with the world's greatest detective tends to lead to many battles of wits-"

"You mean Sherlock Holmes? Did you go into those battles as unarmed as you are now?"

Robin used the best, end-all, most thought-out comeback he could think of, which the mystic still managed to top. "That's the best you can come up with?"

"What does that say about you?"

The conversation died as everyone tried to figure the logistics of flying back to the Tower. Beast Boy was still pretty tired- or so he claimed- from having to take care of the would-be crooks, so Raven took a turn giving Cyborg and Robin a lift, this time on a simple disk of dark energy. It barely made it all the way to the tower, despite Raven's 'excellent' control.

Robin invited all of the Titans to the interrogation, which got mixed reactions. Starfire was all for it, not knowing what an 'interrogation' entailed, but wiling to learn something new from the experience. Beast Boy whined, saying there was no way they could even think of getting him up that early. Raven argued that he had gotten up much earlier today. "Saturdays and Sundays are two totally different days!" Cyborg was up for it, but if he wasn't required to go, he was going to spend that time working on some projects. Raven was apathetic, but willing to learn much like Star; the Titans often forgot that Raven was as foreign to this world as Star, at times.

Once they had decided on their course of action for the following day, the group dispersed for their own activities.

Cyborg was busy showing Star how to set up an interstellar transmission to send to her family. "Sending is easy, receiving a transmission is a whole 'nother thing. The system here can only handle so much, especially if it doesn't recognize the source. It's set to protect us from any crazies from contacting us, but if they've got the right equipment, and the reason, it'll be easy for someone with resources to hack in." Here Cyborg paused as he checked the connections. "We've already got emergency contacts like the Batcave- man, I've always wanted to say that!- and the JLA Watchtower. Emergency only though; we're gonna go for exactly zero distress calls to either place. If things really get that desperate, the League would just step in, whether we call for help or not." Cyborg messed with some more settings that didn't make a lot of sense to Star, though she guessed from some of the keys he was pressing, he was setting up more links to the system.

"There!" he finally cried out, satisfied with his work. "Now the T-coms should be linked up to the system! If any of us are out in the city, but someone's here, the computer will pick up on their location and set up a feed if either Titan tries to establish a connection."

"Um, pardon me Cyborg, but why might the connection need to be fed? Is it not an inanimate device used solely for communications?"

"Er, well, a feed basically means a, well, like a broadcast. It's another word for the transmission you'd be sending."

"Ah, I am understanding now."

"Alright, everything should be ready for you to go ahead and try to send it. Good luck! If you have any problems, I'm only a call away!"

He left her to her privacy. BB was waiting for him in the hangar/basement area, where Cyborg was going to set to work, first in the design plans, then in hopefully gathering up the building materials for the first ever Titans Submarine, or T-Sub, whenever it would be completed. BB wanted to help, which mostly meant he was going to use the opportunity to 'share' those jokes he had been saving up.

Robin had left long ago, wanting to test out the training equipment. He practically forced Raven to help him, saying that she needed to test out some that were designed for superhuman standards and the machines needed to be tested before anyone was going to start full-out training with any of it. She half-heartedly agreed.

Star let the computer stand idle, still preparing to set up the interstellar message light-years away to Tamaran. When the connection had finally been established, Star immediately set to greeting her family, in English. She realized her mistake a moment later and switched to her native tongue, so they could understand her when they received her transmission. She told them everything. How she had escaped the Gordanians. How her newfound friends had helped saved her. How she was planning on staying on Earth for quite some time. She went in very explicit detail on all she knew of her new friends. She stayed on the topic of a certain 'Boy of Wonder' a little longer than the rest. She spent at least a full five minutes talking about the wonders of 'soda'. She went on and on about how beautiful Earth was, and all the wonderful and confusing things she had learned so far. She told them how much she missed her family, her k'norfka, Galfore, her pets that had surely passed in her absence, her people, and her home, above all.

When she had finally exhausted every topic she could think of, making double and triple sure she had explained all details, she sent off the transmission and left Ops to allow another fellow Titan a chance to contact home, or anyone else.

Cyborg wasn't interested; he wanted the chance to perfect his designs before he even thought of taking a break. Besides his father and a couple buddies from high school, who was there to talk to anyways?

Beast Boy, however, needed a nice break from all the 'hilarious' jokes he had been telling to Cy. Sure, he hadn't gotten much work done, but it hardly mattered. Cyborg would finish whatever his project was eventually, right?

BB took his turn to send a message and Star took her turn testing out major equipment in the gym, for which Raven was very grateful.


