The night sky was pretty unbelievable to him. The slight clouds and wonderful noise of the ocean, peaceful. Unwaving in its beauty. Tai just felt like it was heaven. The moonlight made the night even more settling to his fancy. Unable to be moved by anything else, he just loved this city at nighttime. Just the unreal love of this quiet, beautiful silence was amazing.

But alas, all good things must come to a close. He sighed, his body was starting to get tired. He needed rest, as much as he didn't want it at this time. Letting a puff of breath escape, he yawned shortly after and looked up on his way to the inn. But something caught his eye...

It was a figure of a woman, an adult around Raven's age. But the appearance was shocking. It was that woman from the wanted poster Flynn had earlier today! The face, the olive green hair, the brown skin, and the hat were the same, but this time, he could see the rest of her. As he got closer, he saw she wore a white jacket that had orange on the shoulders and arms that stopped above the wrists and was open, revealing a black leather shirt that had belt buckles all over the chest. Her red fingerless gloves had little black leather stubs all over the fingers and hands, and stopped before the sleeves, revealing a bit of skin on her arms. Around her neck, was a necklace in the shape of an anchor, and a red scarf that wrapped around her neck, and went down to the back of her rear. She wore green jean-ish pants with maroon and black metallic boots that went up to her shins.

"...! It's you!" Tai said, rather quietly, but in a shout that made her hear him and jump.

The woman whirled around in panic, but once a good look was given to Tai, she sighed relief loudly and put her hand on her chest. As he walked over, she adjusted the hat on her head, covering her gold-colored eyes.

"Geezume, honey, don't go scaring me out of my mind like that," she said, in a chuckling fashion and with a smile, "You made me think that I was being called out by a knight or guild member."

"I guess it's what you'd expect to think of anyone yelling at you, when you're a criminal," Tai shrugged.

The woman blinked and stepped back, looking offended, "Hey, if you knew why I was doing these so-called crimes, you and all those jerks trying to capture me would be thanking me!"

Tai folded his arms and raised an eyebrow, "Oh, yeah? Well, before I ask you about it, let me say the name's Tai Hurokido. Now, can you tell me your name?"

"Mhm. Voirrey Kidman," the woman introduced with a smiling nod.

"All right, Voirrey," Tai then asked her, "So, what exactly are you doing that lands you into a wanted poster?"

Voirrey winked one eye closed and put her hands on her hips, "Well, I'm gonna try an impossible idea while going solo; one that I can't reveal just yet. After all, a girl like me has gotta have goals, and I can't just let my amazing ideas out when they're still in the developing stage."

"So... you're a blastia researcher?" Tai asked, wondering if this woman was like Rita... a more likable and cooler Rita.

But Voirrey shook her head with a rolling of eyes motion and replied, "Oh, please. Don't compare me to one of those uptight, anti-social nerds from Aspio. I prefer the title 'mechanic'. I love engines and machines now. They're so incredible to use!"

"And your job title would explain the crimes you do?" the teen asked with a curious face.

"Well... Unfortunately, honey, I had to do some things in order to further my project. Sadly for me, I didn't know that they would be turned into crimes. So, now here I am, a poor 32-year-old woman on the run while trying to do some good in the world," she sighed as she shrugged and shook her head.

"So, the stealing of blastia and cores? You wouldn't happen to be apart of those blastia thieves heard from Dhangrest?" Tai then got cautious.

"Uh, no, darling," Voirrey gladly made him relax and feel assured, "Trust me; I might be stealing cores and blastia, but I'm not apart of some crazed evil plot. I just said I'm working by myself; why would I need to be with a group? Besides, the reason I took them was that I thought since they don't work anymore, people would view them as junk and I could just swipe them for use. Didn't know people still treat them with such value that it's now 'scenery displaying' or 'momuments'."

"Well, at least, she's honest, and she's way too social and nice to be one of those guys like Cescoral and that woman," he thought, then continued to ask, "What about the trespassing charges?"

"Heh, last time I checked, sweetheart," Voirrey chuckled and gave Tai a jesting grin, "the abandoned city of Caer Bocram and the Shaikos Ruins are not public property owned by anybody. They think they can slap on a pair of trespassing charges just because I take one or two things from each? I don't know who they were, but there were two girls that just tore into me. One was some uptight young girl from a guild, and the other was some red-clothed wearing, impatient, stubborn girl who had goggles in her hair and screamed loud enough to make someone's ears gush with blood."

Tai's face suddenly paled for a second, but the collar of his hoodie shielded a grin on his face from being seen. He struggled not to laugh or even make a noise, but he couldn't stop thinking:

"Ohh, my word, she's tangled with Rita. I'd hate to see what'd happen if these two meet again..."

Anyways, he got control of his composure and said poised, "Okay, then, how about the last charge; the possession of unregistered machinery?"

