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Also, just go with the timeline. And by timeline I mean lack of one. It'll make sense, just give me some credit because I've got nothing but the end of the 20th century and a canon blank in years future, but I suppose it's like 2080 because of Cryo specs that would be boring. But it makes sense so just ask if you'd like to know them. But the thing said 5-555? GAH IDK GO WITH IT *heavy breathing*

"Dean, I really don't want to take this case."

Cruising comfortably in the Impala for about seven hours now, Sam and Dean reluctantly were on their way to northern Michigan to research the supposedly abandoned Aperture Science facility.

Supposedly abandoned. Locals were reporting activity in the area and it was garnishing national attention, though no attempts were being made to investigate. Infamous for human testing, and abducting subjects, no one wanted to get too close, especially of the inactivity for the past hundred years.

It's history was vague, yet brutal. Little was known about testing and few successful products came forth, until suddenly, all the employees vanished and the facility shut down.

No one was certain of the inner workings.

It was just up Sam and Dean's alley.

"What? Man, I didn't want to take this, and you were all like, 'Science! History!' No. This is our only lead and we're only an hour away." Exasperated, Dean nearly slammed on the brakes. This was a hard case to buy and now Sam wanted out.

"I know. But, I don't know. I've been thinking. This might not be our usual deal. The founder was insane. He only used human test subjects and would stop at nothing. The rumors-," Dean huffed.

"I don't want to hear another one of your conspiracies, Sam. Up until last week you had no idea this place even existed."

"No, last week I remembered it existed. It's a shower curtain company, but I tied these two case studies at Stanford to it and it turns out it's more."

"And you just remembered this?"

"The cases were for a crazy failed diet pudding and missing astronauts." Sam looked at Dean carefully.

"Cave Johnson was a lunatic obsessed with innovations, and suddenly his headquarters turn on. I don't know Dean." Sam looked ahead to the fleeting and bleak farm lands.

Dean smirked. "Well we've come this far. I did some research too, and we can at least rule out demons. This bitch is located in a salt mine."

Sam returned with a half-hearted cough of a laugh and returned his gaze to the window once more.

Sorry it's short, but the first and second chapters are more prologues, and the story will start to pick up chapter three.

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