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Chapter 5.

The sunrise was beautiful. The air had a warm breeze as it whipped through Audrey's hair. She had stayed up and kept Daryl company through the drive. Audrey held her head back and looked straight up into the sky. Big puffy clouds roamed overhead. She took a deep breath and gave a thoughtful look around the scenery. It was like there was no such thing as an apocalypse. She turned around to see how the vehicle around her was doing. Lori smiled and Audrey gave her a thumbs up.

It was early afternoon when Daryl slowed down the bike. Slowly rolling through a road block made of cars, he rolled to a stop. He sighed and looked around. He whipped U-Turn and slowed to talk to Dale at the RV.

"Can you find a way around?" Dale looked down at Daryl concerned. Daryl nodded and motioned for them to follow. They made their way slowly, weaving in and around the cars.


Audrey jumped startled by the sound. She quickly turned her head to see smoke coming from the grill of the RV. She tapped on Daryl's shoulder telling him to stop.

"Ah hell. I knew it." Dale killed the engine of the RV. The rest stopped and looked around before cautiously stepping out of the cars.

"You alright Dale?" Rick walked up looking at the RV.

"Yeah... but the RV isn't. I told you I needed to get a belt and hose for this thing. I used to be able to fix it with some duct tape, but I'm all out of duct tape!" Dale looked at the RV sadly and shook his head. "I don't suppose we could find what I need from the other vehicles." Dale put his hands on his hips and squinted while taking in his surroundings.

"Probably not... But we sure as hell can find a lot more other things." Daryl said with a handful of clothes. He reached into the back of an SUV and started to scavenge.

"That's a good idea. We need to stock up on some supplies. Food, water, clothes, medicine, and weapons if possible." Rick said strapping his rifle around his back.

"Are you kidding?" Lori looked shocked. "This place is a grave yard..." she shivered and gave Rick a concerned look. "I... I don't know how I feel about this." Daryl shrugged and kept on putting items into his newly found back pack.

"Lori... we're running low on supplies." Audrey frowned and gave her famous puppy dog look. Lori sighed and gave in.

"Only the necessities." She said sternly. She grabbed Carl's hand and they went down a ways from the RV, Carol and Sophia following. Andrea shook her head and walked up into the RV.

"Stay within hearing distance. No one wanders off by themselves." Rick called out as the group split. Before Audrey ran off, Brad walked up to her and grabbed her shoulder.

"Audrey!" Brad gave her a concerned look. "I was worried about you..." Brad sighed seeing that she was still in one piece. He didn't really trust Daryl with Audrey. Hell, he didn't trust anyone when it came to Audrey.

"I'm fine Brad." Audrey smiled and gave him a quick hug.

"How's your arm?" Brad glanced down at the stitches.

"I need to get a new bandage and clean it up a bit. My bandage flew away while I was on a bike." She gave a sheepish smile and grabbed her arm lightly. "I actually like riding on it." Audrey looked up at Brad and giggled.

"Ahh, a rebel now?" He joked handing her an empty back pack. "Be safe. And don't collect things we don't need. Just because you want something-"

"Doesn't mean you need it. Yeah, yeah I know Brad." She rolled her eyes playfully before heading off to find Daryl and some supplies. Audrey slipped into the RV quickly to grab her duffle bag. She was surprised when she saw Andrea. "Oh! Hey Andrea." Audrey gave a small wave. Andrea didn't say anything. She just looked up from the gun she was working on and then back down. Audrey gave an awkward stare and shuffled away to the back of the RV to pick up her bag. "Do you need me to get anything while I'm out there?" Audrey asked Andrea before heading out of the RV.

"Only what's needed really..." Andrea said without looking up. Audrey frowned and headed out of the RV.

"Psst!" Audrey sneaked up behind Daryl. He turned quickly and aimed his crossbow at her face. She gasped and fell backward, startled. He sighed and lowered his weapon quickly.

"Jesus! Don't sneak up behind me like that girl!" Daryl breathed out. He extended his hand out to help her. Audrey took it and dusted herself off.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to scare you." Audrey blushed.

"I wasn't scared!" Daryl shot back avoiding eye contact.

