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Orson was the first one to bolt into the room where his mother and Scary were still embracing but he ignored them in favour of looking at his best friend. Hannah-Marie was lying on the sofa face looking almost serene, but that's not what Orson saw.

The Prince of the Night saw his best friend prone and unconscious on the couch, a myriad of bruises in all different shades and colours coating her exposed skin, skin that was a deathly pale colour. Nowhere near as pale as he or his parents were, but still exceptionally pale especially for a human. What alarmed Orson the most though were the remnant lines of cuts and lacerations outlined by her pale skin. Thin red lines that faded to pearls could be seen along her usually round jawline. Now though, her skin sunken in and pale, Orson could see how worn and beaten his friend was.

His own chalky complexion impossibly paling, Orson stammered, "Is-is she—" his mother spoke in as soothing of a voice as she could muster while finally releasing Scary.

"Hannah will be fine, Orson darling. She's injured now, but Scary will take wonderful care of her now, and we will all be here to help. Alright?" she replied gently.

Orson's hand trembled in the air as it reached towards Hannah's; gently taking her limp hand the taller boy entwined their fingers as he gazed down at her. "Mom…" he said slowly as the vampire in question knelt beside him.

"Yes darling?" Ruby asked, probing for a continuation.

"C-can we…can we stay here? While Hannah's getting better…can we stay with her? Please?" he asked, not looking away from the sleeping girl. Ruby's dark eyes were pained as she took in her son's heavyhearted expression.

"As long as Scary is okay with it, of course we will stay darling." She said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

At this Orson tore his gaze away from Hannah to look into the bloodshot eyes of her godmother. "Please Scary can we stay? I-I promise I won't cause any trouble I just… I don't want to leave her now." He pleaded.

Scary nodded immediately, "Of course you and Ruby can stay, Orson. Hannah would want you around I'm sure." She offered the best smile she could muster to him to which he returned a small one of his own before returning his red eyes to the object of his concern.

Max and Harry came in next, having finally gotten through Harry's melodramatic complaints to Skully and Max about being forced into unconsciousness. The sight of Orson's somber expression as well as his wife and Scary's troubled faces was enough to cause Max's fangs to elongate slightly.

His mate and child were both in anguish at Hannah's current state, not to mention his closest friends; while Max himself had never been as close to Hannah as the other monsters, she was important to him. After all, it was obvious that his wife adored the girl and his son considered her to be his best friend. That alone made Hannah under the protection of the King of the Night. And that meant quite a bit in the monster realm. Actually it meant almost everything within the vampiric race.

Gliding to Ruby, Max placed a strong hand on her shoulder, to which she immediately placed her own over it. Her Max may not have been the most 'hip' of vampires, but he was the love of her undead life and he had always done right by her. It was a little known fact that Max had in fact fought, and won, against the strongest vampire of her original coven, Isaiah, in order to earn the right to court Ruby in the first place.

It was funny, for all the stories of the past 'Kings of the Night' holding up reigns of terror, especially the infamous Vladimir, Max had never been so much for the reigns of blood and carnage. Certainly both she and Max had seen their share of horrifying sights and gore, but they had mutually agreed that it was not their preference to rule by it. However, there were exceptions to every rule, and what those villains had done to Hannah-Marie…Ruby was more than willing to make an exception.

Harry, bringing up the rear let out a rather loud sound that none of the others were sure whether it was a howl or a whimper. He rushed to the part of the only remaining space around the couch, and stared at the ashen face of his favourite human. For once though all the words and exclamations of outrage Harry felt wouldn't come. His voice seemed to have left him as he tried to form words but ended up releasing only a series of pained whimpers.

The rest of the monsters regarded Harry in surprise and empathy; they knew what he was feeling all too well but they had never seen the usually outspoken so pained. Skully moved first and walked slowly to Harry, silently he placed a bony arm over Harry's shoulders offering what small comfort he could. There were no words exchanged, but Harry immediately pulled the skeleton into a bone crushing hug.

There was nothing the friends turned family could do now but wait, wait and hope with all they had that Hannah awoke soon. Scary's stifled cries were vaguely heard as Orson tried his best not to cry, with little success, causing Ruby to pull her son to her in a warm hug. Bug-a-Boo stood beside Scary, putting a hand on her shoulder. Scary, not wanting her friends to worry tried to hold herself together and simply gave Bug-a-Boo a watery smile and a grateful nod.

