A/N: My first Back to the Future fic that's not a crossover. Don't be too harsh... I've had this in my head for a while now, ever since I watched the first Back to the Future. Please don't criticize too much. This is only the prologue. If you really want to criticize, then actually read the first chapter before you think of anything to talk bad about.


My name is Lezarah Hailee Payne-Brown. I have a twin brother (that's older by twenty minutes) named Jason Brandon Payne-Brown. But, you see, we'd rather just stick with the last name Brown instead of Payne or Payne-Brown. Our mother was an eccentric woman, just like everyone else in her family, including our uncle. Our father doesn't respect anything scientific...he doesn't even respect us and gave us up to our grandparents on our mom's side after mom passed away, and then our uncle took us in... Jason and I love science, along with the bands Queen, Journey, and the Beatles. My brother looked like our uncle, scientist Emmett L. Brown. He was the one that took us in, because we had another uncle, but he lived in Sweden. Besides, we were always closer to Uncle Emmett anyway. My brother's hair was blonde and wiry, like our uncle's (even though our uncle's is more like white than blonde nowadays) but his eyes are green instead of brown. I look like our mother. Black hair, sky blue eyes. I, honestly, hated my looks. But, that's not really important right now.

My brother and I are two peas in a pod, although we both do different activities at school. I'm in dance, theatre, and choir, and that's where I met Jennifer Parker, one of my best friends. My brother is in all of the science clubs. You name it, he's in it. Chemistry is his favorite. Mainly because he makes stink bombs and throws them at the people he hates. But he still hasn't been found out, which I thought was pretty damn clever. But there was one club that the two of us were in together.

Physics club.

But our very best friend, a kid we've known since the fourth grade, was Marty McFly. Baby blue eyes, brown hair...he was a dreamboat. I've had a crush on him since the fourth grade...pretty sad. I haven't even had my first kiss, and I'm seventeen. Seventeen. That should be considered a sin. And since Marty and Jennifer are together, well, let's just say he loves her too much to do anything. Which I respect. Well, not really, but I know where he's coming from. I have had a boyfriend. But he wouldn't stop touching my ass so I broke up with him. But Jason, oh dear God, Jason has had a girlfriend at least every other semester.

I had a lot of fears. Fear of heights, fear of death, fear of spiders, and fear of grasshoppers to name a few. Yes. Grasshoppers scare the shit out of me. My brother has no fears except for the fear of death, like me. That and the fear of fire.

As I walked out the doors that morning at seven o'clock with my brother to go to school, I never knew how our lives could change in one night.