The changeling had been sitting there all of ten minutes, just thinking of what he could say to the Doom Patrol. He really wanted to rub his acceptance onto the Titan's team in Steve's face, but no, he also wanted to bide his time for that little victory. He really did miss Rita, though, and he was beginning to wish that the silence between him and Mento didn't have to mean silence between him and the rest of the Doom Patrol.

No, BB would forget about his past, at least his past concerning his former team. He wanted to try a line now that he knew would never be answered. A line that he had been meaning to contact for quite some time now.

"H-hey Mom, Dad. Um, I kinda quit the Doom Patrol recently. Mento's just been..." he paused, "I don't know. But I'm on a new team now. Guess who we're being led by. Robin! The Boy Wonder! Cool, huh? Yeah, and there's this guy, Cyborg, he's, well, a cyborg. But he's really cool and really good at video games and he's tons of fun to be around. There's these two girls too, Raven and Starfire. They're both really, er, nice, I guess. Raven's not so nice, but I think she's still trying to get used to me, she's really mysterious and quiet a lot. But Star's really cool. She's an alien, though, so we all kinda have to explain stuff to her, she almost killed us when she made something called a Glorg. How crazy is that?

"Yeah, but they're all pretty cool. It's a lot better than the Doom Patrol, Robin's way more relaxed than Mento ever was. And Cy's a lot more fun than Robot Man. I think Negative Man and Raven are kinda the same so far, I mean, I never really got to know the guy all that well, but... I kinda want to know Raven, I don't know why, there's something about her...

"I- I guess I just wanted to call and tell you how much I miss you. I- I know I'm not good at remembering to check back with you, but I remember the really big stuff, at least? Right? Ah well, I'll call again whenever... Maybe I'll even visit the old bungalow if it's ever on my way someplace. I don't know, I'll see ya... Love you... Miss you... bye.." BB cut off the transmission. Now that that unpleasantness was out of his way, he'd soon forget all that he had lost and try to move on, yet again. The events of that fateful night, when his parents had been ripped away from him- in an accident BB still believed he could've done something about-, were still burning a hole inside of him. But it was getting easier, he realized, with each time he had 'checked back' with his folks, he had met new people, learned more about his world, about the hero world. Sure, it wasn't normal, but the guy was green for pete's sake! When was his life ever normal to begin with?


Raven thought long and hard about who she really wanted to contact. Interdimensional messages were out of the question. If it took up so much time and effort just to send one to Tamaran- a good few thousand light-years away, mind you- how much longer would it take to even begin experimenting on sending messages across dimensions? No, Raven was planning on contacting the first group, the same group, she had asked for help the first time she even came to this new world.

"Titans Tower to JLA Watchtower."

"Watchtower, this is Zatanna, wh- YOU!" The recognition and anger was plainly evident in Zatanna's eyes, which came as no surprise to Raven. Their little... argument, wasn't something one forgot easily.

"Hello, Zatanna. You're looking well."

"What do you want? The League already turned you away!-"

"Oh, I don't think I'll be bothering your little Justice League anytime soon," Raven spit out the name as if it left a very nasty taste in her mouth. "If anything, I've got myself a new team to help me. You'll regret not accepting me onto the League, sooner or later."

"Please, this world could do without demon spawn like you, no matter how 'good' your 'intentions' may seem. You're all the same. All it takes is one little slip up. Better to take the preemptive strike and not have you ruin JLA's reputation."

"Oh yes, that beautiful reputation, as Earth's primary protectors? We'll just see how that works out when-"

"When we get a call from that precious team of yours? Begging us to come save them because their own teammate turned against them?"

"You'll regret it, Zatanna. You'll regret turning me away, ignoring the problem I'm trying to solve."

"Zatanna, who're talking to?" Flash suddenly cut in, speeding over to see who had miffed his associate in the pursuit of justice.

"Oh, hey, you're that kid that stopped by a few weeks back. Uh, Robin?"


"Eh, both mean birds. Zatanna here getting on your nerves? Ah, don't mind her she can be a little-"

"Wary of demons and the threat they carry when one becomes involved in their destinies." Zatanna interrupted, clearly making her move to end the feed.

Flash, however, wasn't quite done talking. "Like I said, don't mind her." He purposely got in Zatanna's way as she tried to reach over, fumbling for the switch that would end the transmission.

"Hey, I think Batsy said something about his sidekick joining a team. Is that yours? Er..." he looked to the screen below, trying to see where the transmission was coming in. "Titans Tower? Huh. A whole tower. Weren't you here just a few weeks ago? Damn you teens must work fast. Kid keeps talking about leaving, wanting to run solo. I wouldn't blame him, but I'd rather he have some backup. I know he and Bat's old Robin were pretty close. Think you can put in a word for him, Ebony?"