"Well... I came to find you. I wanted to tell you thank you. You know... for saving my life." Audrey's face blossomed. She replayed the scene in her head. He had seen her naked. There wasn't a man on this planet who had seen her naked. She was embarrassed. She had words to say to Daryl and she hadn't had the time to discuss it with him since they fled the rest stop. She had thought about what to say the whole ride on the bike but now that she was at the point of discussion, she was dumbfounded.

"It was nothin..." Daryl's mind also replayed the scene in his head. He knew she had a nice figure, but he had never even imagined her naked. Now Audrey's nude body was seared into his brain, forever to remain in his memory. A good memory though... well, at least the part about her being naked. It had been a while since he even mustered up a dirty thought in his mind. His brain was on survival mode. He didn't even dwell on the thought of Audrey's body for too long. After all, the circumstances didn't really give him time to take it in and admire her.

"Yeah well... just so you know... about you know... me." Audrey choked on her words. "No one. Or, no man... has ever seen. You know... me like that?" Audrey wasn't even sure if she was making sense, but Daryl's face showed that he understood every word that was coming out of her mouth. Did that mean... Audrey was a virgin? Daryl thought curiously for a quick moment before swallowing hard. "Can we just keep that between you and me? No one needs to know I was naked for most of that. Especially Brad." Audrey's face was red as a tomato at this point.

All Daryl could do was nod. "Ok." He replied. He let out a quick breath and hucked his crossbow over his shoulder. At this point, Audrey wasn't sure if she should turn around and go her own way, stay put and watch him walk away, or follow him. Well, Rick did say to not wander off by yourself. She thought to herself. So she followed.

Daryl didn't mind the company, but Audrey couldn't tell if he enjoyed it either. Both of them had agreed to share the duffle bag, shoving things into the bag that Audrey needed and what Daryl himself needed, with the intent of later on sorting it out.

"That's the third first aid kit!" Audrey exclaimed happily. Daryl had a knack for finding first aid kits in her mind. He tossed it into the duffle bag and lifted it from Audrey's hands and placing it onto his shoulder. She blushed. She looked and felt so weak around him. Not like weak in the knees... but physically weak. He carried that duffle bag like no body's business, while Audrey felt it was so heavy she was dragging part of it on the ground.

Moments of silence had passed and the silence was killing her. So she thought it would be fun to ask meaningless questions. She tapped Daryl on the shoulder.

"Yeah?" He looked over and down at her.

"What's... your favorite color?" She asked him sheepishly. He snorted. He honestly wasn't expecting a question like that.

"Pfft. What are we in, middle school now? Why?" He asked giving a very faint smile. He looked at Audrey like she was silly for asking.

"I just wanted to know. Since we're going to be spending more time together..." She reached into an abandoned car and pulled out a pair of yoga pants and held it up to her waist before throwing it into the bag.

"Huh... well it's green." Daryl replied shoving a sweater into the bag and a couple of knives. "Not that it's any of your concern." He mumbled.

"Well you never know. When's your birthday? I'll get you something green. Like this!" Audrey joked and she tossed back a green handkerchief at him. It landed on the ground. It was clean and looked fairly new. He looked at her and saw that her back was turned. He smiled to himself and picked the handkerchief up placing it into his back pocket. Making sure Audrey didn't see. He followed her down the row of abandoned cars.

Audrey fell backwards and crawled on her hands and knees to avoid the walker coming to her. She had dropped the canned goods she was going to give to Daryl. She screamed as the walker came closer and reached for her leg. She felt it's hand grab onto her ankle and she kicked furiously to get free. The grip loosened when she heard a loud thud. Audrey looked behind her to see the walker with a bolt in it's head and Daryl aiming at it. She shook her leg free and ran up to Daryl.

"It... It came out of nowhere I-" Daryl placed a hand over her mouth and put a finger to his lips to signal her to stay quiet. He whispered in her ear.

