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Our world, Terca Lumireis... it once was the home of blastia. But no more. The Adephagos tried to claim the world we loved, but thanks to the nine who traveled under the guild Brave Vesperia, our world was saved... but at a terrible cost. Now all that is left of this world is the fragile people and places that must be strengthened to protect each other. But this story... is how we were able to get the blastia working again. And how a few new people helped our nine former heroes complete it. Now, let us begin...


"Man, such a beautiful morning..." he said silently to himself.

Just standing there, watching the clear sky from Halure's tree barrier felt peaceful to him. In the world called Terca Lumireis, one can't help but feel safe in a blastia barrier away from the outside, infested with monsters. But even then, you can get exposed to the nasty side of humanity. At least, that's what he believed... back when barriers existed.

He sat against one of the massive tree roots and rested as the morning began. The young male wore a green and black claw-mark designed hoodie that was short sleeve, and black shiny shorts with frayed edges near the knees, a red flame on the left leg, and a metal chain wrapped around the right leg. He wore purple and white sneakers with bold purple kneepads that had white straps holding them there. He wore a blue and yellow fingerless glove on his right hand with an orange and black arm sleeve accessory. On his left arm was a dark green and pitch black demonic looking glove that covered his whole arm and seemed to have a Bodhi blastia in it.

The young man kept his orange spiky hair hidden under his hood as the purple and while headphones covered his ears. With his chain necklace that had a tiny pink and silver sword dangle from it stayed in the front of him while the hoodie's front collar blocked the view of his mouth, the boy seemed to shout "mysterious and closed off" by how he dressed. He simply relaxed into the tree as he began to close his eyes.

"Ahhh, this day seems like a great one to me..." the youth said, "Now to listen to some tunes and-"


"Oh, damn it..."

The boy opened his eyes to see a woman in a simple red dress come over with a broom in her hand and stood angrily at him with a disappointed look. Tai sighed as he looked up at her, apparently as if he's dealt with her before.

"What is it, Mrs. Singh?"

"Are you attempting to slack off before you do your chores, Tai? Because you got another thing coming if you think I'm gonna let you do that!" the woman said as she went to strike him with the broom.

"Hey! Cut it out!" Tai said, swatting the broom away before it hit him, "I got the chores done before, so I can relax."

Mrs. Singh folded her arms and raised an eyebrow, filled with disbelief as she asked, "You swept the inn stairs?"


"Washed the dishes of the inn?"


"Swept the bridge, took out the garbage of all houses in the east section, and watered the planets near the city exit?"

"And I even made sure that the inn floors were moped and there was no animal poop or pee on the pathways around the city," Tai said, closing his eyes, "Look, I purposely did all the chores on my list today early in the morning, so I can relax. So, please, let me be."

Mrs. Singh smiled and held her broom casually as she said, "But there is one thing you didn't do. The mayor has asked me to come get you. He wants to talk to you."

"Oh?" Tai opened his eyes and asked, "Did he tell you what it was?"

"Nope, but he said it was important, as in Halure could be impacted by it," she answered.

"Ahh, what a drag... Oh, well. Guess I might as well head on down there," Tai said, standing up, "Is he by his house?"

"Yes, he said he would wait there for you. And with that, I need to go back and help my husband at the inn," Mrs. Singh said, nodding to him before she waved good-bye and walked down the path.

Tai took a deep breath, very disappointed that the whole purpose of chores being done early was gone, and put his hands in his pockets. He looked at the beautiful clear sky and the wonderful clouds that passed them by.

"Well, this sucks. There goes my perfect day of lounging around," he said as he looked down the pathway, "I better hurry over to the mayor and see what he wants."


Skit – Beautiful morning

Tai: (neutral face; closes eyes) Ahhh, man. The whole point of me getting my chores done early was for me to rest all day and listen to music, not get involved with more chores and be social. (smiles) Oh, well, it's still a beautiful morning and there's plenty of daytime left. (opens eyes) I better go see what the mayor wants if he was to call me specifically.


After a calm walk down the path and across the bridge, Tai came to the mayor's house and saw him with some people talking. They were finishing their conversation as the old man looked up at him with a smile. He walked over with a wave as the young man stopped.

"Good morning, Tai," the mayor said, "I hope I'm not really ruining your morning."