"Eh, both mean dark shades. So?" By this point, Zatanna had given up and left, some other League members were passing by; very few even looked vaguely interested in or aware of the conversation.

"Er, I'll see what I can do."

"Great, great. Well, is there anything else that you needed to call the Watchtower about?"

"I just needed an audience with Zatanna. I'm quite done here. Although-"

"Flash, what's going on here?" a gruff voice asked. It was Robin's former mentor.

"Titans Tower?"

"Yeah, this is Sable-"


"-she was calling to bug Zatanna."

"The one who nearly got killed by her teammate's cooking?"

"Hey, look at that! I think Martian Man-Hunter needs some help with something, be back in a flash." Flash was ignored as he sped out, most likely not to return 'in a flash'.

"H-how did you-"

"You think Robin could've figured something that big without outside help? Don't look so shocked. And don't worry about your little 'secret'. The only League members that are even remotely aware, as far as I know, are myself and Zatanna. The others still simply think that you were an overly ambitious teen. I take it you've told most of your team the truth?"

"Not quite, only Robin knows most of it." Raven didn't know why she was being so open- for her- with the stranger. Perhaps it was because she felt her trust in Robin could include a certain level of trust in the one who trained him as well.

"I wouldn't be keeping too many secrets from them for long. Secrets have a way of destroying a team that one works to build. Trust is key."

"I won't argue with you on that."

"I didn't think one could."

A heavy silence hung in the air, neither wanting to be the first to break it. Luckily they didn't have to, Zatanna had returned.

"You're still here?-"

"Don't worry Zatanna, I won't be bothering your precious League any more. I just wanted to tell Batman that his former sidekick might be contacting him soon, it would be a good idea to be at the Batcave to answer."

"I'll be sure that his call is answered."

"You have a lovely day," Raven said to the both as a goodbye as she shut off the feed.

The whole ordeal was leaving her very psychologically drained, so many mixed emotions in one conversation. And she hadn't even had to endure what the others were feeling as it had dragged on!

Raven rubbed the sides of her head as her emoticlones babbled on and on. Red was trying to stir up trouble, very angered by the way Zatanna had been acting towards Raven from the beginning; Raven quickly shut her up and locked her in that special prison in her head. Grey wanted to cry and mope about the same issue; she was easily ignored. Green wanted to say a few more choice words to the magician; Raven shut her up too. The others were quieter, not as demanding in wanting to be expressed like Red Raven always wanted. No, years of practice suppressing all of her inner demons made them all the easier to control during trying times like this.

"Time to let Boy Wonder have his turn," Raven sighed as she left Ops.


"Master Grayson, it's very nice to see that you are well," Alfred welcomed.

"Hey Alfred, not bad seeing you either. Where's Bru-"

"Dick! Hey, long time, no see!" Batgirl suddenly appeared, ready for a day of crime fighting.

"Nice to see you too, Barb," Robin greeted again, somewhat nervous now. He and Barbara hadn't left off on the best of terms, they had dated off and on for awhile. When Dick finally wanted to break away from his past in Gotham, being only known as a sidekick, Barb couldn't help but feel as if their relationship might've had something to do with it, no matter how many times Dick had reassured her it had nothing to do with them. "But really, I need to know where Bruce is."

"I believe Master Bruce said something about leaving for the Watchtower this morning. Something about tracking criminals, I'm sure."

"Oh," Robin tried not to show how crestfallen he actually felt. He really wanted a chance to reconnect with Batman before his schedule got out of whack, like he was sure it was going to be once he took the case on the bank robbery.

"We've also been busy with this kid, Todd, was it?" Barb looked to Alfred for confirmation.

"Yes, this young man, Jason 'Jay' Todd, had the audacity to try and steal the tires off the Bat-mobile-"

"Could you imagine the look on Bruce's face?" Barb laughed. "Oh man, I would've payed money to see that! But anyways, he gave Jay a lecture about crime in the city and stuff. Made sure he was put in a 'home for troubled youths' and all that. I have the feeling it's not the last we'll see of that guy, though."

"Knowing Bruce, he's probably scrambling to replace me," Robin joked.

"Please," Barb snorted, "He's got me and Alfred, he'll be fine."

"Who'll be fine?" a new voice asked.

"My dad," Barb lied smoothly as the Dark Knight came into view on Robin's screen.

"Hey Bruce," Robin greeted.

"It's nice hearing from you, Dick. How's your team doing?"

"Well, Raven's much better and Star's sworn to learn all she can about Earth so she won't make the same mistake. The guys are okay, we just need a little more time to get to know each other, I guess."