"They're everywhere, we need to stay low, and stay quiet." Audrey nodded and Daryl took his hand off her mouth. He grabbed her hand and they weaved around the cars towards the RV, quickly avoiding the walkers. Audrey and Daryl noticed a fresh trail of blood. Her grip on Daryl's hand tightened as soon as she realized Daryl was following the blood. She was scared to what they were going to find at the end of the trail of blood. They turned around a big truck to see a walker heading towards T-Dog. Audrey kept herself from screaming as she saw T-Dog's arm and the amount of blood he was losing. Daryl dropped the bag and crossbow quietly and whipped out his knife, swiftly taking out the walker. He grabbed the walker and dragged T-Dog to the ground, placing the walker on top of him. He grabbed Audrey and laid on his back, pulling her on top of him, their faces squishing close together. Goosebumps and shivers went up and down her body as he gently placed a rotting corpse on top of them.

Audrey kept eye contact with Daryl the whole time. She clutched onto his shirt and she could feel his heart beat beating hard and fast. She was having an anxiety attack and Daryl noticed. Her eyes went wide when the walkers grew larger in numbers and walked by. She was worried one would notice and bite down into her. He took steady breaths to neutralize his heart pace. It seemed to help a little because when he started to calm down, so did she. Audrey chewed on her lip and waited for the shuffling of footsteps and the unconscious act of moaning and groaning of the walkers to settle and die down.

When things got quiet, Daryl pushed the corpse off of them and picked Audrey up. He rubbed her back in small comfort and ran towards T-Dog. He helped him up and looked at his arm. Audrey grabbed the first aid kit they found and worked quickly. Disinfecting the wound, and wrapping it up. It wasn't going to last for long. It needed much more care, but it'd have to do for now. The three of them maneuvered around the cars quietly and as quick as they could towards the RV. When they arrived, it looked like everyone had their share of walker issues.

Andrea was covered in blood and she was shaking with fear and disgust. Lori was holding Carol and Carl. Carol was crying, and apparently Sophia had run off with walkers behind her. Rick was no where to be seen. And Shane and Glenn was carrying out a walker from the RV. Probably the one Andrea had encountered.

"What happened?" Audrey asked. Brad ran up to Audrey and gave her a hug. They were all sweating fear, exhaustion, and over exposure to heat.

"Thank god you're okay. Jesus. What the hell was that?" Brad looked around and shook his head in disbelief. Carol ran up to Brad and Audrey.

"Oh Audrey. My baby is out there. There's two walkers after her! Brad please, help! Do something. My baby. She's just a kid!" Carol was freaking out. Lori came up behind her and put an arm around her shoulder.

"Don't worry. Rick is with her. She'll bring her back. He's going to do everything he can to do it okay sweetie?" Lori tried her best to comfort the woman.

Audrey frowned when she saw Rick running up the hill to the highway with no Sophia.

"Is she here?" Rick asked looking around. "Is Sophia here?" Everyone stared at him with a sad look. He look disappointed himself and he shook his head. "Alright. Glenn, Shane, and Daryl. I need you guys to come with me. We're going back in to look for her." The three men followed Rick and the disappeared into the woods.

"Oh God. Lori. What do I do? It'll be dark soon. What will she do?"

Audrey just stared at the group, sad and distressed. The world was spinning. Words started to muffle. Audrey's vision began to go blurry and then... black. Audrey had fallen backwards and smacked right onto the road. Her head cracked on the road and started to bleed.

"Audrey!" Brad picked her up and applied pressure on her head. "Oh God!" Dale and Andrea rushed to her and they helped Brad bring her into the RV. "Shit! What happened?!" Brad yelled at Audrey's unconscious body.

"She hasn't slept in so long Brad. She was on that bike the whole time. And all this stress. It must have gotten to her." Andrea washed her hands and grabbed the first aid kit. "Also, her wound might be infected. It hasn't been wrapped up." Andrea examined her arm. Brad sighed and sat back. Watching Andrea and Dale.

"God dammit. I'm the worst body guard ever." Brad placed his head in his hands and sighed.

"She'll make it brad. It just looks like a cut on her head. Nothing major. But we need to wake her ever thirty minutes. Just to make sure she's not going to fall into a coma. Do whatever you need to do to wake her up. You don't need a full sentence. Just any sign that she's aware of who you are and that she's awake will do." Dale explained. He finished bandaging her arm and head before washing up.

"What am I going to do..." Brad held Audrey's hand and looked down at her. "I'm so sorry Audrey."

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