How could this have happened? Scary wondered. How could everything have gone so, so wrong without a single one of them noticing? When they, and especially Scary herself, spent so much time with Hannah…how could they not see anything wrong? How could she not have seen anything wrong? How could she have let this happen again?!

'My own goddaughter…Hannah-Marie…sweet Elphaba what have I done?! Left my own goddaughter with those-those things!' Scary yelled in her mind. The thoughts tumbling around in the usually confident witch's mind were dizzying.

None of them knew what was going on in her head, but all the monsters, barring Orson who was too engrossed in staring at his best friend to notice anything around him, knew that Scary was desperately trying to remain strong in the face of the tragedy before them; something they had anticipated would happen. But Ruby also knew it wouldn't last.

After several minutes that felt like hours of silence, punctuated only by the sound of Harry's pained whimpers and the vague rattle of bones, Ruby spoke softly, "Perhaps it would be best if we were not all here when Hannah awakes. In the room that is, besides, it is not helping anyone to stand about in silence. Going to the kitchen for some drinks might be a good idea." She suggested.

Orson looked at his mother, clearly about to protest, but there was something in her eyes that made even him hesitate. He would later wonder what it was, but at the moment it compelled him to listen to her recommendation. The Prince of the Night turned to Hannah with a pained expression on his face; his instincts were entirely opposed to the concept of leaving his princess at the moment.

Ruby easily sensing Orson's dilemma kneeled beside him and placed a pale hand on the small of his back before whispering, "Orson, darling, I promise you Hannah will be fine, Scary and I will not let anything happen to her while you and the others go downstairs." Orson winced slightly knowing that his mom knew exactly what he was thinking.

"I know mom…I just…I don't want to leave her…" he mumbled, pale face colouring slightly. Ruby gave him a knowing smile.

"Ten minutes darling, and then you can come back up and stay, yes?" Ruby offered. Her son seemed to be debating in his head before he finally nodded.

"Okay…but only ten minutes." He said, looking straight into her eyes, looking for any trace that she was deceiving him. When he found none he nodded; the rest of the monsters who had watched the exchange saw the nod and knew that they were going to have to go down to the kitchen too.

All but Scary, and as much as they didn't want to leave the room, they knew that Ruby was right, too many people being around when she woke up would probably overwhelm Hannah. That didn't mean they had to like it. Max, in an inordinate show of physical affection, replaced his wife's hand on the small of his son's back and gently guided him to the door.

Skully, who tugged a still whimpering Harry along with him, lead the way out, followed by Bug-a-Boo and finally Max and Orson, leaving Ruby alone with Scary and Hannah in the room, the door clicking gently shut behind the men.

After the door shut Ruby glided over to Scary who, unable to keep the strong face she'd been holding ever since the men started to arrive, crumpled before her best friend, tears burning her eyes as she cried. Ruby, took the redhead's shaking form into her arms, was pained not only by what happened to Hannah, but also the pain it was causing her best friend.

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Ruby knew that this was something that haunted not only Scary, but also her for the rest of her afterlife. This was not Scary's first experience with abuse, and Ruby knew that would make it so much worse for the trembling witch in her arms.

Scary, clinging desperately to Ruby's form, sobbed brokenly, "Sweet Elphaba…Ruby it-Hannah-Marie…Goddess Ruby how c-could I…again!" Ruby shushed Scary gently, as tears began to sting her own eyes.

"I know Scare; I know…shh, it's not your fault, darling. You didn't know!" she murmured into the redhead's hair as she rubbed soothing circles on the witch's back, gripping the shorter woman almost as tightly. It was unfair, Ruby thought, for Scary to have to relive the horrors of a time long past after they finally started to ebb away.

It had been a long time ago now that Ruby first met Scary Godmother; whose last name at the time had actually been nonexistent. A small known fact about the monster realm was that 'last names' were not given at birth but rather decided as the monster grew to develop into who they were going to be.