Despite the millions of rude comebacks swirling into his head on how that was true, he slightly smiled at the elder and said, "Ahh, not really. So, Mrs. Singh came by and told me you needed to see me?"

"Yes, and I'm glad you were able to come," the mayor said importantly, "You see, Tai, I'm sure you know that for living with us for over a decade now, that recently we've had a special person come to live with us. It's been quite an honor to have her be apart of this city."

"Her... oh, you mean that pink-haired girl?" Tai asked, raising his head.

"Yes, she is Princess Estellise," the mayor said with a smile, proudly declaring it, "She is a noble from the imperial capital, and was one of the nine people who defeated the Adephagos. After that battle several months ago, she has come here to Halure to live with us. And with that, I'd like you to meet her before I explain why I called you down here."

With that, he walked up to his door and opened it, as it looked like someone was nearby and ready to come out. Once he began walking back, a young teenage girl with bright pink hair and a white and yellow style dress that looked like a flower came behind him. She seemed to be really gentle and nice as she stood beside the mayor and held her hands in front of her.

"Lady Estellise, this is Tai, the young man I told you about," the old man introduced.

"Please, it's just Estelle," the girl said smiling and turned to Tai, "Hello, very pleased to meet you."

"Oh, well... yeah, likewise," Tai said, kind of taken back a bit by this and looking away.

"Now that you two are acquainted, Tai, it's time I tell you why I called you down here," the mayor explained, "You see, now that there is no barriers and blastias anymore, it's a lot more difficult to travel outside of cities and towns. Despite that we still can use attacks like artes, it's becoming more difficult to really go journeying from place to place. Anyways, Lady Estelle wants to make a travel to the imperial capital of Zaphias, and needs somebody to go along with her."

"Wait... are you seriously appointing me as her personal bodyguard?" Tai snapped at the mayor in an annoyed and disgusted tone of voice.

"O-Oh... do you not like me?" Estelle said, a bit saddened by how Tai just acted.

The young man sighed and shook his head as he placed a hand on his hip, "No, it's not like that. It's just the reason why I'm upset about this is because of two major reasons, and the mayor knows it. Sir, those two reasons are; one: you know I don't do people. And two: I've never stepped one foot outside of the city, even when we used to have blastia."

"Really? You're never ventured outside of Halure?" Estelle blinked in surprise as she asked.

Tai nodded and turned to the older man, "Yeah... Ever since the earliest day I can remember, for a whole decade, I've never stepped outside of the city at all... and the most important reason I have against going is that I do not like people. Sir, you know how much I hate large groups of people; I'm surprised that I can live here in Halure. But seriously; can't you just ask one of adults who have more experience outside the city to escort Estelle?"

"I do understand they have a better chance, but I think you and I both know, Tai," the mayor said, gently smiling, "that you're the strongest person in Halure. And that fancy set of artes you have, makes you the perfect choice for Lady Estelle to have."

Tai grunted in frustration as he lowered his head. The shadows of his hoodie covering his eyes, Estelle didn't have to be a genius in figuring out that this really was making him upset. But before she could offer a rebuttle or try to be encouraging, the young man speak.

"Damn... fine, I'll do it," he groaned and then said, turning around and heading to the inn, "I need to grab my weapon and I'll be at the town entrance..."

As Tai made his way up the hill silently, Estelle lowered her head in a bit of concern. She had never seen somebody so moody over a little detail before and wondered if she could travel with him. Not saying she hasn't traveled with crazy people before...

"Don't worry. Lady Estelle," she heard and turned to hear the mayor speak, "Tai may be a bit closed-off when it comes to new people, but he is a great moral-loving person and you can count on him to help you."

"Thank you, sir," Estelle said with a smile and bowing, "I will do all in my power to not be a burden to him."

"I hope you have a good and safe journey to visit your friend," the man said, as she nodded and went inside to prepare.


Skit – Bodyguard..?

Tai: (grumpy face) You got to be freaking kidding me... he's appointing me as her bodyguard? If she's one of the people who defeated the Adephagos, why the hell does she need someone to help her? (angrily grits teeth, closing his eyes) Damn it, the mayor's doing this on purpose; he wants me to get outside and venture into the world... (neutral face; eyes closed) Oh well, no point complaining about it. (opens eyes) Better get this over with.


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