A/N: Meant to be made for just RubySaphireMoon but since I have no way of keeping it on the computer for more then 24 hours, I had to upload it. I've wanted to do a fanfic that involves an Asylum for a long time now. And I think this might be a good one. I don't know, it may not. But, anyway, enjoy the insanity I guess. Warning for crappy writing.

In the home upon Madman Hill

Children play forever and the nurses never sleep

The sun shines but the light never touches

And the residents rock and weep

Shocks can be heard down the hall

Screams and cries enter your dreams

And make you bash your head on the wall in annoyance

The people smile in pain and frown in joy

They move on command

They do what their told

But only from one man

Two sides made a whole

And two wholes make a right

Your memories return

Only to fade

So sit back

Watch the show

And relinquish your free will

For now you take a trip

To the house on Madman Hill

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