A monsters last name signified something about themselves, and Scary's was about her protective nature of those younger than, or oft times the same age or older than herself. Scary had earned her last name before they even hit middle school. Where Ruby's last name, Careblood, came from her caring nature as well as her vampirism, Scary's had come from the little girl she had tried to desperately to save—her younger sister.

The only of two daughters of a warlock and a human to survive the horrendous upbringing by their father, Masheck, Scary had borne witness to more than her fair share of violence.

She had been the older of the two daughters, her fiery red hair and electric green eyes matching her fierce personality. Scary's younger sister, Elise, was born only a year after Scary herself; however, Elise was polar opposite in looks. Tragedy struck with Elise's birth; their mother, Ruth, died giving birth to the girl. Masheck was devastated by the loss of his love. Devastation he began to associate with Elise.

The loss of his wife compounded with his general dislike of Elise's appearance. Where Scary's had Ruth's fiery hair and Masheck's piercing eyes, Elise had Ruth's plain brown eyes and their father's straw coloured hair. Masheck had long hated his light hair because other monsters seemed only to fear warlocks with the darkest of hair colours and most piercing eyes. While he had piercing eyes, Masheck had almost no respect in the magical realm because of his light hair. It was a prejudice Ruby had long ago given up understanding.

Thus began Masheck's dislike of his youngest daughter; a dislike that became loathing when Elise did not inherit his magic. Where Scary had shown signs of magic practically since birth, levitating her rattle to herself at the tender age of 2 weeks old, Elise had never shown even the barest hint of magic by the time they were 4 and 5 years old.

Masheck was furious.

Elise reminded Masheck of everything he had lost and didn't have in his life. She was the loss of his beloved Ruth, the shame of a daughter without magic, the disappointment of not having a son, and the belittlement he suffered from his own hair colour all in one girl.

The first time her father struck her, Elise was only 4. His fury when she failed, again, to turn an orange to an apple caused him to lash out, backhanding Elise with such force that she fell to the ground with a pained cry. Scary raced to the kitchen at the sound only to see her beloved sister on the ground, cradling her fast bruising cheek with her father standing over her.

Her five year old brain not fully comprehending what was happening, Scary scrambled to help Elise. Her sister was her favourite person on Earth, and if she was hurt Scary was going to help her. This was a trend that continued for several years. Masheck would never hit his older daughter, his perfect creation who had both his piercing eyes and his late wife's flaming mane of hair. Not to mention the magic.

Masheck thought of his elder daughter's magic as a gift from the deities, after all it was more powerful than even his own had been at her age. Scary's magic was already surpassing many minor witches and warlocks by the tender age of 9. However, with her growing powers also came an increased risk for Masheck. His intense hatred and frequent abuse of Elise did not sit well with Scary, and if she was around and he tried to hurt the tiny brown eyed girl… Scary often let her magic get the better of her.

Her magic would surge, the energy crackling around her hands releasing tiny bolts of energy. Bright green crackles of energy that would go towards Masheck and fight him back from Elise, which on its own was terrifying to the young redhead. After all, why was her father attacking her beloved sister? And why was her magic attacking her father?

Despite her confusion, Scary continued to do her best to protect Elise; however, at 9 years old Scary was away at school during the days, and Elise was defenseless. Masheck would never send her to the human realm, the shame it would bring on the family was too much for him, but he was likewise unable to send what amounted to a human daughter to a monster school.

Scary was, well, scared. Her baby sister was hurt almost every day when she got home, and despite her growing powers she was powerless to stop it. Ruby, whom Scary had met her first day at school, noticed her friend growing more nervous as time wore on. They had been best friends for 3 years now, and still the vampiress didn't know why.

She had tried to ask Scary what was wrong, but the young redhead was giving no quarter. One thing Ruby had noticed though was that Scary talked almost incessantly about her younger sister, Elise. It was funny, Ruby had never actually met Elise and yet she felt like she had known the girl for years.

It took a long time for Ruby to realize what was going on, or even that anything was going on, after all she was scarcely 9 years dead herself. But it happened one day that she met Elise. Ruby, in her worry over Scary, followed the redhead home one day—feeling only slightly guilty for doing so—and was shocked by what she saw.

