Title: Transformation
Author: DarkChilde
Email: princess220@a...
Author's Note: This is a response to the 5-minute fic challenge, He
felt like

He felt like the world had changed and would never return to what he
had once called normal. Hawkeye couldn't decide whether that was a
good or a bad thing. On the one hand, he hadn't much cared for the
world the way it was before. On the other, this change brought a
whole host of complications and potentially hurtful conclusions. Of
course, in the end it was irrelevant. The change was made for good or
ill, there was no going back.

Funny to think that your entire existence could change in just five
minutes. It was as if everything that had made up the man, Benjamin
Franklin Pierce, had disintegrated, only to be built back up in an
entirely new form. So what had caused this change? Five minutes ago,
he had kissed his best friend.

The day, right up until the kiss, had seemed like any other. They
treated and cared for the patients they already had. They had been
lucky that the days fighting had not brought them yet more wounded.
Still there were more than enough things to keep them busy. At the
end of the day, Hawkeye had returned to the tent to share a drink
with BJ. There was nothing unusual in that. It was how they ended
most nights.

They chatted about all of the inconsequential things that the day had
brought, and if he had watched the movements of his friends mouth
more than was strictly necessary, well, that was nothing that hadn't
happened before either. The tent was small and they were close
together, all quite normal. What hadn't been normal or usual, was
when, after their fourth or possibly fifth drink, Hawkeye had leaned
across the small space separating them and pressed his own lips to

The kiss itself had been nothing spectacular. It was just a light
brushing of lips. If anything it had been a bit awkward. Short and
less skilled than any kiss Hawkeye had given since he arrived in
Korea. Strictly speaking though, the kiss had not been what caused
the change in Hawkeye's world. It was the aftermath of that kiss.

Many things could have happened. It might have ended his most
cherished friendship. BJ might have laughed it off and made a comment
about how much they had to drink, allowing them both to push the
incident out of their mind. He hadn't done either of these things.
Instead, he had smiled gently and said goodnight, before returning
the simple kiss with one of his own, equally awkward and unskilled.
Now the world was a new place. Nothing ever could be the same.
Hawkeye thought that maybe, just maybe, he would enjoy discovering
what it held.