"That charge is the one that makes me the most furious, darling," Voirrey growled a bit, then took her hat off for a bit to scratch her olive green hair as she continued, "There's this useless law that if you don't have a machine registered with the Union of the guilds or the imperial capital, you're in possession of 'dangerous technology'. The problem there is I don't live in either the Union or the capital, so why the heck should I have my stuff be checked in with either?"

"Huh? Where do you live?" Tai asked, tilting his head.

"Oh, right; you're not aware of the recent towns and cities that were built," Voirrey put her hat back on and pulled out a map, "Well, sweetheart, I'm gonna give you a little gift. I had an extra map on hand, but I think you can have it."

With that, he took a hold of the map and looked at it. Being a kind-hearted soul she was, the woman stood by his side and pointed to it.

"See this continent here to the upper right? That's where we are: Llyccia. That's the continent where Zaphias, Halure, and Capua Nor are controlled by the imperial empire and his majesty Ioder. The continent across that is Tolbyccia. That's controlled by the Union's leader Harry, and has cities like Capua Torim, Heliord, and Dhangrest," she explained.

Secretly, she didn't know just how informative and useful she was being to Tai. The boy was being educated about every other place he never knew, and he listened quietly. He remembered Harry's name, from back in Deidon Hold when he first met Raven and Flynn, and he was very interested as she listed the other continents.

"But some people don't know that there have been new cities and towns built on each continent. It could take forever for me to list them all, but I'll show you where I come from," Voirrey pointed to the continent of Hypionia and said, "See the middle part of here? A new town named Sacarion was built there. It's the latest town of mechanics and machines. We distribute engines and working technology there and ship it from our port to all over the world."

"So, does that mean your home is named Capua Sacarion or something like that?" Tai asked.

"No, it's too long of a name as it is, plus there's another port city for that. But that map is yours now, hon. Treat it with care. Now anyways, it's getting super late," Voirrey said, "and frankly, I need to get on the midnight ship to the next port city. Is it possible you can let me go without drawing any official attention?"

"Well, it's not like I'm a knight or guild member, so yeah, go for it," Tai said, nodding.

"Thanks, Tai. As long as you don't use my name or say I was here, you can share any info I gave you on anything. See you later!" the woman said, giving a signature smirk while saluting off the tip of her hat.

With that, Voirrey happened to rush towards the port where he came from, but not in time to get away from Raven's sight, who just happened to be walking from the bridge to the teenager.. with Estelle of all people. He smiled at him as he held his knife and the princess held her hands.

"Huh? Estelle, Raven, you're awake?" Tai asked.

"I couldn't sleep, so I came outside for some fresh air. I saw Raven was watching you and that woman talk, so I joined him," the princess explained.

"Seems ta ol' Raven ya came across that wanted woman. A shame that such a beauty is against the law," he humorously put his hand on his forehead.

"Actually, she wasn't that bad," Tai said, shrugging, "At least, I found out she's not one of those thieves guys we're after."

"She isn't? Oh, that's a relief!" Estelle said smiling, "She seemed like a very nice woman to me."

"I'm afraid I can't tell you what her name is, but she is working on some project by herself that landed her these charges," Tai explained casually, "But she's way too nice; she kept calling me honey, darling, and sweetheart, despite the fact I told her my name."

"Maybe she's a mother, workin' on her own lonesome self to raise a family?" Raven asked with an interested smile.

The princess gave him a worried look, "But why would a mother work on something that puts her at risk of getting arrested and never seeing her kids again? I don't think she's a mother..."

"Well, whatever that lady may be doin', Tai, ya can count on ol' Raven ta keep his trap shut about ya seein' her specifically. Can ya do the same, yer highness?" Raven promised to Tai, then winked to the girl.

"O-Of course! I won't tell at all, Tai," Estelle said wit a gentle, reassuring smile, "I know I haven't talked to you in a while, but you can still count on me. I'll do what I can to help."

"Thanks, you two. Man, I'm tired," Tai said, letting a yawn escape.

"Then, let's go back to the inn and get some rest," Raven said, waving for them to follow him back.

As the trio started to make their tired selves towards the inn, another figure started to watch them from the shadows. It was a male, one that had been seen in the previous adventures Brave Vesperia had. He had dark reddish-brown hair with thick bangs that went down the side of his face, hair that covered his forehead, stuck up a bit on the top, spiked out in the back and was long around his face. His black eyes collectively looking, a dark maroon scarf covered his mouth and neck, and its tie went towards the middle of his back. His dark grey long sleeve coat had white lining, but it's length stopped at the waist on the left and went down to his ankle on his right. He had brown belts that went from his neck down and circled around his chest and stomach. His glove on his left hand and boots had metal rings around them, and his black pants had buttons on the side of them.

He eyed them very cautiously until saying, "...An odd bunch of travelers. No matter. I've got to get on a ship tomorrow..."


Ta-dah! Voirrey, another OC, joins the story as well as a certain familiar face. If you don't know who I mentioned at the end, It's the Dark Enforcer from the Dark Enforcer sidequest. People voted for him, and so, although I won't reveal his name now, he will join the party. Keep reading!