When the redhead got home, a slightly shorter girl with fair hair and big brown eyes raced out of the house, a big smile on her face as she crashed into Scary, who readily wrapped her arms around the girl's thin frame. It didn't take Ruby even a minute to realize who the girl was. She knew it had to be Elise, after all Scary had described the girl in detail more than once.

What shocked Ruby though was the large, purple-black bruise on the girl's jaw. She was stunned, what on Earth had happened to Scary's sister? And how had it happened without her hearing about it? Ruby was horrified though when she heard a shout from inside and saw Scary push Elise gently behind her.

That was the first time Ruby ever saw Masheck, and the only time she saw Elise struck. But it was enough. It was burned into her eternal memory after what happened.

The next day Ruby demanded from Scary in the most polite way possible to know what was going on and why her father struck Elise. At first Scary had tried to deny it; then the redhead had become enraged at Ruby's accusation, until finally she had to concede that Ruby had seen and explain to her best friend the strange occurrences in her home.

A long time passed before Ruby fully understood what was going on and got Scary to fully explain. Several months and a lot of tears passed before the truth was finally coming out. Ruby knew that she had to do something, but she didn't know what. Who was she, a 9 year dead vampire, to get involved in the household affairs of a widowed warlock and his human daughter? But at the same time she couldn't do nothing.

It was towards the end of the school year that everything changed. Scary went home one Tuesday night, just like any other, but when she got there Elise did not run out to greet her as she customarily did. That alone worried Scary. However, what really frightened the redhead was the utter silence permeating through her house when she entered. Nervously she called out, "Hello? Elise? Father?"

All she heard was silence. The table and chairs in the kitchen were knocked about and the tap was still running into the sink. Shutting it off, Scary crept slowly further into the house. Everything was in its usual place, if a little jarred or out of position as the redhead was used to as Masheck frequently threw things when enraged.

It was when she entered the bathroom that Scary saw the most horrific thing to ever greet her eyes. The door was slightly ajar, and as Scary pushed it open she gasped in horror. Elise was in the bathtub; crumpled on the ground, a smear of bright crimson on the opposite side of the tub.


Scary was stuck in a terrified silence for several long moments, staggering towards Elise's prone form before letting out a scream of agony. Magic swirled around the two, as every ounce of control Scary had broke. Waves of electric green mixed with ink black and neon yellow tendrils that swam through each other crashed around the girls before a shuddering thunderclap exploded outwards from Scary.

The entire house was destroyed around the girls leaving only Scary sobbing over Elise's murder, holding the limp girl in her arms. That was how the neighbours found the pair when they rushed out of their homes at the sound of the explosion.

That night had been the darkest of Scary's life, and the weeks afterwards reeked of death and decay all around the young redhead. Masheck had been found only days later attempting to flee to another magical realm. He had been apprehended, charged, stripped of his magic and sentenced to 20 years in Purgatory before being permitted to suffer the rest of his afterlife in the depths of Hell.

Scary had lost her entire family that night, but as her and Elise's story had come out the redhead had gained her last name: Godmother. The name was given to her by the local authorities when they realized just how protective she had been of her sister. A sister she was more like a mother to in many regards, and as such they decided her last name should include the title.

Ruby was Scary's only close friend at the time and thus the only person to hear of Elise's death or Masheck's imprisonment. The authorities had emancipated Scary allowing her freedom she had clearly earned, however it was conditional as she had to keep her grades up and there was an officer that stopped by once a day to make sure everything as going fine until she was 16.

The officer happened to be Skully's uncle, and later introduced the two, after reassuring Scary that he had told his nephew nothing about her past. And that was the beginning of Scary and Ruby meeting the rest of the boys.

Ruby as she now held her trembling best friend in her arms couldn't help but remember all that Scary had already suffered as a result of abuse. She murmured comforting words to Scary as she tried, and failed, not to remember the times she had held her best friend just like this after Elise's death.

She knew that Scary was thinking of not only Hannah-Marie but also Elise now. And she was of course right, Scary felt as though she couldn't breathe. The past was repeating itself in the worst way possible.

The redhead couldn't quiet her mind; all she could see were flashes of a tiny girl with flaxen hair and brown doe eyes that begged her for help and the crumpled form that had met her so many nights returning to her childhood home. Images now muddled together with those of her beloved goddaughter, alone and bruised on the cold floor of a lonely house.