"That's good."

"You find a new Robin to replace me yet?"

"Not yet, if the next one if anything like you and Batgirl, it'll take a good five months to train them."

"As long as they're not too young."

"Because eight is a perfect age to start training to put down hardened criminals," Batgirl mumbled.

"Which reminds me. There's a mercenary, a big-shot to those in the criminal underground, who's rumored to be scouting out a place for a base somewhere on the west coast. He hasn't been heard from in a few months, but he's not big enough for JLA or any other initiates of the League to hunt down and find him. He's a slippery one, and we're still not sure if he's really the same mercenary who's being blamed for at least twelve different political killings, none of them related in M.O. or circumstance the cadaver was involved in prior to the killing."

"This guy have a name?"

"All JLA has in the database is 'Deathstroke', or 'The Terminator'-"

"You sure he's not just trying to rip off Schwarzenegger?"

This merely earned a glare from Batman, as if he was saying 'Let's try and stay a little serious here, Dick.' Batgirl let a light laugh slip.

"Again, with so many different aliases and M.O.'s being applied to one man, it's highly unlikely that he'd settle anywhere for long, but be wary. You never know when villains like him may surprise you. Also, he's got one very identifying feature."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"... His right eye is completely gone. Why? No one's too sure. Again, the database only has so much to share. He usually likes to show off his skill, however. Nearly every sighting of Deathstroke claims that he was wearing some outfit or other that covered the right side of his face, or at least his eye's always covered."

"So he's a showman type?"

"He's not as showy as, say, Joker, or the Penguin. But he definitely seems to like to make a mark on those he leaves living."

"I'll be sure to keep a careful watch," Robin promised, thinking suddenly of the attempted robberies on Jump's First Federal Bank. 'Coincidences never happened often, if at all...'

"Good. If y-" Suddenly the alert- it was like that of an alarm clock for Robin- went off. Batgirl bounced off towards the hanger, most likely to hop on her own Bat-bike. "I'll see ya there, Bruce! If I don't take care of them all myself, first!" she called over her shoulder, disappearing from view.

"We'll keep in touch." Batman strode off without any further goodbye.

"Yeah, see you soon," Robin grumbled. "It was nice talking with all of you guys," he told Alfred.

"Be sure to take care of that team, Master Grayson. And do give us a call if time permits."

"I will. Tell Barb and Bruce I'll miss you all, 'kay Alfred?"

"Of course."

"Thanks. You'll hear from me soon enough. Bye."

"Good bye, Master Grayson." Robin terminated the transmission.

'Time to see what Deathstroke was starting before we came to town,' Robin thought as he headed to his office, where some news clippings from pre-Titans Jump City were stored. If Robin was going to find any connection between the attempted robberies and this new assassin that was sure to show his face, it would be there in those news reports.

Of course, there was always the chance that there was no Deathstroke, that it just so happened the federal bank was a target for so many criminals for a different reason. But a detective had to start somewhere if he was going to find the solution to at least one of his problems.


Cyborg had gotten fairly far on his designs, after Beast Boy had left him alone long enough to actually think through the psychics and mechanics of how the submarine would work, and how it could fit each Titan individually and as a whole for when a mission may call for it. For now, he was going to keep the sub connected, but leave it open enough so that he could allow each part to separate if it was a feature that may be needed later.

When Robin had left his teammates in the gym, Raven had tried to take off, but Beast Boy convinced her to stay, saying that he needed someone to spot him on the equipment and that Star was too busy working by herself on others.

Needless to say, by the time they had tried out all the machines, the trio was very tired and very hungry. Luckily, Robin had thought ahead, and ordered pizza.

"Dude, it's vegetarian, right?" BB asked nervously.

"Just plain cheese," Robin reassured him, hoping no one could contradict him and begin explaining to BB that cheese needed milk, which of course, came from cows. "No surprise toppings, we'll get something fancier if we go out for a pizza next time."

"Like the place Star nearly demolished after she crash landed," Cyborg joked, giving Star a little nudge as he reached for a couple slices.

Star blushed as she took a few for herself, "I did not realize that your places for food consumption are so similar in appearance to normal residences or business districts."

"You'll recognize the differences when you've been here long enough," Raven reassured her, grabbing her own slice.

Star gasped as she took her first bite of a pizza. "Simply magnificent! The closest that I have tasted of this was smashed Blortha Worms with bits of Zorka-"

"Uh, yeah, this is different," Robin said quickly. Anything involving worms in food, couldn't be good, no matter how much it may taste like pizza. And the boy wonder really didn't want the image in his head.

