Chapter 1

"Feli! What did I tell you about letting perverted bastards in the house!" I scream at my brother after successfully kicking the last filthy dog out onto the crap-filled street and slamming the door.

"Vee~ but they looked so hungry, and I made plenty of pasta to share, I just thought..." Feli looked close to tears, his hair was messy and his clothes were dishevelled. I swear I should have killed those bastards who tried to touch my little brother.

"Idiot! If I hadn't come home early they could have raped you! Stupid, idiotic, pasta-loving, GRRRAHG" I kick the door to release the boiling anger in the pit of my stomach, but of course being related to 'that' idiot I hurt my foot and that just makes me angrier.

"FUUUUUUU! OW! ARGH DAMMIT! MY FOOT! BASTARD DOOR!" Feli rushes over and helps me sit down at our small table, while I'm still cussing and complaining there's a knock at the door.

"YOU SICK BASTARDS WANT SOME MORE! ILL SHOW Y-ARRRH!" Feli looks really worried about me and my foot hurts like a bitch, but the idiot goes and answers the bloody door anyway.

"FELI! Don't open the door!" I'm cut off calling him an idiot by the sight of a handsome, young, tall man with blond hair and blue eyes in a shiny neat navy uniform. Not what I was expecting...

"Sorry to bother you but my brother vould like to apologise for his earlier behaviour" At this point I notice he was holding up a drunk, red-eyed, platinum-haired man by the collar of his dirty shirt. I recognise him as one of the perverts who tried to molest my brother; if it was physically possible I would have grown horns and had steam coming out of my ears.

"Vee~" was all my brother could manage, so I had to step in.

"You should keep that bastard on a leash! Coming in here and attacking my brother with his buddies. You're lucky I only kicked him out!" I spat.

Getting no snark reply, I look up to find the blonde stranger and my brother in some kind of strange staring contest. Annoyed, I limp over to the door, pull my brother out of the way and slam the door on his face with a satisfied 'HA!'

2 months later

If you had told me two months ago I would be sitting here, in a big fancy house with my brother, the blonde stranger I now know to be Lieutenant Ludwig Beilschmidt and the drunken albino who tried to molest said brother, Gilbert Beilschmidt; eating dinner on shiny silver plates, I would have died of laughter and punched you. But that is exactly what is happening. Here's a quick recap of the last two months...

1. Three weeks after the Gilbert incident (as it is commonly referred to by those involved)I find Ludwig and my brother together in a very compromising position (I'll leave that up to your imagination).

2. I find out they have been meeting behind my back for three weeks (And of course I was pissed).

3. Feli joined the Royal Navy (How he managed to get in I will never know, but I'm sure it has something to do with Ludwig).

4. We moved in with Ludwig and his brother (I only agreed so I could keep an eye on Feli. It has absolutely nothing to do with how big the house is!).

Back to reality, we are all sitting at the large dining table, Feli and Ludwig making goo-goo faces, Gilbert signalling for ANOTHER beer and me with my signature scowl plastered to my face. We've been living here for five days and I already can't stand it!

The next day I find my escape, a routine trade ship looking for a crew. I bring it up at dinner and get mixed responses: Feli and Ludwig want me to stay a little longer so we can be a 'family', Gilbert offers to go with me; that earns him a little of my respect, only a little. In the end I set out three days later with Feli waving at the docks, although I look annoyed the sight actually made me kinda happy... But let's get one thing straight, I am not soft, got it!?

The first few days are fine and we make our first stop at a small port and the crew got to have a look around and sleep on solid ground, but the next day we set sail again and then the worst happened on the 17th day... Pirates.