Images of that sick man who dared call himself Hannah's father breaking her goddaughter's nose and of the blood running down the tiny brunette's face assaulted Scary's restless mind. It was torturous to watch it as if on repeat rolling through her mind. Unyielding in its vision as it played on in her head.

They didn't have much time before Orson would come charging back in, but Ruby knew that Scary would be in no condition to be seen by their semi-oblivious friends in that time. She murmured softly to Scary as she held her close, but there wasn't much she could do. As much as she wished there was, Ruby knew all too well that the only person who could even begin to heal Scary now was Hannah.

Hannah and her warm, loving heart and big, gentle, brown eyes; eyes that Ruby, along with all the others, had mistakenly thought innocent when clearly there had been much more at play in Hannah's life. Ruby's own deep blue eyes saddened as the thought ran through her head, everything had changed so fast and with such little warning… And to think, if Bug-A-Boo hadn't thought to stop in and say hello to Hannah that day they could still all be oblivious now.

Ruby couldn't supress the shiver at that thought. Hannah had suffered in silence so long, and for what? Why had Hannah suffered? Why of all people was it the sweet, charming little girl that Ruby had met? It didn't make sense to the vampiress.

So much could change in such a small amount of time. One minute they were at home debating what kind of blood to have for dinner and the next they were racing to Scary's house and learning Hannah was being abused.

There wasn't anything else to be done or said. Who was there to confront now? They were going to go back and make those sickos pay for sure, but what else could they do? Who could help Hannah now? None of them were doctors, but the closest thing was Scary, so obviously she would be helping Hannah in that regard, but then what?

Ruby was at a loss, vampires would never abuse their children, the very idea was absurd in their culture; it was only because of Scary that Ruby even knew this kind of thing happened at all. And more than just that how was Ruby going to help Orson through this? Orson who thought Hannah was the best person in the world, and often asked if he could go see if she was over at Scary's.

There was so much pain already, and not even a day had passed. Ruby clung tighter to Scary as she felt the weight of the situation finally start to crash onto her. It wouldn't be long now before her son would come charging back in, most likely along with the others. All she could think was 'What are we going to do?'

Scary pulled back slowly, and wiped her bloodshot eyes and looked at Ruby, whose own eyes were red from the sting of bloodied tears, and choked out, "How could this have happened again, Rubes?"

Ruby shook her head slowly, "I don't know darling, but now we have to do whatever we can to help her. And we will darling, it will take time, but this is different than last time. You got there in time darling." Ruby said softly but forcefully. She knew what Scary must be thinking and she couldn't allow it. There was no part of her that wanted to see Scary spiral down into the depths of guilt she had witnesses in her friend all those years ago.

Back before Monster High, before Alonzo and Ezekiel, before she had gained her reputation of being dangerous to mess with; before she ceased being just Scary and became Scary Godmother. Back when Scary hadn't yet gained her reputation as being quite so formidable. Way back before Elise had been so brutally murdered. Before Scary had to sit through that horrendous trial and look at the face of a man who killed her sister and was both of their fathers.

Ruby wished she could help Scary somehow, even just be able to answer her, but she couldn't and she knew that. She knew that there was no use in trying to really either. Between the two of them technically Scary was the expert in dealing with abuse, but obviously not the kind that wanted to be.

Before Ruby could think any deeper on the matter the sound of the door opening alerted her and Scary both that their ten minutes were up. The men were back and Ruby knew getting Orson to leave again would be almost as impossible as getting Scary to leave—which would be happening under no circumstances, Ruby was sure.

(Time skip)

Hours passed in tense silence as the monsters waded in and out of the tiny room awaiting Hannah's awakening. Scary, Orson and Ruby never left. Orson sat holding Hannah's unusually cool flesh in his naturally frigid hand and stared worriedly at his best friend. Scary busied herself checking on Hannah's injuries every hour or so and worried herself into a tizzy often, with Ruby and the other adults doing their best to calm her.

Finally after nearly 6 hours of waiting, Hannah Maire's eyelids began to flutter and suddenly wide, brown doe eyes opened, slightly glazed over to see the world around them.

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