A/N: The plot for this story was actually part of a creepypasta I wrote in high school during Senior year(I'm 18 so it wasn't to long ago).

For those of you who don't know, creepypastas are such things like lost episodes, glitches, and/or theories on certain pop items. Seeing as there was only one true creepypasta for Fullmetal Alchemist, I had decided to create my own for my own enjoyment.

My theory on Fullmetal Alchemist has never been posted and has many holes in it. But the basic thing on it stays the same. If asked, I can create a theory on anything in the series. Such as the homunculi and both endings to the series.


Edward Elric was born in 1899 to Trisha Elric and Van Hohenheim.

In the year 1900, he happily awaited the birth of his baby brother. But sadly, he died in child birth. Before the birth, Trisha had made a doll that would resemble the new baby so the big brother to be could practice caring for it. Once he heard the news, the child had never been the same.

He would constantly ask for his mother to feed the doll, change it and so on as if the toy was alive. Every year, Hohenheim would replace the doll to make it seem like Alphonse, Ed's little brother, was growing. After a number of years, Hohenheim left, not wanting to see his son act such a way. He then traveled around, searching for a way to help his only child.

Not to long after, Edward's mother was stricken with a sickness and died. Grief over took the young child as he stayed with his science teacher, Izumi, for a few months. Upon staying, he became wrapped up in chemistry books. After reading chapter after chapter, he found the ancient chemistry that was alchemy. Thinking that it was magical and could work, he traveled back home and placed the ingredients inside of a circle that was spread on the floor of a nearby barn. The boy fell over on something, triggering a domino effect which caused two axes, a saw and a hammer to fall, cutting off his right arm and left leg. When crawling to the door, poor Edward couldn't find the doll that was his brother. He leaned against a tin can and looked at it. The blood had splattered in such a way that it looked like a face.

And thus, Alphonse was trapped in a can.

When found, the child was taken to the hospital where he was given prosthetic limbs and handed over to Roy Mustang, his uncle.

His uncle would constantly travel to base camps around the country and, in sadness, Edward would follow after him, not wanting to be alone.

And that's my theory. Even though it's completely bad and not true.