Pizza was eaten, by some more than others. Soda was drank. Chips passed along the table or eaten straight from the bag. Stories were swapped.

As fate would have it, all reached for the last slice of pizza, at the same time. Not for the first, and certainly not for the last time, will this happen for each Titan.

"Hey man, I reached for it first," Cyborg claimed.

"No, I did!" BB yelled.

"I think Star had her eyes on the pizza," Robin reasoned.

"But my eyes were inside of my head this whole time," Star stated.

"I've only had two slices so far," Raven said quietly.

"You want to fight me for it, Tin Man?" BB yelled.

"Oh you're so dead you little grass stain!" Cy yelled back, getting his sonic canon ready to start the battle... for the last slice of pizza.

"Eat THIS!" he yelled, sending a little shock to the changeling, who morphed into a fly to escape.

While her teammates were distracted by the display, Raven brought the slice closer to her end, encased in her black aura. Then swiped the box from the table and ran, a small smile on her face.

"Hey! Maybe I wanted that!" Robin yelled, running after her.

Raven started flying, faster and faster, until she ran right into Starfire on one of the corners.

"Please friend? Might we possibly share the last slice of the wondrous pizza?"

Raven shook her head. "Sorry Star, not going to happen." She phased right through the wall, back into Ops. Cyborg and Beast Boy just leaving to join the chase as she came in.

"Well that was convenient." She sat down at the table with box in hand, ready to enjoy her prize.

"I knew it!" the Boy Wonder yelled as he caught the empath about to chow down on his slice. He brought out a bird-a-rang. "We can do this the easy way or-"

Raven lifted a hand and took Robin's toy away from him. "Or the easy way," she finished, finally taking that bite before any other Titans showed up.

"Hey, I heard them down here!" Cyborg yelled from one of the side entrances. He emerged seconds later, Star coming in from the opposite, and BB coming in with the mechanical doors whooshing after him.

"Ah man! Raven already got to it!" he complained.

"Pay no mind that all of you were eating more than your fair share, or that poor Raven only got two slices, or that she was nearly accidentally killed a few days ago," Raven said, slipping into third person.

"Hmm, so you're a drama queen? You learn something new everyday," Robin jabbed.

"I'm merely presenting facts. I would hardly call that dramatic, Traffic Light," Raven jabbed back.

"Alright, no more mean talk, before it gets out of hand. How 'bout a little desert for the rest of us while ice princess finishes her slice?" Cyborg reasoned, which earned a glare from Raven and a cheer from BB.

Cy opened up a cupboard, filled to the brim with snacks and candy. "Here, Star, these are better without the wrappers," he joked, quoting the first time BB had talked directly to her. She blushed and accepted some of the candies, being sure to take them apart and then consume.

"Well, maybe a little," Robin broke down, "I guess I could use a little sugar before we call it a night."

"Yeah, Cy, pass me a couple Hersheys! I wanna get some chocolate in me before I can kick your butt on Gamestation!"

Cyborg threw the shapeshifter the chocolate, grabbing a controller as he settled on the sofa. "We'll see who'll own who." They quickly set to work, adding in a player for Robin when he had finished his last bites of candy.

Raven resumed reading her book from earlier, and Star sat by in fascination of the, "games of video." Having learned so much that morning of cartoons, and of games and such earlier, Starfire felt she was nearly ready to implement this knowledge herself, yet still a ways off from being totally ready to start trying her hand at these things.

It was a few hours before Robin realized he was going to have to head in early for his interrogations tomorrow. He advised Raven and Star that they needed to get rest too, if they were still planning on joining him. BB and Cy stayed in Ops longer, still trying to prove who was best at Gamestation. Games were lost and won, and both went to bed that night feeling as though they bested their opponent, but knowing that more virtual battles would be needed to decide who was truly the best player.

None knew of the surprise that awaited them in the events of the weeks to follow, all starting with the interrogation Robin and the girls would be taking part in...


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Explanations: There was a little confusion on why BB would be contacting his parents when they are deceased. Well, I figured it's like visiting their graves, but BB doesn't want to draw suspicion by making the trek to Africa, so a quick message would do the trick until he could find the time to visit like he should. But he's a hero, he's allowed certain liberties when it comes to visiting one's dead parents, right?
Uh, for Raven's emoticlones... I've seen too many people call them by their alleged emotions that they represent & some are then angered by it. Personally, I don't see Grey as being just Timid, I also see her as Regret, Sadness- borderline Depression, even- and Mopey. In general, a Negative Nelly, if you will. So, to make things a gazillion times simpler, I'm going to call them by their colors and let the reader guess which emotion I aimed for. Pretty much what the animators & writers did in the first place.

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