Chapter 3 Ava

It was bad when I moved here to Fairfield, Illinois, but, now, it's a nightmare when I found out the school won't accept my credits from my other school in Colorado. Sure, I came from an accelerated block schedule, and I worked my butt off in the first semester, but this obtuse school is only accepting a half of my credits. It made me angry, no enraged. I should have four credits for my senior year so far, but they won't allow it because they are afraid that I will intimidate the students here. I don't care if I scare the kids here; I want my four credits, not half a credit for each class that I have already taken. Slowly, I began to realize that I haven't taken the other three classes on my schedule, and I began to grow wheezy. I never had the need to take tutorials, but now, I might have to. My life now seems to be falling apart.

Now, I have this stupid, arrogant chico following me around like he's some lost puppy. Wait till he finds out I took three years of Spanish classes and picked up some nasty, inappropriate words if he doesn't stop flirting with me. I haven't even gone to my first class and he is trying so hard to make me notice him.

"Where did you move from, chica?" he asks while we walk down the, now, deserted hallways.

"Don't call me, chica." I snap and glance over at him.

He has this stupid smirk on his face like he has already put me on his check list with all the girls he is going to get. Ha! Ello stupido! Quickly, I study over his features and, now I know why he is so arrogant. He thinks that he is a hottie and that girls would swoon at his feet. He's got deep cobalt-blue eyes that could cut a girl's soul clean, an angular face that any male model would die to have, long, black eyelashes that any girl would be memorized by, a light brown, glowing complexion like it was kissed by angels, and thick, wavy black hair that any girl would die to touch. Yup, he is a death trap for any girl's heart because I can guarantee that once he gets what he wants, he dumps them in a heartbeat.

"Ok," he says slowly like he's thinking of something corny to say. "Can I ask you a question because I am very curious about your ethnic background?"

I already know what he was going to ask. "I am Caucasian and Japanese, mostly Caucasian than Japanese. Yes, I am mixed. Do you have a problem with it?"

I didn't mean to be so rude to him, but just something about him made my defenses kick in. It was probably his over-confidant and arrogant demeanor that was setting me off; I hate guys that are conceded.

He was silent for a moment before he replied, "No, I am mixed, too." But his voice sounded distant like he was ashamed of being mixed.

I gazed over at him and he was looking down at the ground; he looked uncomfortable. "What's yours?" I asked to change the subject.

He finally looked up at me and gave me a smug smirk. "I'm half Latino and white."

"Oh, really? So is that why you are . . ." I drifted off when I saw a group of Mexicans approach us.

The way they looked made me rigid with tense nerves. They looked tough like they have seen and done everything, and looked intimidating, especially since their muscles rippled underneath their shirts.

I held my ground when they walked up straight to the guy that was leading me to my class. One of the guys, who had a nasty scar across his cheekbone, barked, "Where have you been, Paco? And what are you doing hanging around with this Chink?"

When I heard the guy say that, I immediately boiled with annoyance. It didn't help that my life was now becoming a nightmare, so I was already angry as it was. I didn't care if they looked tough as leather, I wasn't going to let anyone call me that.

Paco was about to say something, when I spat, "Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are?" I stepped in front of Paco, and stormed up to the guy's face. "Call me Chink one more time, Loco, or I will report you to the principal for skipping class and using an inappropriate language in front of a student." I scanned over his group and I noticed they've got black bandanas tied on their biceps. I was sure they were a gang, too. "And I will report that your group could be involved in a gang. I wouldn't be surprised if the cops search your lockers and find illegal drugs in them."

The guy's dark eyes flashed with anger as he stared me down. I noticed his fists were clenched at his sides, a sign that he might lash. I whispered acidly, "Also, if you hit me, I will make sure the school will suspend you from school. It would be a shame if you had to repeat another year, would it? So I suggest you back off."

The hallway went dead silent, and I could hear everyone hold their breath in anticipation.

The guy grumbled, "You know, for you to be an Asian, you sure don't act like one. In fact, I wouldn't mind trying to teach you some manners."

His eyes flashed with something so dark that it sent unwelcomed shivers up my spine. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"You have ten seconds for you and your friends to scat. That's my threat."

The guy chuckled as he brushed by me and his group followed him. Oddly, they were giving me awed stares mixed with concern as they walked past me. I suddenly began to feel my heart thumping wildly in my chest while my veins felt cold.

As they were walking away, I heard the guy say, "I will be looking forward to meeting you in the future. As for you Paco, you can't avoid us forever." Then I heard the guy's laugh fade off in the distance.

Slowly, I let my heart calm down, and I took a deep breath. I heard Paco approach me, and then he was standing in front of me. As I gazed at him, his face also had the look of awe. What did I do that was so impressive? I just told the guy to back off.

However, something in Paco's eyes made me feel unsettled. I couldn't put the emotion to his eyes: dread, fear, astonishment? Paco shook his head and his hair swayed with him.

"Chica, that was really impressive, but you messed with the wrong guy."