So it was one of the last days before we headed home and we were in deep-sea so we let loose and had a few drinks, okay!? So while we were all trying to sleep it off there's a loud bang and everybody freaks because we are pretty much defenceless, we scramble on deck with only pistols and cutlasses, many of us can't even walk straight and now there's bloody pirates! The captain tried to reason with them since we had nothing of value and drank all the alcohol. But of course they didn't believe us and searched the whole frigging ship finding, whadd'ya know... Nothing. They didn't like that and started threatening us but then someone, I assume the Captain because of his ridiculously large hat, boarded the ship and gave us the once over. I couldn't really see his face but his green eyes glowed as he scanned us and when he looked at me, they sent shivers down my spine. He flashed me a cheesy grin his teeth a bright as his eyes and looked away, letting me release the breath I didn't know I was holding. Finally he spoke.

"What a wonderful night it is! I glad you could all make it." We all stared at him for a while and apparently that wasn't the reaction he wanted.

"What? I try to be friendly and nobody cares! Why do you all look so gloomy?" he put his hands on his hips and tapped his foot impatiently.

"Weeell?" he pushed.

"You think attacking our ship is a friendly gesture you sick bastard?" I was the only one to reply, let alone make a sound. His head snapped in my direction and he looked shocked, but then smiled and moved closer.

"And what might your name be mi tomate pequeño y lindo*?" Now, I don't know Spanish, but the way those glowing green orbs were burning into my brown ones and the word 'tomate' really pissed me off.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" I hissed.

"Of course! Where are my manners! I am Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, Captain of the El Sangriento Ángel! And this is her maravilloso crew!" her gestured to the many men surrounding us with guns. He was now looking at me expectantly eyes shining with anticipation, like when I tell him my name he would die with happiness.

"Lovino Vargas" was all I said and he squealed like a toddler and yelled "Lovi!" I stuttered, my face going red with anger.

"DO NOT EVER CALL ME THAT YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" I went to lunge at him but was held back by several of my crew.

"Naww, you're so cute mi tomate!" I swear he has a death wish. I was still struggling against the people holding me, wishing they would feel the heat of my anger and burn them to let go of me.

"I'll forgive you all for not having any gold, but is seems I've found something of more value..." The look in those piercing green eyes caused me to freeze. I didn't like the silent promises in his gaze, the men holding me let go and I swallowed hard, preparing to fight for my life. He didn't give me the chance, before I knew it three pirates had grabbed me, I didn't have the chance to scream or blink but at the same time couldn't, like physically couldn't. I slumped into the arms of a large sleepy looking pirate who picked me up bridal-style and carried me over towards the 'El Sangriento Ángel'. I cry erupted from my crew and some struggled but many did nothing. Antonio looked at me proudly and brushed aside my bangs if I could I would have broken his arm. At this point I was kinda freaking out because of the fact that I couldn't frigging move!

"Good work Honda!" Antonio said to a small Asian looking man who nodded. Once all the pirates were back on the ship Sleepy brought me to a huge room with a large bed, a table with maps, charts, a bowl of tomatoes on it. There was also two doors, Sleepy put my limp body on the bed and left, Antonio closing the door behind him. There was silence for a while until Antonio stalked towards me an evil glint in his eye and my heart rate speed up. I won't try to hide it, I was terrified.

"Don't worry Lovi, I won't do anything to you on our first night!" he began rummaging through the draw of the small table next to me and I swear I heard him pick up something metal, like a chain. He moved to the end of the bed and made a lot of noise before attaching a shackle to my right ankle. My heart dropped, I really was trapped, the question was what did he intend to do to me?

"You must be freaking out that you can't move huh?" he said as he crawled along the bed to hover above me. "But don't worry I had Honda hit your vital point, it should go away in a couple of hours" he continued, planting a chaste kiss to my lips before he began to remove my clothes. I was panicking; he wasn't actually going to take me in my condition!? Fortunately for me he stopped before removing my underwear and stared at my body for a full five minutes before removing his own clothes minus the underwear and snuggled in bed covering both our bodies with the rich-looking red sheets.

"Goodnight my precious Lovi" he purred pulling me onto his bare chest.

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